Air Cond Pet House

air-cond pet house

Quote source : FunkyProducts
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“Cool Pet House” is the only pet house in the world to offer its true care for your pet. “Cool Pet House” is a child of all pets and pet owner’s demands over the years.

Imagine a habitat that would keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

This home can help you keep an eye on your pet while you are away at work, while visiting friends, or even when you leave for vacation. Care and comfort, is it what the Cool Pet House is all about.

pet air cond house interior view

The pet industry is a really profitable niche according to major players. It seems folks are willing to spend big bucks not just on pets and food, but on accessories that complete their beloved pet’s lifestyles. Very often, prices on pet products can equal or exceed those for their two legged masters.

Funky house goes on about their air-cond pet house :

The Cool Pet House has many amazing and unique features not offered in other pet houses sold in the general marketplace. From the first glance, the unique shape and color of the pet house stimulates the imagination. It is both fully functional and pleasing to the eye. The cool pet house has electronic features such as indoor lighting and quiet fans helping to enhance the experience of pets. Upon further inspection, a user can manipulate the inside temperature, activate a wireless webcam, and much more.

Just think about it… there could also be more uses for your air-cond pet house. During the summer months when you feel really hot but you want to save on your power usage, you can cool down by sticking your head in your pet’s air cond house.

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