Pay-per-call Service

Pay-per-call numbers were once exclusively known for “live phone sex”, but these days they offer callers everything from psychic readings and sports updates to financial and legal information – live and pre-recorded. Many large companies use 900 numbers to provide technical and support for their customers. Entrepreneurs are known to invest heavily and risking their reputations, hoping that customers will stay on the phone for hours.

Most services charge by the minute. Fees may be constant or vary (the first few minutes costing the most, followed by ‘discounts’ for additional minutes). You will have to check with your local government about specific laws relating to advertising and operating a pay-per-call service.

Entrepreneurs can sign up with pay-per-call service bureaus for cost efficient packages. Once client’s get on the line, they have to be encouraged to stay on, and that may require a script to keep people from hanging up. Time is money, and the longer folks stay on the line, the greater your reward.

Nanny Service

In households where both parents work, the nanny provides daily childcare and helps with the household chores – from escorting kids to doctors’ appointments to picking up the dry cleaning. It’s no wonder that the nanny is usually treated as part of the family.

A love for children is a MUST. A nanny is usually employed when both parents are busy professionals who need to attend to business matters beyond office hours or have to travel extensively. In many cases, the nanny will the the ‘substitute’ parent and many children are understandably closer to their nanny than they are to the parents.

Because of your eventual close involvement with the upbringing of the children, you must accept that the parents will require full details of your background and references. If the parents are well known or rich, they may even engage a third party screening of your background. The responsibilities of the nanny are many. The job is challenging but the monetary and emotional rewards are great.

Post-natal Caregiver

Asian cultures especially the Chinese, still believe very much in maintaining rigid healthcare and diet for mothers after delivery of their babies. During this one or two month period called ‘confinement’, mother has to adhere to strict rules especially where her food is concerned. In Asia, (chinese) couples usually employ an experienced lady who will stay with them during this time, taking care of baby and cooking for the mother. In many Asian cultures, this specialist is referred to as the ‘Confinement Lady’.

Many Asians now reside in western countries but still follow their asian culture when it comes to matters like pre and post-natal care for mom and baby. Even westerners recognize the benefits of asian-style post-natal care for mom and babies. Your services are a god-sent especially for Asian folk who want to practice their cultural beliefs but are not able to find a post-natal caregiver who’s familiar with the age-old practices involved.

If you love babies and have experience in cooking for post-natal mums, then you could find yourself very much in demand as a ‘confinement lady’. You will need to know what foods mother will require to regain her strength and vitality. As the specialist, you will be relied upon to provide information on baby care. Most new parents will be anxious with every little detail about their newborn, and will seek your advice often. Couples may have diferring needs for your service. The norm is that you will be required to stay with mother and baby for approximately one month. However, many couples may opt to have you come in only in the daytime. If you live nearby, this wouldn’t be a problem. Post natal specialists are very respected and couples generally command a high fee for their services. Your reputation for providing excellent care to baby and mum may just keep you busy all year round.

Word Processing / Transcription Service

Businesses, colleges, students and writers rely heavily on word processing to prepare their reports and manuscripts. Under normal circumstances, they may get along fine, but when deadlines loom nearer and the workload increases, they’ll be looking for quick fingers and skills and that’s you (if you have quick fingers and formatting text comes second nature to you).

Word processing these days however, doesn’t just mean typing. Other than the ability to type fast and accurately, you may need to know how to integrate graphics and be comfortable with using your client’s formal templates. You will be familiar – if not an expert – with the most common word processing and/or presentation software in the market. Your clients will likely need their assignments completed in specific software formats. You may also be required to present data and information in a reader-friendly format.

Transcription services often go hand-in-hand with your word processing skills. Your client may give you an audio recording of a speech, lecture or presentation and require you to transcribe it into words. This obviously requires a different level of skill (language and comprehension) so you will want to charge accordingly depending on the complexity and volume of work. Many people turn to freelance job websites to post their assignments. You could start off there and as you gain experience, you will gain a reputation and work should come in a more steady stream.

The internet allow you to do this job anywhere you’re located. All in all, it’s a great way to make money in your free time or while your kids are napping.

Event Organizer

Pople hold gatherings all the time. From small kids’ birthday parties, to weddings, to company functions and events to launch new products, sign MOUs or conduct press briefings. The scale of the event may vary but whether it’s a mom or company they generally expect one thing from an event organizer – to do the million-and-one things that need looking into for a successful event.

The event organizer is a creative and talented planner, someone who handles a myriad of details and still has the time to smile and have a chit-chat with the client. If there ever was a Jack-of-all-trades, then the event organizer would be the one who fits this description. You will be dealing with anything and everything, from moms and dads to Managers and CEOs to clowns (no joke – the clowns who will be entertaining the kids at the event), to knowing the best locations, speakers, entertainers and caterers!

This job isn’t for the weak-hearted. You’ve got to be a quick-thinker to handle those emergencies that will surely crop up just before the event. You will be someone who has a wide network of connections – from hotels to caterers to entertainment services. Whatever or whoever is needed for the success of the event, you will know where to find it. You are a self-motivated, get-up-and-go, energetic type person who can multitask like crazy.  And if you’ve got the business skills plus negotiation, organization and communications savvy to pull it off, a great money-making business awaits you!

Children’s Cooking Classes

You’ve heard of kids going to art classes, music classes and dance lessons but what about cooking class? Many people don’t think of it that way, but cooking is also a creative form of expression. Cooking lessons are a great way for kids to pick up a practical skill and also learn how to clean up after themselves.

Like teaching any other skill-based class, you will need to be a skilled cook yourself, with great communication skills and the most important ingredient of all – a love for kids. What you want to do is teach simple recipes like sandwiches and salads and quick activities like decorating cookies and muffins.

While it might require a bigger capital input, this might be a nice business to set up in a mall, where parents can leave their kids for an hour or so as they work on their culinary masterpiece with you. After they’ve completed their masterpiece, you could wrap it for them to show Mom and Dad. You might want to have “Family Day” where the whole family can participate and make their own tasty treats. To increase your range of courses, you could plan lessons for older kids and teenagers as well as adults.

If you don’t have the budget to open a store in a mall, you could always run it from your kitchen or garage – sort of like kids coming to your home for tuition. You’d need to make sure your kitchen or garage has space to accommodate the kids. Remember to also make sure your classroom is as child-safe as possible. This is a great part time money maker for stay-at-home moms, retired school teachers who love to cook and obviously grandmas who love kids.

Management / ISO / Quality Consultant

Many organizations grow too big too fast before they realize that their processes and structure are not streamlined. A clumsily structured organization is slow to respond to market changes and this directly affects their bottom line. Frequently, a management consultant is needed to provide an independent, objective view of the organization’s problems. Being an outsider, the management consultant is in a better position to present solutions to business issues. An internal staff, although given this task, would still be restricted by his relationships within the organization and his familiarity with the organization’s ‘culture’.

Frequently, organizations need to be ISO certified as part of their compliance with government regulations. Many official bodies are restricted to dealing only with ISO certified companies. This can be a long tedious process and the management / ISO / quality consultant will need to be completely familiar with the local laws and regulations pertaining to this. Even after the company has achieved ISO status, frequent followups need to be conducted by the consultant to ensure that the organization remains compliant.

A management consultant can turn a badly performing, archaic company into a sophisticated, successful business operation. The management consultant needs to have an eye for detail, be innovative – an out-of-the-box thinker. He will need to have great people-handling skills because the very nature of his job involves change, and people are naturally resistant to change. The management / ISO / quality will involve extensive travel and continuing education, but the rewards are obvious – job satisfaction, recognition and MONEY!

Small Business Consultant

Starting a small business is the dream of many people. Yet, many of us don’t have the necessary training, knowledge or experience to turn those ideas into reality. Running a business is something you can only learn by doing. Some may be trying to make the transition from a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) to a full fledged office in a business premise.

The Small Business Consultant offers his knowledge and experience in setting up and running a business to his clients, acting as a mentor to the small business owner, guiding him every step of the way. The consultant helps them comply with local government regulations, set up the employee payroll system, the physical layout of the office or business premise, the accounting systems, the recruitment process and a myriad of details that make up a successful business.

The Small Business Consultant may also have to train his clients in the basic skills like how to use the computer and sending emails. Your home consulting business will also consist of helping those who are moving into the freelance world, and the small business through technical difficulties – or at least, point them in the right direction to find information. It’s a challenging role – being the difference between success and failure.

Most people don’t think they can be a consultant simply because of the word “Consultant”. However, if you have years of experience in Administration or if you are a retired manager or business owner, you probably would already have much of the skills and knowledge required. Sure, you will have to learn new things, new processes, new procedures and regulations, but you’ve done that most of your career anyway – why not learn as you go?

Maildrop Flyer Distribution

While businesses realize the need to embrace digital marketing via the internet, they also know that it is important to cover as many forms of advertisement as possible from billboards, posters, newspaper and magazines to the simple flyer and sample giveaways.

Often, the simple leaflet of brochure distributed to customers’ homes are the most effective means of advertisement. Clients can target specific areas where they want their leaflet to be distributed, thereby maximizing the response to their promotion campaigns, especially if they are small businesses catering to a local clientele.

Many Maildrop Flyer Distribution service providers also offer printing services so that they become a one-stop service provider. If you don’t have the budget for a photocopy machine, then you could hook up with a printing or photocopy service – they will welcome the added business and offer you a lower price. You could also offer design services by employing a part time or freelance staff.

The most important aspect of this service is the ability to cover as large an area in as quick a time-frame while keeping your costs low. This business is not a one-man-operation. It requires you to recruit part-time legs. The more legs you hire, the quicker you get the job done in the largest possible area so you’re free to move on to the next job. One way Maildrop Flyer Distribution service providers keep costs low is to group flyers from different clients and distribute them at the same time. You would schedule the maildrop in targetted areas and make sure that the right flyers go to the right areas as requested by your customers.

Translators / Technical Translators

Businesses these days have offices around the world. With multi-national corporations having a staff force that is spread internationally, they may find a need to translate their training material and business material into the native language of the country / countries they are operating in.

An example would be a company that needs to train their staff in Japan. They could send all their trainers to learn Japanese and post them there, but this would send their costs into outer space. The more cost effective way would be to translate their training or technical manuals into Japanese. That way, their cost is very much lowered.

If you have mastered multiple languages especially major world languages such as Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese or Japanese, then you are fortunate to be in an in-demand business. The advent of freelance websites and online job postings has caused a flood of under-qualified translators to enter the arena, but you will distinguish yourself from the amateurs with your proficiency, attention to nuance and your ability to impart intended meanings, not just literal translations. The responsibility is a great one though. What the staff learn very much depends on your ability to translate as accurately as possible, but as many translator will tell you, the rewards are an overload of assignments.

Technical translators often charge based on the complexity of the translation job and the quantity involved. Obviously knowledge and experience in the field concerned would allow you to charge higher – enough to keep you making money every month!

Digitization Service

We’re living in a digital world. Today, nothing is impossible if it can be digitized and manipulated by a computer. We’re referring specifically to computer images here. So much of what we see today in advertisements and on TV and the movies are products of digitization. Digital works of art have found their way into almost every facet of our lives, from personalized stickers to home-movies.

Most everyone these days can scan and digitize images and manipulate them with the wide range of software available in the market. To make any money at it though, will require that you either be a wizard at photo editing, digital animation or find a very creative niche market. Being business savvy helps a lot. People will depend on you not only to digitize their favorite images, but to enhance them. Having the latest equipment here is not as important as having the creativity to create works of art.

Your opportunities in this field are wide open. You could make scan family photos into a digital album, create t-shirts, mugs, stickers, stationery etc, with your customer’s digitized photo – your options are endless. While you could work at this business from home, sooner or later you’ll need to base yourself at a busy mall or marketplace, where you have high visibility and customers can pop by easily. You basic equipment would be a high-resolution scanner, a digital camera or video camera, a fast computer and your arsenal of software to do your magic with. You’ll naturally have a catalogue of your products ready to go for customers who need speedy service. Your customers may have specific requests that will require you to customize your designs. If so, you’ll need to be quick with your fingers and have a sharp eye for detail. Customers will always be looking over your shoulder as you work, so you’d better be a people person. This business is a great way to combine your love for digital imaging and your artistic abilities.

Freelance IT Trainer

Computers have become such a crucial part of our lives these days that many employers would not even consider hiring someone without computer skills. Many jobs require a more in depth knowledge of specific software and with the never-ending software upgrades, staff need to constantly keep up with changes. This means they need to constantly retrain themselves. This is where you come in.

If you intend to be a freelance computer trainer, you will need to know the basic range of software or hardware and be an expert in your chosen software. You will need to have excellent communication skills and love teaching. Patience is a necessary characteristic of a good trainer. Sometimes, your students will be slow to grasp the fundamentals and if you’re not patient, it will drive you bonkers! This is a competitive business if you choose to teach the more common software. If your specialty is a high-end software, then you would be in a elite group and could potentially make a lot of money. Your earning power increases subtantially if you are a Certified Trainer. Certification acknowledges you as an expert in your field.

As a trainer, you will be making a big difference in the lives of your students. They’re looking to you to teach them new skills that will make them more efficient and more marketable in a highly competitive job market. You needn’t confine your skills to training. Being an expert opens many opportunities – one of which could be authoring a training manual on your chosen software. There’s big bucks to be made here.

Computer Customization

Savvy computer users know exactly what they want in a computer. They require specific setups for their machines for high-end applications or gaming. While they could buy the latest machine in the market and modify or upgrade it to meet their needs, it may cost much more in the end, so they will turn to specialists who can build their computers from scratch according to their specifications.

As a freelance customization specialist, you will be someone who loves the technicalities of computers. You will be comfortable working with hardware and software, being able to take apart any machine and put it back together again with ease. Customers will always have a budget for you to work with so you’ll need to know where to get the best deals for the required components. You’ll also want to give your customers a limited waranty so they’ll know they can come back to you in case of problems.

This business can easily be run from your home, but you’d do better if you set up a small workshop somewhere people can pop by easily. The can then bring their units by for servicing and upgrading. You might want to keep stock of popular components so you’ll be able to assemble orders for customers who need their units quickly. Word gets around quickly among the computer savvy folk and if your products are great, you’ll have a packed schedule assembling units for customers!

Mobile Computer Repair

The computer screen goes blue. The keyboard won’t work. Your computer won’t boot or it will shut down by itself while you’re working. Ah…. the “joys” of owning a computer! Most people are pretty savvy at using computers to do their work but when something goes wrong with the computer, they’re at a loss. Thank goodness for computer technicians!

If you love computers, are technically inclined, you know what goes on inside a computer and what to do when something goes wrong, then you are someone everybody needs! You probably know you’re suited for this business when you’re the first person your family, friends and colleagues call when they need help to fix a computer problem. To start out in this business, you’ll need to let your friends know about your services. There’s lots of competition in this business – computer stores that offer repair and troubleshooting as part of their service. Many people though, hate the thought of having to lug their computers to the store and then lug it back home again. Here’s where you come in.

To get an edge over the other computer stores, you’ll need to be mobile. If you can travel to your client’s place and solve the problem there and then, they won’t mind paying the extra for your on-site visit. After all, you’ll be saving them lots of time and effort! If the problem requires more than a day to solve, you could take the computer back with you to your workshop (in your home?) and when it’s been repaired, you’ll send it back to your client, setting it up for them. This business is about speed and reliability. Your reputation for both will see your home business blossom into a full-fledged computer repair shop!

Freelance Computer Programmer

What would this world be without computer programs? They take seconds to complete a task that would take a human weeks! Like it or not, we rely on computer programs everyday to help us do our jobs, communicate and do business. And who writes these computer programs? A very special type of person indeed.

A computer programmer is someone who lives and breathes computer code. They can sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end, seemingly lost in their own world. They are, actually – lost in a world of syntax and logic. As a computer programmer, you will be writing code for all sorts of programs from small application modules to major accounting softwares. A truly good computer programmer rarely needs to look for work – they are head-hunted by companies for their skills.

Good computer programmers can command huge salaries if they choose to work full time with a company, but top-notch ones often prefer to freelance or work on contract basis. That way, they’re free to work on their own pet project or state-of-the-art software that will make them millions of dollars. Freelance computer programmers are also highly sought as trainers. Many do both, freelancing as programmers and trainers. Even a small utility program, if marketed well, can earn you tons of money! Look at what happened to a nerdy chap named Bill Gates and his small operating system!

Computer Used Parts Finder

Some say that computers go out of date as fast as people change their underwear – that’s everyday(hopefully)! A brand new computer can easily be obsolete in 2 to 4 years. Competition in the computer industry is fierce. They are constantly in a one-up showdown with their competitors to produce the fastest, nicest, most sophicticated machines in the market. People start to realize their computers are out-of-date when they try to get a spare part and they’re told the manufacturers have stopped producing them or that it’s going to take a couple of weeks to track down the part! Still, may people would rather get a second-hand part than to buy a new one or to replace their computer.

So, if your’re a computer wiz who knows the specs of any computer model or if you can tell just by looking at a motherboard what model it came from, then you are going to love this business. You’ll need to have a wide network of contacts or suppliers who deal with computers. You will know where and how to get parts for your customer, and then sell it to them at a marked-up price of course. Obviously with the number of computer models that exist, you can’t possibly keep stock of every part for every model! As you get more experienced in this business, you will know which parts are in demand and you’ll want to keep those in stock. Locating a part can be a breeze with the many auction and computer accessories websites online today.

So why would your customer come to your instead of doing a search on the Internet himself? Why for your expertise of course. You will know which part would be compatible with your customer’s computer. If your customer were to do it himself, he might make mistakes and end up having to return the part and then repeat the process all over again. It can be a very frustrating and time consuming task. They’d rather rely on you to get the part and install it for them. A neat business you can run right from your home and make money in your spare time!

Media Conversion

In the late seventies and eighties, video and audio cassete tapes were the preferred medium for recording music and videos. They were the cheapest medium at that time although the tape itself was flimsy and prone to damage by heat and humidity. When compact discs came into the scene, it quickly caught on as the new medium for data storage, music and movies. Many people still hold on to their audio and video tapes which are sometimes nearly twenty years old! These people represent the main market for your Media Conversion business.

Your media conversion service will convert your customers’ old audio and video tapes to compact dics or computer storage media. You can easily run this business from your home. Your equipment will basically consist of video or cassete players, a computer that will have the necessary video capture hardware and the software to perform any editing that may be required. This is a nice business you can run in your spare time, even setting the machines to work overnight while you sleep. You probably won’t make tons of money running this business unless you include other services like music and video editing. To enhance your business, you might want to get to know your local video rental or computer stores. They may be able to pass business your way. You could also try to get contracts with libraries, colleges and training academies. They usually have lots of material in the old format that could be upgraded with your skills.

IT Network Consultant

Everyday when people go to work and they switch on their computers, they rarely give thought to how their data travels from one computer to another hundreds of miles away! If your could strip the walls, flooring and ceiling panels, you’d see a “mangled mess” of cables – the lifeline of computer networks. A simple network of one or two computers may not require specialized skills to set up and maintain, but imagine tens or hundreds of computers connected to each other, sharing printers, faxes and servers. An untrained person wouldn’t know the first thing to do to set up such a network.

Most Network Consultants start out in IT support, learning and troubleshooting small networks at first and as they gain experience, they work their way up to larger and more complex systems. They are responsible for designing and implementing computer networks for their clients. The ultimate goal is to have a streamlined network that allows optimum utilization of resources from printers to storage devices. Constant training is a necessary part of this business. As a Network Consultant, you will need to know the latest developments in your field. Consultants who are responsible for large networks where critical amounts of data are handled, are often on-call 24 hours a day. Any problem related to the network must be attended to immediately. It’s a huge responsibility but an equally huge paycheck comes with that responsibility. Most LAN Consultants live and breathe IT anyway so most of the time they just love being tackling anything related to networks. After all, they know that they’re building a large network of income!

Interior Design

Do your friends constantly comment on your beautifully decorated apartment? Do you colleagues include you into discussions and planning when the office layout needs work? These are tell tale signs that you could potentially make it as an Interior Designer / Decorative Consultant.

You would have an artistic flair, a natural at color matching and visualizing. You will need to know where to obtain the items that you need for your project so having an extensive network of friends and suppliers is important. You need to be a people person, able to quickly gauge what your client expects from you. Many times, your clients will have a basic idea of what they want. It’s your job to guide them along with suggestions and ideas.

While a formal qualification will help you get started, many in this business built their reputation on the quality of their work and the level of customer service. There are Interior Designers who ‘fell’ into this business without formal training and worked their way up to designing the homes of celebrities and VIPs. At the end of the day, the greatest proof of a job well done is the smile on your client’s face.

Costume Jewelry Designer

Spending hours browsing your local jewelry stores or if you have a large collection of fashion accessories are the obvious signs that you have an interest in jewelry design. Another sign would be compliments and comments from family and friends who notice your natural abilities in this craft. If you like fashioning intricate masterpieces with your hands, this business could be ideal for you.

Having gone through some form of training will help you receive higher prices for your work and operate as a licensed jewelry appraiser. Stretch your creativity and imagination. Think “out of the box” to create unique uses and designs for your products. These days, being ‘different’ catches people’s attention. If you intend to go into the business on a large scale, branding would be crucial. Having a chain of jewelry store bearing your name is not impossible.

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