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All businesses and money making ventures begin with seeds called ideas. You could have a whole sack of seeds but if you don’t act, and you don’t plant them, water them and nurture them, then they stay just that – seeds. But imagine if you only had ONE seed and you planted that seed, watered it and took pains to make sure it grew healthy… From that one seed, you would eventually have a full grown tree with the potential to spread into a forest of trees. All it takes is for you to plant that one seed – that one idea – into your heart and mind, and nurture it. Trouble is, the ideas that come to us are usually a result of (and limited to) our own experience, so we all need a little help in that department. That’s where PositiveMoneyIdeas.com comes in… Our ideas begin below…

Cost Reduction Consultant

At the end of the day, businesses are concerned about one thing – the bottom line. Obviously, without profits, there would’nt be any reason to do business. During good times, when business is booming, many companies find themselves more lenient with their expenses. However, when business gets scarce or competitors have begun to take a business’ share of the market, companies start realizing the need to be prudent and find ways to save, ig you are one of those you can check these Ways To Tighten Your Business Budget.

Many times, because the companies people are so used to the way things are run in the company, they fail to see better, more cost effective methods of doing the same processes. These become habits that prove to be costly in the long run.

Only about 45% of the US population gets a flu vaccine. Getting the flu is not fun.  Flu is a respiratory illness that is different from a cold and comes along with cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue, and body pain. If you get the flu, you have to take sick days and pay for doctor visits or hospitalizations. You should consider getting cheap flu shots.

On objective view of the cost saving measures taken by the company is needed from an independent party. This is where you come is as a Cost Reduction Consultant. You will be someone who has extensive knowledge of work processes both in the office as well as factories. Experience as a Quality Assurance Manager or ISO Specialist will help you look at the entire organization to find ways to cut costs.

You will be someone who’s alert to his surroundings, with a sharp eye for detail. You will notice things that others missed, for example, why a certain grade of paper is used when a lesser quality one would suffice. A well known company once decided to get rid of 90% of their waste baskets. This had the effect of a drastic reduction in errors, which translated into higher profits. If you have that kind of a critical yet innovative mind, many companies will be turning to your to bring their companies back into profit.

Debt Collection Agency

Most businesses extend credit to their customers these days. A business’ competitive edge may depend on the length and amount of credit they are willing to give their customers. This also poses a problem for them especially when customers do not pay on time. While there may be legitimate reasons to delay payment, problems will arise if customers seem indifferent to the situation and refuse to pay up. When this happens, businesses may turn to you for help in collecting payment.

You will need to rely on many ‘creative’ ways – short of doing anything illegal – to persuade the debtors to settle payment or you can ask for help to Doug Constable. While this money making opportunity may seem as one that is shady, it is actually a service very much needed by businesses. Assuming a substantial amount is owed to the business, the owner may prefer to give you a hefty proportion of this amount – perhaps up to 50%, depending on your mutual agreement – rather than having to write it off as a bad debt.

Your responsibilities will include contacting and setting up payment agreements with non-paying people and in turn, paying the business the amount agreed upon. You’ll need to be familiar with the laws in your state governing debt collection – what you can and cannot do – and know when to draw the line in your endeavours to retrieve the debts. There are even women who have been successful in this business so don’t be put off even if you are of the fairer sex. Perhaps, a ladies’ approach is what is needed to be successful in this business.

Bookkeeping Service

Every business needs to keep track of its income and expenses. This is more so if you are running a business that extends credit to your customers. Without keeping proper record of payments received and expenses, businesses would most likely find themselves in the red in no time. The amount of income and expenses obviously increases as a business grows. The workload involved though, may not justify employing a full-time staff to handle the book-keeping.

With your skill with numbers, you will take care of the accounts for your client’s growing business. You will need to be very comfortable with figures, especially since you are dealing with other people’s money. While some companies may allow you to take home their books to prepare their monthly reports, you should be prepared that your client’s will require you to go in to their office.

Many businesses these days prefer to outsource their workload to reduced staff costs. Your clients may be sufficiently pleased with your service that even as their business grows, they may also choose https://www.stocktrades.ca/ you as their accountant.

Event Video Recording

People just love video camcorders. Give a camcorder to someone and they’ll shoot anything and everything. But that’s the way people are – every moment is special and needs to be captured for posterity. No function or event would be complete without someone shooting the goings on and later making a home video of it.

With the right equipment and training, you could be the next George Lucas or Steven Spielberg. You’ll start out with your own home productions – maybe weddings and birthday parties that you record and eventually make into a full-blown home movie, complete with effects and graphics. As you advance and your skills improve, you’ll invest in better equipment and you’ll be called upon to record other people’s events. When you’ver reached that level, and you’re charging a fee, then you’re already a professional. What remains to be seen is the final product. Have you turned a boring seminar into a well-edited training video? Have you captured the best of a wedding and turned it into a Hollywood production, worthy of an Oscar? Well…. maybe not, but your clients will expect well-edited, TV-quality products. You’ll need to arm yourself with the latest digital effects and graphics to give your final work that special “something special”. Depending on your clients needs, you may have to depend on larger production houses to add state-of-the-art, computer generated effects.

It’s important that you decide – in advance – which services make sense for you. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. The beauty of this business is that you can usually locate freelance on-camera and behind-the-scenes talent at local universities and community theaters. Be sure to develop a list of actors and technical personnel who’ll be ready to assist you on short notice

Cruise Planners

As a Cruise Planners® franchise owner, you will run your own travel advisor business while having the support and leverage of the nation’s largest travel franchise network behind you. As we like to say, you are in business for yourself but never by yourself. We provide you the training and on-going coaching to establish and grow your business. As an independent travel advisor, you will earn money helping clients plan amazing travel experiences such as cruises, land tours, all-inclusive resorts and more. Our home-based model gives you the flexibility to work your business from anywhere you choose — no storefront is required! As your own boss, you also get to determine a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Work the business full-time, part-time, your time!

  • No Experience Needed : We provide all the training you need to start and grow your business. In fact, most of our top producers have no prior travel experience.
  • Flexibility : You can work your business from anywhere, even while traveling. Plus, you set your own hours, so you can work a schedule that fits your lifestyle.
  • Proven Success : Don’t start from scratch. We’ve spent the last 25 years developing and perfecting tools and processes to ensure your success.
  • Robust Resources : No need to do everything on your own. With Cruise Planners, you’ll have access to award-winning technology, marketing and support.
  • Low Cost : Cruise Planners is one of the most affordable franchises to own. And with no storefront required, there are virtually no overhead costs.
  • Travel the World : You’ll never have to submit a time-off request. Open a Personal savings account so with in some time you can take advantage of a flexible schedule and travel agent discounts to see the world.

Website : https://www.cruiseplanners.com/
Franchise Website : https://www.cruiseplannersfranchise.com/

Disclaimer : PositiveMoneyIdeas.com is not affiliated in any way to this business opportunity or any business opportunity featured in this site, nor is the content appearing on this page an endorsement by us. You are advised to research and practice due diligence before making any investment in any business opportunity.

Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning

Cleanpro is the opportunity of a lifetime. If you’ve been searching for a carpet cleaning franchise or carpet cleaning opportunity, we have a unique and exclusive opportunity for anyone looking to get into the carpet cleaning business. Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Fletcher is the carpet cleaning authority when it comes to business opportunities in the carpet cleaning industry. So called “dry” carpet cleaning, steam cleaning (hot water extraction) and all other carpet cleaning las vegas  methods can’t even compete to what Cleanpro has to offer. We use only the best and highly rated cleaning equipment (from unclutterer) for our carpet cleaning services. The Cleanpro carpet cleaning system was designed to overcome the familiar problems of over wetting and residue that are associated with steam cleaning, whether you’re using truck mount or portable extraction.

Solid business opportunities are few and far between these days, and franchise opportunities are a dime a dozen. Compared to other carpet cleaning franchises and carpet cleaning opportunities, by Zerorez San Diego Carpet Cleaning and Cleanpro simply can’t be beat. When it comes to carpet cleaning, Cleanpro has an exclusive carpet cleaning opportunity. Choosing the right business can be a difficult decision… look no further! With the Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System, your small business, which can be a home-based business, can grow to its full potential within the carpet cleaning industry.

The Cleanpro Opportunity may be the one you’ve been looking for. From our exclusive carpet cleaning products, extensive training, a protected market territory, ongoing support, and the use of our exclusive system, your opportunity for success can become a reality.

At Cleanpro we take pride in helping every one of our Cleanpro professionals from all over the United States to help achieve their goals. We provide exclusive ongoing support, training and business services so you can have the confidence you are not alone with your small business. Here at Cleanpro you’re family!

Disclaimer : PositiveMoneyIdeas.com is not affiliated in any way to this business opportunity or any business opportunity featured in this site, nor is the content appearing on this page an endorsement by us. You are advised to research and practice due diligence before making any investment in any business opportunity.

Mobile Disc Jockey

What’s a party without music? Or a wedding or graduation or celebration? Everyone just loves to have a good time and boogie (pardon the archaic expression) the night away! You know there’s something special going on in the mall when you hear lively music playing loudly!

So you want to be the one who’s making everyone groove to the beat? Are you someone who’s in-tune with the music scene? Do you know every single top 100 tune by title and artiste? Can you mix beats and tunes into a banquet for the ears? Then YOU are the one who’s going to do great as a Mobile Disc Jockey. As a Mobile Disc Jockey, you’re gonna have to be comfortable with most genres from Rock to Hip-Hop. You’ll be the one people depend on to keep the music groovin so you have to have the latest tunes in your armoury of CDs.

Like your title says, you’re going to have to be “mobile”. Sometimes you will secure contracts in places like malls or dance halls where they’ve got their own sound system. If that’s the case, then all you need to bring is yourself and your music (plus all the small bit and pieces like your favorite mic and cables). There are times though, when your clients expect you to be EVERYTHING. That means you’ve got to bring your own decks, players, amps, speakers, horns, lights, strobes, switches and the whole gamut of gizmos that make you such a cool DJ. If you’re starting out, you might want to rent the equipment, but it’s best to consider investing and buying your own. That way you’re always plugged in and ready to go! You’re going to need a van unless you plan on bugging all your friends to drive your equipment to your gig. You want to be there hourse early to set-up and do your sound check.

This is a business you can run from home. You’ll need an empty garage or a room to store your equipment. A real classy office isn’t necessary coz you’ll be doing your stuff outside of home. That’s where your future clients will see you and possibly give you your next gig. A good DJ could be playing at four to five different locations over the weekend so you’re going to have to be a good planner. The last thing you want is to show up at Mike’s party and realize you’ve left your speakers at Kim’s! But when you do build a reputation for keeping people groovin’ on the dance floor, you’ll be in action almost every night!

Literary Agent

These days, everybody wants to be an author. Just walk into any book store and you’ll see thousands of titles about every conceivable subject. They say everybody’s an expert about at least one thing and going by the number of books there are, it’s probably true! If you want a high profile job that borders on glamorous, and you love books and reading, then try your hand at being a Literary Agent.

A Literary Agent basically represents the writer, making sure that they get the best deal for the international publishing or movie rights to their books. It may not stop there. If you’re doing such a great job and your client is very successful, we’re talking about spin-off merchandise like toys, clothing and product endorsements. These are usually handled by a Business Manager, but you might have to play that role as well.

First, you’ve got to find a talented writer to represent. There a literally thousands of up-and-coming writers who are terrific writers but don’t know the first thing about marketing themselves or their book. Finding the writer who could be your big break isn’t going to be easy. You’ll have to LOVE reading because that’s how you tell if you want to represent someone – you read their material. We’re talking tons of material here… not just your odd manuscript every now and then. You never know when that special manuscript will pop up that makes yoy say “this is the one I want to represent”.

When you’ve found the writers you want to represent and they in turn have agreed to let you represent them, then it’s time to sell, sell, sell. You need to sell their work to publishing houses and movie producers. You’ll need to know which publising houses tend to prefer your writer’s genre and then approach them. You’ll need loads of energy, people skills and a sense of diplomacy as you meet the authors you represent and the executives or managers of these publishing houses. Not every meeting will be successful, but then if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it, right? Anyway, you never know… you may be sitting on the next best seller. Can’t you just read the money between the lines?

Concert Promoter

So… you just love music and you’d love to be mingling with your favorite Rock band, seemingly being just one of the guys? But wait! Are you comfortable working in a highly stressful business that can be fun yet risky? Are you someone who can handle a million things at the same time? Are you business savvy and do you know what it takes to sell concert tickets? Can you deal with the egos and temperaments of artists and their outlandish requests? You can? Then you could potentially makes tons of money as a Concert Promoter!

From Classical music to Heavy Metal, organizing a concert is basically the same. You’ll need to work with the artiste’s or band’s agent long before the actual date, making proposals on the venues, dates and times. Then you’ll negotiate the price. At the same time, you’ll need to negotiate with the management of your local venues, be it stadiums, halls or open fields.

Once you’ve got the artiste or band to agree to come, then you’ve got to advertise! You’ll want an media blitz in the papers, radio, TV (if your budget permits), banners, posters, flyers… the list goes on and on. Depending on how big a name is coming, you might want to organize huge promotional events to get people excited about the concert. Don’t underestimate the role advertising plays in promoting your event. Millions have been made or lost because of the preceding marketing and promotions.

You’ll want to make sure you put in the extra hours to make your concert dates a reality. Too many bad apples have given concert promoters a bad rap. If you prove that you’re someone who can make things happen, then the next time Aerosmith or Sting is thinking of doing a gig where you’re operating, they just might call you first! Can’t you just hear the thunderous beat of millions of dollars?

Gift In A Balloon

Gift in a Balloon is a wonderfully memorable way to gift presents or flowers to that special people in your life – by placing those gifts or flowers in a balloon!

Gift in a Balloon offers supplies and equipment to businesses and individuals that are looking to make great money while having a lot of fun. Classy Wrap balloon stuffing machines are the easiest and most exciting way to entice customers to your store. Gift in a Balloon offers a wide variety of presentation options to ensure that your business will be the place to visit when someone is looking for a unique and memorable gift.

Balloon stuffing machines are a great way to excite loyal customers and bring new business into your store. Classy Wrap, the ultimate in balloon stuffing machines, is able to stretch a latex balloon open wide enough that you can insert all sorts of gifts or surprises to create the perfect gift package for any occasion. Customers will be amazed at the incredibly easy manner in which they can create gift in a balloon packages ranging from simple to exquisite. Owning a dedicated balloon stuffing business, or even just a single gift in a balloon machine is a fun and easy way to make money.

Website : http://giab.com/index.html

Disclaimer : PositiveMoneyIdeas.com is not affiliated in any way to this business opportunity or any business opportunity featured in this site, nor is the content appearing on this page an endorsement by us. You are advised to research and practice due diligence before making any investment in any business opportunity.

Band Manager

Have you got a good ear? Do you know what’s in and what’s out in the music scene? Do you know what kids will like? Are you hip and happenin’ and can you talk the pants off anyone? Do you absolutely love being connected to all things entertainment and the night life? Well then you might have what it takes to make money using your business savvy and ear for good music.

Many bands make great music and are really a hit in the local club circuit but when it comes to marketing and distinguishing themselves above the rest, they have no idea where to start. It’s your job first to convince the band that they need you. You’ve got to convince them that with your marketing savvy and network, you’ll be able to get them the best gigs and work towards making them THE best band in town. You don’t just pick any band to work with though. You can’t market a band that you don’t like personally or whose music you can’t appreciate. Sure, being a Band Manager is about making music and money, but you’ve got to believe in what you’re selling! The next thing is to meet with management of clubs and concert organizers to get your band quality gigs – the kind that draws tons of people and loads of cash. You’ll want to get as many connections as you can, especially agents or managers or established bands to try and get them to agree to your band to open for their band.

It takes more than just good music to reach super stardom. It will take a lot of marketing savvy, business instincts, people handling and luck. Keep pluggin on’ though and sooner or later, your boys will be successful and have some measure of fame, if not stardom. The more bands you have that are successful, the more singers and bands will start looking for you for your services instead of you looking for them. With every note that your band plays, you’ll hear the beautiful sound of cash in your bank account!

Master Of Ceremonies / Emcee

Sometimes, they command the attention of hundreds of people, sometimes thousands. At their word, people will stand and sit, applaud and cheer. People will listen attentively to their every word. They’re Masters of Ceremony. Functions and events can run slick or fall into total chaos depending on how good and prepared the Master of Ceremony is.

A Master of Ceremony keeps the function running smoothly with his timely introductions and amusing anecdotes. People will be amazed at how he manages to smooth things over when mistakes are made. He will be able to ad-lib whenever it’s needed and still sound professional and dignified. He will perform damage control with amazing ease on-stage and people will not even know it’s happening!

To be a Master of Ceremony, you will first of all need to have a good, pleasant voice. You will have superb intonation and speak with ease. Being multi-lingual helps. You should ideally have public speaking experience and be comfortable in front of large audiences. You will also be meticulous when it comes to your appearance. You will know how to walk the fine line between professionalism and entertainment to keep your audience attentive.

Organizing commitees tend to be very selective when it comes to choosing the MC because they don’t want an amateur screwing up big time in front of the world and making them look bad. Most MCs will have a good grasp of protocol, especially when it comes to official functions. He must know how to address the VIPs and dignitaries. It’s especially important if there is royalty present. Now, do you see why a Master of Ceremony can command fat fees?

Body Parts Model

So you don’t look like Cindy Crawford and you walk like Olive Oyl but maybe people always compliment you about your hair… maybe your eyes, nose, hands, legs….etc. If you can’t make the catwalk, you can still be a model although of a different category. Many fashion magazines and photo studios need people with nice looking hands, legs, ears, eyes to model jewelry, shoes, accessories and the like. They don’t really need killer looks and their clients probably aren’t willing to pay those type of fees, so they settle for nice body parts!

You’ll need to get yourself to the photo studio and build a portfolio of your best feature. Then you’ve got to go to the modelling agencies and sell yourself. Be prepared for rejections. The may just have too many hands and what they’re looking for are legs (bad body joke) so they’ll keep your photos in their files. But if you do manage to land your first job, then you’ve got yourself a nice freelance income. So the next time your friends ask you what you do, you can always say you’re a model. Hey… half a truth is better than no truth.

Clown Entertainer

Don’t take it too hard if people say you’re acting like a clown! They could be giving you a money-making tip. Fact is, many clowns make a decent living making people happy. Other than the clowns in your office (bad joke…) clowns can be found entertaining people all over the place, from fairs to malls to concerts. There are clown schools in certain countries (really) that train people to be clowns for a living. There are also clowns who are trained to work with children in the paediatric ward in hospitals. Being a clown is serious work…(bad joke again)

If you’re someone who loves to make people smile and you especially love to work with children, then you’re going to be a great clown. Many clowns “trip” into this business by chance. They basically try out working part-time as a clown doing walkabouts in their local mall and it sort of gets into their blood and before you know it, they’re thinking about being a full-time clown!

You’ll need the basic tools to make it in this trade. That includes floppy size 30 something shoes, face paint, red rubber nose and colorful baggy pants. You’ll also need to come armed with specific skills that make you more entertaining and marketable like being able to do magic tricks and jokes. Slapstick is ok if your audience is older and not prone to sudden shocks that will make them cry! Most important in this business is to leave your worries behind your face paint and be happy. After all, your job is to make people happy. Kids are smart. They know when you’re faking it and no amount of face paint is going to hide it!

The good news is, when you become a successful clown, you’ll keep getting calls from clients. Then you might want to consider getting a couple of like-minded pals to join you in the act. That way, you’re increasing your exposure and earning power. Soon, you’ll be making good money just clowning around!

Balloon Sculptor

Kids love them! Adults secretly love them too! It’s a hobby that has slowly evolved into a full-blown art-form. For the uninitiated, balloon sculpting uses balloons and turning them into shapes like animals, plants, objects. The main tools are those 4-foot-long sausage-like balloons, a balloon pump, your fingers and lots and lots of patience and creativity.

Most people start off sculpting balloons as a hobby. But this hobby can be addictive and as they become more skilled in twisting and manipulating the balloons into wonderful objects, it slowly becomes a great way to make money. The cost of a balloon is only a few cents but after a minute in the hands of a master sculptor, it becomes a dog, ready to be sold for anywhere from two to five bucks! Let’s see now…. that’s about a thousand percent profit? You get the picture now? You might have to take a couple of lessons and go through hundreds of balloons before you’re skilled enough to do this as a business but it’s worth it in the long run.

At the very basic, you won’t even need a table to do business. You’ll just need a bag to carry your balloons and pump, and off you go! You could station yourself at shopping malls or public places over the weekend and watch the thrilled faces of kids as you scuplt their masterpiece. If you’re particularly skilled and you have a lot of contacts, you might even be paid to do your stuff at promotional events, concerts, exhibitions and functions to entertain the kids. It a really entertaining way to make a buck!

Voiceover Artist

You hear them over the radio and TV all the time. That sexy, seductive voice that tells you how good a product is. That deep tone that describes the action you’re watching in the documentary. That booming voice that announces the star of the show. These are the Voiceover Artists. They’re the voices behind the scenes – the voices that you recognize immediately when you hear them over commercials and radio or TV, but if the person stood in front of you, you wouldn’t know him from the next guy. Such is the nature of this business.

Voiceover Artists play a crucial role in today’s entertainment industry and media. They are chosen for the tonal quality of their voice or their unique way speaking. Whatever the case, many established Voiceover Artists make enough to live a comfortable life, knowing that they don’t have to look for work – work will look for them. Many corporations will request that particular voice when they make a corporate presentation, video or advertisement. They believe THAT voice can lend an air of authority or elegance to their image or product so they don’t mind paying the big fees that these Voiceover Artists command.

So how do you know if you have THAT voice? Well, for starters, do you notice that people sit up and listen when you speak? Do people compliment you on your voice? Are you the one who’s always asked to be the Master of Ceremony or to make announcements? If you are, then you could have that special voice that could potentially make you big bucks. Breaking into this business may not be that easy though. There are loads of talents who do voiceovers, among them local entertainers and celebrities. But if you can make a demo tape of youself speaking, then you could pass a copy to your local production houses and studios. If they’re interested in roping you into their pool of talents, they’ll call you. It may take a while before you land that plump job – that high profile ad that millions will be watching and listening to. For a start, you may be offered smaller parts in lower budget projects. Just do your best and take these jobs as your training platform. Eventually, building your portfolio and experience will pay off.

When people start noticing your voice, studios will start to move you up their preferred artist list and recommend you to more of their clients. This is a pretty flexible time job so you could always freelance on something else while you’re making your big bucks in this business. Your voiceover jobs can open lots of opportunities like being the host of a TV programme or high profile event. Keep working at it and take care of those vocal cords. Then you’ll be singing in money!

MaidPro Cleaning Service

Striking the balance between work and, well, everything else isn’t easy. It’s either the corporate life of 24/7 or industries that eat up nights and weekends, making vacations—if you get one—hardly relaxing. You’re just trying to recover. So imagine a business, your own business, that gives you a normal workday, that lets you take actual time off and enjoy your life, to travel and really live. A home cleaning franchise does just that.

The home cleaning industry has so much to offer. Forget the hot kitchens, late nights and weekends of food service or the latest retail and fitness fads. Here are a few of the great perks of home cleaning:

  • Steady, recurring revenue
  • No wasted inventory
  • Free nights, weekends
  • Affordable start-up costs
  • A product always in demand

A MaidPro franchise is truly unique—and not in just the home cleaning industry. We’ve tossed out those outdated franchise rules that have given franchising a bad name. We value creativity, knowledge and good, ole-fashioned friendliness.

  • We’re Franchisee FriendlyThere are hundreds of “little rules” other franchisors have. We hate them. You should too.
  • We’re Franchisee Flexible We get systems. But most franchisors take it too far. No un-needed rules here.
  • Dynamic Marketing & High TechWe’ve created some amazing tools to help you run your business in the modern age.
  • Support Tailored Just For YouWe believe everyone is different and support should be exactly the way you want it.

Website : http://www.maidpro.com/
Franchise Website : http://www.maidprofranchise.com/

Disclaimer : PositiveMoneyIdeas.com is not affiliated in any way to this business opportunity or any business opportunity featured in this site, nor is the content appearing on this page an endorsement by us. You are advised to research and practice due diligence before making any investment in any business opportunity.

Fish Hatchery

[dropcapW][/dropcap]ho doesn’t remember going for a fishing trip or walking by a lake feeding the fish? There’s just something very calm and soothing about a lake teeming with life. If the lake is a popular angling spot though, the number of fish in the lake would quickly dwindle with every fish caught.

Raising fish can be a very rewarding business. Streams, ponds, lages and water gardens constantly need to be restocked with fish. Starting a fish hatchery, you will raise fish by the thousands that will be shipped across the country. It isn’t really a nice office desk job so if you don’t like getting your hands wet and fish smell on you, then you’d best find something else. You will be someone who simply loves fish. You will be someone who continuosly learns about fish and what makes them thrive. You will control every aspect of their environment to make sure the fish are healthy (and happy).

For certain Asian countries, the Koi and Arowana are special breeds of fish that fetch very high prices. These fish are not bred for open lakes and ponds but mainly for private homes since they are reputed to bring its owner luck. Your initial investment in the fish will vary depending on the type of fish you choose to breed. But one thing is clear – given time and lots of hard work, you’ll be “swimming” in money!

eInflatables Bounce Houses

Experts predict that the Inflatable Industry will continue rapid growth in the coming years. With more than 5 Billion dollars in domestic sales annually, the party rental industry is hot. If you think it could be a good fit for you, there’s never been a better time to start your business.

It’s almost impossible to drive down a residential street on weekends and not spot a bouncer, water slide or other inflatable play structure. Kids love the fun and physical activity that inflatable play structures provide and parents love that it keeps the kids busy all day!

eInflatables is the largest manufacturer of inflatables made entirely in the USA.  We have an unwavering commitment to safety, and a reputation for creating the most innovative and highest quality units available today.

When you work with eInflatables, you get the largest selection and the most exhilarating inflatables in the industry.  We’ve helped hundreds of customers reach a level of success they never thought possible. Now, we want to partner with you! You can visit InstantInfo Systems to make our communication effective and make this partnership a success.

As a eInflatables business owner, working in the entertainment industry is exciting and rewarding, and an inflatable rental business is a low risk way to start working for yourself. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, you can generate a healthy income while working from home. It’s an ideal family business, and can be started on the side, while you still have a full-time job.

With only a couple of bounce houses, you can make $1,500 to $2000 per month, just working part-time on the weekends. Four units can generate up to $4,000 cash per month with very little effort. And with the use of Metal Business Kards, the process of buying and selling through card payments can also be a reliable and durable option in the long run. Every time you set up your units at an event, you are advertising your business and generating new leads – all while making money from the current rentals. This is a part-time venture that could yield a full-time income.

Website : http://www.einflatables.com/

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Tree Pruning Service

Wherever there are trees, there will be potential hazards of branches falling and growing into telephone poles and wires, and collapsing trees which can cause injury and thousands of dollars in damage. If the trees are under the jurisdiction of the local municipality, then they will be responsible for the pruning and upkeep of these trees. But many times, these trees are within private property. That old mango tree that’s been growing steadily over the years but now seems to be pushing into the side of your home. Those shady palms that once used to provide plenty of shade but have become a nesting place for hundreds or crows! That once sturdy oak that’s now beginning to rot and it’s branches falling with every rainstorms. It’s trees like these that need a doctor – a Tree Doctor!

Well, ok, you’re not really a Tree Doctor as much as you are a Tree pruning specialist, but you will be providing a service that is crucial. You’ll need to be someone who has a love for nature. And you MUST know your trees. You don’t want to go chopping down someone’s tree that holds so many memories just because you didn’t know that it’s been infected with a disease that’s easily treatable. You’ll know which branches need pruning and which ones to leave alone and when it’s time to cut a tree down, you’ll know how to do it safely, efficiently and without much fuss.

Smaller trees may just require a ladder but you may have to invest in a portable crane that can lift you or your team to those higher limbs. It’s a business that has its hazards – bees and hornets nests being the most common – but you’ll be providing a service that not many can. How you charge your client will depend on the nature of each job. Contract work would be a lucrative option if you can reach an agreement with holiday resorts and hotels that have lots of trees. They’ll pay you for sure to keep their trees safe, rather than face a lawsuit from a guest who was hit on the head by a falling twig.

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