Victoria Pettigrew – A Furry Spin On Making Money

A furry spin on Money Making

Quoted from : MyBusinessMag
Image via : Odietamo

When Victoria Pettigrew brushes any one of her 10 pets, she ends up with handfuls of fur. But instead of throwing them away like the rest of us, she saves the tiny tufts so she can spin them into yarn. Sounds strange, but Pettigrew has actually built a good business with pet lovers all over the world.

When one of Pettigrew’s dogs, Karly, passed away in 2001, she got the idea to spin the dog’s hair into yarn and turn it into a keepsake scarf. “Spinning her collected fiber and knitting a small scarf gave me such comfort that I thought others would benefit from such a service,” she says.

And so VIP Fibers, Pettigrew’s spinning business in Morgan Hill, Calif., was born. With two full-time employees, Pettigrew receives anywhere from 2 ounces to 20 pounds of pet fiber each day from customers who hail from around the world. VIP Fibers ( then spins the pet fibers into yarn. They can even make finished keepsakes, including scarves, tote bags and hats.

Going by the many pets that have had their furs transformed into practical keepsakes on VipFiber’s pet matrix page, I’d say VipFibers has made a whole bunch of satisfied customers. Scarfs and teddy bears seem to be a popular choice of pet owners, although your choice would technically be limited only by the amount of fur you’ve collected and your imagination.

Now this is what I’d call a really furry way to make money. I wonder if they can do that with human hair… when I grow old and eventually bald, I’ve like to have a keepsake of what used to be!

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