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Gift in a Balloon
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Gift In A Balloon® started wrapping gifts in balloons in 1988, creating an exciting new industry and setting the standard for performance. Our expertise and leadership in the wrapping gifts in ballloons has allowed us to secure 11 U.S. patents on our equipment and products. This measn Gift In A Balloon® always provides the most innovative, cost-effective equipment and supplies to help your business succeed.

Wrapping gifts in a balloon is truly a unique concept that delights customers and provides enterprising people countless new opportunities to make money. The Gift in a Balloon System has been successfully used all over the world by gift stores, flower shops, gift departments and home-based businesses. The Gift In A Balloon® system has helped countless businesses and entrepreneurs make money with our equipment and supplies. These businesses include :

  • Custom wrapping services
  • Weddings, baby showers, birthday parties or other special events
  • Helping retailers attract foot traffic and sell products
  • Shopping mall kiosks
  • Craft stores
  • Flower stores
  • Fund raisers
  • Corporate event planning
  • Hotel gifts for VIP guests
  • Custom thank you gifts for their customers
  • Valentine's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day Birthdays
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Secretary's Day
  • Boss's Day

The Gift in a Balloon® systems offers you enourmous flexibility and creative opportunities to come up with new ways of making more money using our machines. We provide the equipment and supplies and you provide the creativity. This money maker is fun, easy and cost efficient which translates to a nice profit margin.

Number of gifts packaged per day






Per month - based on 25 days












And to show you an example of what kind of profit you can expect, this is the average costs associated with making a single balloon :

Gift In A Balloon Kit as low as $2.00
Includes: 18" balloon, E-Z tie closure, 8" pull bow, 3 oz Krinkle Paper, base tray, gift card,
Avg. Sales Price Per Wrap $7.00
Profit per balloon $4.70 (Over 71%)

71% PROFIT! This doesn't include the additional "gift" sales that this service will generate - and from the most unlikely sources!

We've made it so easy and inexpensive for anyone to start their own Gift in a Balloon gift wrapping business, you will be making profits in your first week of business. The balloon stuffing industry has matured and there is a growing understanding that this service can be a remarkable profit center. Your balloon stuffing business will open countless money making opportunities - all it takes is a little creative thinking! The opportunities for growth are limited only by your imagination!

Getting started with your own Gift in a Balloon gift wrapping business is easy and inexpensive. You can be making great profits in your first week of business! It's easy and fun - the perfect fit for gift stores, flower shops, gift departments and people looking to work from home with their own business. The opportunities for growth are endless!

Our complete business startup packages will save hundreds of dollars because we provide you the lowest cost on all the supplies you need on an ongoing basis. You'll learn how easy it is to start making money with our balloons with our step-by-step instructional video and continuous support. We'll equip you with the tools and the necessary skills to begin making amazing creations with the Gift in a Balloon program.

BE CREATIVE, AND MAKE MONEY! Go with the original Gift In A Balloon® system!

Gift In A Balloon
2719 N. 1600 W.
Pleasant View, UT 84404
Tel.: 801-622-4390
Fax: 801-622-4391
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