Make Money As A Freelance Writer


Startup Costs: Under $1,000
Mode :  Home based / Full-time / Freelance
Group : College / Adult / Seniors
Franchises Available : No

Whether it’s running a business, organization or website, great communication is critical to success. The written word is by far the most common and cost effective way to communicate with the world, but NOT everybody has the knack for putting ideas, strategies, product descriptions or benefits into words. That’s why companies have a marketing and communications department, where you’ll find copywriters or communication execs whose primary job is to write and communicate. However, in an increasingly competitive world market, many companies have opted to outsource much of their writing tasks to freelancers, rather than keeping full-time staff on the payroll, and incurring the costs of medical, dental and work benefits. Continue reading

Computer Refurbishing



Startup Costs: Under $5,000 if home based / $5,000 to $10,000 and above if shop based.
Mode :  Home based / Shop / Part-time / Full-time
Group : College / Adult / Seniors
Franchises Available : No

Technology moves so rapidly that the computer that you buy today, will possibly be obsolete in five years time. Even if the hardware doesn’t go obsolete, technological advances and needs drive manufacturers to create new products to keep up with the insatiable hardware and software needs of users. While manufacturers once prided themselves on making products that lasted for a lifetime, planned obselescence is now an accepted norm. This means that manufacturers actually expect that their products will be obsolete within a few years of production. The fields of I.T. and computers are probably where this is most apparent, leading to the birth of a whole new industry – computer refurbishing. Continue reading

Clip Art Designer


Startup Costs: Under $1000
Mode :  Home based / Online / Part-time / Full-time
Franchises Available : No

Bloggers and writers often use clip art and images to complement their articles and posts. Clip art is used in almost all kinds of presentations to be screened live or printed. There was a time when people only have the clip art resource in Microsoft Office applications to use, but these days, there is a wealth of free and public domain images that can be used royalty free. However, sometimes you cannot find the images that relate to your content or the free and public domain resources are not up to your standard. It’s then that you might need to search for paid clip art resources. While paid clip art does not necessarily mean better quality, if you buy your clip art from a reputable website or resource provider, you can be sure that you would be using those clip art legally and within stipulated requirements.

Continue reading

Child Transporter


Startup Costs: Under $1000 / $10,000 – $50,000 (if you don’t own your own vehicle)
Mode : Home based / Part-time / Full-time
Franchises Available : No

Kids these days seems to be just as busy as their parents – after school, it’s piano lessons, ballet lessons, karate classes, baseball practice and the list goes on and on. The problem is – kids are kids and they’re not old enough to drive! Many working parents have this problem – rushing to pick up their kids to and from school, extra classes and sports practice. It takes a lot of creative time management and schedule juggling to transport kids around and most times, it leaves everyone – parents and kids alike – frazzled by the end of the day. What happens if there’s a miscommunication or an unexpected car breakdown or traffic jam? The kids are left waiting, maybe for hours. Statistics show that criminals who target kids often look out for kids who are waiting for the parents who are late to pick them up. Continue reading

Efficiency Expert


Estimated Startup Cost : $5K – $10K and upwards.
Mode : Home Based / Office Based / Part-time / Freelance / Full-Time
Franchises  : No

Efficiency and effectiveness are hallmarks of profitable companies. Not every company is like that though. CEOs understand that the key to optimal profits in highly competitive markets is to make sure the company runs like clockwork – a well-oiled engine. This is especially so if there are production goals that have to be met regularly. Time is a hot commodity – it is everything in a business. Wasted and under-utilized time translates to millions of dollars in lost revenue for companies each year. The bottom line is – to trim the fat and streamline your company to make it better, faster, more efficient. This is where an efficiency expert comes in. Continue reading

Business Broker

pmi_business_brokerEstimated Startup Cost : $5K – $10K and upwards.
Mode : Home Based / Office Based /  Freelance / Full-Time
Franchises  : Available

People sell and buy businesses everyday – just take a peek into your newspaper’s classified and you will see all types of businesses being offered for sale. However, buyers and sellers both face problems if they are unfamiliar with the processes involved in the sale and purchase of a business. Business owners will want the best price they can get for their businesses. That’s understandable because they’ve put in years of hard work and money to build it up to where it is – and there is a certain sentimental value attached to their asking price. The buyer on the other hand, wants the lowest price he can get simply because he wants the best deal – after all, he knows he has a lot of expenses ahead of him as he starts out his new business. Pretty much like real estate agents, people approach business brokers for their knowledge and expertise in expediting a business sale transaction. Continue reading

Mobile Auto Detailing


Estimated Startup Cost : $2000 to $4000 and upwards.
Mode : Home Based / Shop Based / Part-time / Freelance / Full-Time
Franchises  : Available

These days, it’s normal for everyone to own a car. It’s not uncommon for families (or individuals even) to have more than one car. For many folks, their cars are more than just practical modes of transportation, they’re their pride and joy. The problem is that their busy, hectic lives often leave little time to do the mundane chores like washing, waxing and cleaning out precious cars.

An Auto Detailer is someone who loves cars and loves to keep them shiny and beautiful. You love stripping the dirt and grime off cars after weeks of road use and returning them into their almost pristine condition your specialized cleaning skills. You will visit your clients’ homes or offices to wash, wax and clean their car. You will also clean and shampoo carpets, clean upholstery, and give chrome and tires a shiny polish. Continue reading

11 Ways To Make Money With Your Crafts And Skills


When you say “make money with crafts”, most people can think of only one way to do it – to make your crafts and set up shop in the mall or marketplace. If you’re a hobbyist, stay at home mom or dad and you just want to earn a little extra on the side to supplement your household income, setting up shop may not be ideal for you. However, the good news is that in today’s connected world, the traditional brick and mortar way of selling your merchandise is NOT the only way to do it. Many people DO make money selling their crafts and using their crafts skills in many interesting ways. Here are 11 ways people make money with their crafts and crafting skills, in the hope that it sparks your entrepreneurial spirit and helps you to think out of the box. Continue reading

10 Craft Ideas To Make Money

There’s money to be made with your skills if you’re good at any type of craft. Here are 10 common craft ideas that you can do to make money, either as a hobby, home based business or small business.

1. Basketry and Canework

wicker basketsBasketry and other wickerwork with raffia etc, appeal to many people because they’re not only beautiful, they’re practical. They have many uses from storing stuff in the home to gifts for family and friends. Making basic wicket baskets is not a difficult skill to pick up, although it takes some time to get good at it and produce the more fancy and elegant ones. Once you do though, there are many ways to make money from it.

To be successful in this money maker, you need to keep a good standard of workmanship. Brightly colored designs have a wide appeal, but try to combine clever designs with practical purposes. Study the market and offer your products on sale or return to gift and novelty shops, stores, women’s exchanges etc. Popular items are lamp shades, baskets, mats, trays, footstools, hats, chair seats and backs. There’s no reason why you cannot have your own line of fine products that can be sold as art pieces. Another way of making money from this hobby is to conduct classes, teaching people how to produce simple basketry/canework items. If you’re particularly skilled and have a good way with people, you could always sell yourself as a demonstrator where malls pay you to demonstrate your skills on stage for craft promotions etc. This money maker is about using your creativity to turn a simple hobby into money. Continue reading

Make And Sell Button Badges


Button badges are a great way to express yourself as well as an economical way to promote your business. They’re inexpensive and everyone probably has a few pinned on their bags or caps or anywhere else where it makes a fashion or personal statement. It’s amazing how a small button badge can say so much. A single manual button badge machine can bring in extra cash especially during holidays, vacations and special events, but people who want to turn this into a full-fledged business need to expect to invest quite a lot more cash and resources. Continue reading

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