PositiveMoneyIdeas.com believes that everybody has the right to unlimited income or at least the option to have multiple streams of income.

Many people find out too late in their lives that their jobs are at risk or that they have suddenly reached a dead-end in their careers, and they have no alternative source of income. They then regret not venturing into a part-time business or working on a money-making idea while youth and time were on their side. Opportunities abound all around us. We just have to make a conscious decision to work towards creating alternative sources of income. Fact is, we all have ideas that pop into our heads that could potentially prove lucrative, but then we push them aside, telling ourselves that it would never work, or we’ll do it one day, or … well, there are a million and one reasons why we procrastinate.

All businesses and money making ventures begin with seeds called ideas. You could have a whole sack of seeds but if you don’t act, and you don’t plant them, water them and nurture them, then they stay just that – seeds. But imagine if you only had ONE seed and you planted that seed, watered it and took pains to make sure it grew healthy… From that one seed, you would eventually have a full grown tree with the potential to spread into a forest of trees. All it takes is for you to plant that one seed – that one idea – into your heart and mind, and nurture it. Trouble is, the ideas that come to us are usually a result of (and limited to) our own experience, so we all need a little help in that department. That’s where PositiveMoneyIdeas.com comes in…

About the ideas

Just because we may not be particularly suited to actually turn an idea into a money maker doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea. That’s the basic philosophy behind PositiveMoneyIdeas.com. One man’s rubbish may be another man’s path to recycled riches! The ideas in PositiveMoneyIdeas.com are common-sense ideas that are workable. Some ideas may seem boring, some exciting, yet others may seem outlandish. They’re just waiting for the right someone to take it and nurture it.

PositiveMoneyIdeas.com will be updated regularly with money making ideas for freelance, full-time, online or home businesses. We trust that as you browse this site, certain ideas will strike you as something you could be successful at. We hope that this will be the seed of something wonderfully productive for you and your family.

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