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Mailbox Stores
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Mailbox Stores Small Business Opportunity

Mailbox Stores is the most recognizable brand name in the office, shipping and personal services provider in North America. To reach this level of recognition, we offer the most comprehensive turn-key program available in the industry today. Mailbox Stores focus primarily on servicing the small business and home business niches. We act as their "office", providing services such as mailbox rentals, copying, binding, shipping, notary, faxing and a complete array of office supplies that go along with the many related services small business owners rely on to keep their businesses growing and running smoothly. Mailbox Stores combines the perfect mix of personal and business services so that everyone in your area will benefit from and will have a need to stop by your store. The beauty of this mix is that most people will need to take advantage of the services, guaranteeing repeat business and multiple sales.

Mailbox Stores Small Business OpportunityThe Mail Box Stores is affiliated with one of the largest retail business opportunity developers in the country. In a little over 12 years we have assisted in opening over 1,600 successful retail outlets in the U.S. helping independent Maibox Store owners achieve their dreams of business ownership and financial independence.

Our turn-key program includes financial assistance, site identification, location and lease negotiation, store build-out including all fixtures, supplies, merchandise, training, and support. We've also negotiated some of the deepest discounts in our industry from our carrier and vendors.

Business Opportunity Magazine quotes : "…the Packaging & Shipping Store Business has a LOW risk factor in a good growth industry. Millions of consumers are avoiding mile-long lines at the post office by turning to packaging and shipping services. These one-stop shops package just about anything and ship it almost anywhere via national carriers."

Mailbox Stores Small Business OpportunityWe've covered everything. That means every detail of your business. We offer a total comprehensive package, covering every aspect of opening and successfully running a retail Mailbox Store. You'll be able to offer more than 40 profitable and highly in-demand personal and business services to your customers. We believe that we're the only mail and parcel developer that offers color copying with black and white copying features, state-of-the-art POS, and interactive customer touch screens in your business package. We give your full assistance in identifying suitable locations, negotiating the lease, designing the store layout and doing the physical build-out. We also help you secure financing, provide on-going support as well as store merchandise, fixtures, equipment, supplies along with the work crew to open your store. Best of all, we do it quickly and professionally because we know that you're eager to get your Mailbox Store up and running towards profitability in the shortest time possible.

Mailbox Stores Small Business OpportunityTop Notch Training and Support. Our training is designed to enable every new Mailbox Store owner to be familiar with all aspects of managing their store. The training and support begins before the store's opening and continues well after. You will be in constant contact with your trainer both before and after your store has opened. Our comprehensive training will include a complete review of our detailed operations manual and related materials that are designed to help you in your store's operation on a daily basis. We offer both classroom and onsite training.

This is NOT a franchise. You are the owner of your own store and YOU control 100% of your business. There are no ongoing royalties or fees because we are NOT a franchise. However, you DO receive long-term support and acceess to industry networks. Right from day one, you will have total control over every decision that affects YOUR store, including site location, store layout, timing of opening and merchandise.

Your completetTurnkey package includes :

  • Point of Sale Shipping System (including credit card verification)
  • Commercial High speed color- B/W copier
  • Color Printer
  • Commercial Fax Machine
  • Safe W/ depository drop for cash Control
  • Personal Mail Box units
  • Rolling Work Station
  • Customer Convenience Counters
  • Work Station Counters
  • Copier Work Counter
  • Rental Computer and workstation
  • Backroom Shelving
  • Business Cards for the Owner
  • Custom Business Cards Program
  • Letterhead with your Business Address
  • Mail Box Rental Agreements
  • Illuminated Window Signs
  • Preprinted Envelopes with your Business Address
  • Paper Inventory
  • Legal Forms
  • E-Bay Capability
  • Membership Privileges to our Network
  • Custom Rubber Stamp Program
  • Uniforms
  • Video Transfer Services


  • Shipping discounts with Carriers
  • Start-up Supplies
  • Retail Office Supplies Inventory
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Long Term Support
  • Build-out Staff
  • Slat-wall on Interior Walls
  • Main Service Counter
  • Custom Fixture Package
  • Passport & ID Photo Camera
  • Key Cutting Machine & Accessories
  • Laminating Equipment W/Supplies
  • Pre-opening Training on site and/or at Corporate Headquarters
  • Paper Cutter
  • Binding Equipment
  • Exterior Sign Allowance
  • Interior Signs
  • “Menu of Service” & Product Signs
  • Custom Interior Services Lettering
  • Packaging Supplies
  • Site Location Assistance
  • Lease Negotiations Assistance
  • Freight for initial retail inventory
  • Freight for fixtures and equipment
  • Affiliation W/ Western Union Program
  • Greeting Cards Program(s)

Mailbox Stores Small Business OpportunityThe Mailbox Stores is a business opportunity that combines needed shipping, mailing, business services and convenience in a neighborhood location. Following our location specifications there will be thousands of potential customers within your designated trade area. Thousands of home based businesses, stand -alone businesses, professionals, schools, churches, and organizations that are in need of convenient and economical services. Thousands of families and individuals in residential areas and apartment complexes that wish they had your convenient services right around the corner.

This is the perfect first-time business opportunity for entrepreneurs and people who dream of being their own boss. Beyond being a crucial business and personal services provider, Mailbox Stores is a business opportunity that lets people turn their dreams of being their own boss into reality!

The Mail Box Stores, Inc.
5075 W. Diablo Dr. Ste. 200
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Visit their website

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