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Americlean Dry Cleaning Small Business Opportunity

Americlean® is leading the dry cleaning business niche today with a simple, economical, exciting and innovative system that enables would-be business owners to start up their own profitable business. Americlean® stores offer top-notch service coupled with fast and flexible consumer pricing that have proven to be a winning combination. Americlean®'s business start-up program includes comprehensive training classes, startup advertising packages, initial on-site supervision and excellent financing options. In fact, Americlean's policy of NOT requiring any franchise or royalty fees gives you total control of your turn-key operation.

Americlean Dry Cleaning Small Business OpportunityAmericlean® offers you the opportunity to be the owner of an exciting, profitable dry cleaning business. With one of the lest expensive, yet comprehensive business packages available, we've set ourselves apart from most other business opportunities and have become one of the most popular choices for new business start-ups in the dry cleaning industry. We're one of the few businesses that provide compact, self-contained, dry cleaning and automated finishing equipment incorporating anti-polluting devices for efficient operations. Our dry cleaning units are completely automated, so operators can perfrom counter service, finishing and assembly operations. Our automated equipment also means you need fewer staff and easier training. All these ranslate into efficient and effective use of your business dollars that ultimately affect your business' profitability. Americlean® is always looking for ways to reduce the owner's overhead costs.

Americlean Dry Cleaning Small Business OpportunityAmericlean® has created a niche in society not only with its convenience, but also with its revolutionary flexible consumer pricing concept. Our training programs teach you how to attract customers by offering dry cleaning at low prices geared to your local market. We train you to take care of almost every dry cleaning need, quickly, easily and at one economically low price.

You enjoy many benefits as an Americlean dry cleaning business owner :

  • A business plan for every budget. Americlean® offers four special plans to match the goals of our clients - from small standalone stores to full-blown commercial plants. There's a business plan available for almost every business owner with different financial standing.

  • No fees. Americlean® gives you all the benefits of a franchise, minus the costs usually tied to a franchise. Americlean's policy of requiring NO franchise fee or royalty fees gives you total control of your Americlean® dry cleaning business from day one.

  • Solid support based on knowledge and experience. With well over 50 years of experience building dry cleaning stores, we've been involved in the construction of over 6,000 stores all across the United States and Puerto Rico. You'll receive all the equipment, supplies and expertise you need to establish your first Americlean® dry cleaning business, with comprehensive 24/7 support covering every aspect of running your business - from site location, lease negotiation, equipment, store set-up, financing, training, marketing and administration.

  • Financial Benefits:
    • No franchise fees or royalties
    • Low start-up costs
    • Low investment
    • Low financing rates
    • Low down payments
    • Low rent locations
    • Secured investment opportunity

  • Store Benefits:
    • Not labor intensive
    • All modern equipment
    • Custom decorator-designed stores
    • Completely automated dry cleaning machines
    • Convenience of turnkey operation
    • Fully equipped dry cleaning plant onsite (excludes drop-off store)
    • Meets EPA and OSHA standards
    • Family oriented business hours
    • Absentee ownership viable - current position can be maintained if an operating manager is appointed

Americlean Dry Cleaning Small Business OpportunityThe dry cleaning industry has one of the highest success rates of all small businesses (96.2% according to Dun and Bradstreet). One of the secrets of success is the support that our team offers you and the unique methods of operation that we provide. You receive the benefits of a franchise, but without the high franchise fees or royalties that diminish profits during every year of operation.

The mission of Americlean® Dry Cleaning Centers, Inc., is fulfilled by building the highest quality turnkey Dry Cleaning Centers that provide our clients with the independence of owning their own business and the satisfaction of running that business successfully while enjoying the prosperity that comes as a result of owning and operating a profitable Americlean® Dry Cleaning Center.

Americlean® Dry Cleaning Center is the smartest decision you can make when considering any business. Now is the time to become part of a proficient, responsive network, working together to achieve your goals of success and financial freedom.

Americlean® Dry Cleaning Centers, Inc.
600 Fairway Drive, Suite 105
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Phone: (800) 949-6016
Fax: (954) 354-5556
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