Jiff-e-Books Personalized Books


Want a great business of your own?Jiff-e-Books, a leading supplier in the personalized book market since 1987, specializes in user-friendly software and high quality book supplies for your successful personalized children’s book business. With Jiff-e-Books software, you can print full color personalized children’s books on blank paper, so you don’t have to inventory expensive preprinted pages for books that you may or may not sell.

Why a personalized book business? Almost everyone at one time or another has wanted to own their own business. Making and selling Jiff-e-Books personalized books is both fun and rewarding. You are providing an educational product that builds a child’s self-esteem and encourages a love of reading. Parents and children will tell you just how much they like and appreciate the books you make for them

For an investment of only $495, you can start your own business making money today. This low price includes license, software and materials for making 50 deluxe, hard cover books. For only $100 more for the PLUS Package, you will get our software for printing unlimited Santa Letters, Easter Letters, and customer brochures. Begin putting extra $$$ in your pocket with your first order. It’s easy and inexpensive to begin making money with Jiff-e-Books. The Jiff-e-Books software is easy to use and making the books is a snap.

Website : https://www.jiff-e-books.com/

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