Rent A Duck or Sheep or…

rent-a-duck :

Germans are lining up to rent farm animals to help with the gardening as part of a new green scheme.

Werner Kiwitt, who runs an ecological park in Schleswig-Holstein, is offering sheep to cut the grass and ducks to eat the slugs.

He said: “You get free fertiliser provided by the animals as well, so it’s not a bad deal.”

Mr Kewitt said he was getting orders from all over the country after a plague of slugs nationwide following recent heavy rains.

Kiwitt, who rents the birds out for £20 a time, said: “Some people think this is just a gag but the ducks are really good at getting rid of the slugs. It beats using poison, especially when there are children or other aninals in the house.”

This is a novel win-win business idea. The owner of the duck and sheep wins because someone is paying them to take home their animals (and feed them!) and the person renting the animals solves a gardening problem the environmentally friendly way.

I was thinking what it would cost to rent a whole bunch of sheep to trim the grass off a football pitch!

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