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Flip Flop Shops
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Flip Flop Shops Franchise Opportunity

Flip Flop Shops® is more than just a store, it's a lifestyle. We're the authentic retailer of the trendiest and hottest flip flop and sandal brands.

Flip Flop Shops® loves the water and everything about it. We love surfing with friends at Rincon, standing at the water's edge in Tofino while waves pull the sand out from between our toes and under our feet back into the wide blue sea. We love WATER and EVERYTHING about it! Whether its riding powder in Canada, biking the backcountry of New Zealand or rafting down the Colorado, Flip Flop Shops® is about adventure and travelling. We right on top of the latest trends in fashion and more than just followers, we make up our own! Flip Flop Shops® is about going to bed with salty skin and the smell of the ocean after a day of surfing. And we will have the time and passion to take care of our environment and help our our favorite charities. We love music and singing along with our favorite songs. And everywhere we go and anything we do, our flip flops are there with us. Our flip flops are an extension of who we are and what we stand for. We live, work and play in flip flops, our toes exposed to the world!

And if you dig that kind of a lifestyle and you want to be part of it, Flip Flop Shops® is giving you the opportunity to own your very own Flip Flop Shops® franchise!

Flip Flop Shops Franchise OpportunityFlip flops and sandals have been around for ages. They're the oldest and best selling footwear worldwide all through history. Because they're comfortable, economical, and the best footwear when it's time to relax, they're now becoming a huge phenomenon. A few years ago, you would only wear them to the beach or the pool. Now, you see them in the city, in the office, on the Red Carpet and at the Whitehouse. They've become a fashion statement that even the BIG name stars can't do without! The simple, little flip flops with their humble origin are making their way to the season's hottest events and onto the feet of the most coveted celebrities and VIPs.

Flip Flop Shops® has created a concept where the economics, the industry, the trends and the lifestyle all just make sense!

But you may be asking "Yeah, I know flip flops are the next greatest trend, but what makes Flip Flop Shops® different?"

Flip Flop Shops Franchise OpportunityWhat makes us tick. We're committed to establish Flip Flop Shops® as the authentic global leader in marketing casual flip flops & sandals. To be the #1 franchised retail chain of flip flops & sandals throughout the world by building a breakthrough brand and world class franchise system. We will offer the hottest brands and latest styles in an environment that provides the consumer with a unique retail experience. We will achieve this through a community of franchisees whom we will support and lead. The satisfaction of our consumers and profitability of our franchisees will be our top priority.

Key Success Factors that make us tick :

  • Have Profitable Units
  • Secure Premiere Locations
  • Lead All Competitors in Unit Development
  • Maintain Favorable Margins & Reliable Distribution
  • Achieve Operational Excellence
  • Create Strong Franchisee Relations
  • Become a Breakthrough Brand

Creating a culture that makes the Flip Flop Shops® difference, we :

  • Share Our Passion For Flip Flops & Sandals
  • Be Great Brand Ambassadors
  • Have Fun Doing It
  • Do The Right Thing
  • Have Unmatched Product Knowledge
  • Bring On The Right Franchisees

The Brands. We don't just carry flip flops. We carry the best, hottest and trendiest flip flops.

Flip Flop Shops Franchise OpportunityThe Support. We provide a franchise support system designed to support all of your business needs. Flip Flop Shops is committed to providing a superior level of service to our franchisees. With over 50 years of franchise experience, we have taken the best practices and applied them to Flip Flop Shops. More importantly, we have eliminated common mistakes made by most franchise systems. Flip Flop Shops provides a wide variety of comprehensive resources to help you achieve your professional goals. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Branded Business Plan Template
  • Site Selection & Real Estate Expertise
  • In-house Design & Construction Consultation
  • Flip Flop University
  • Comprehensive Operations Manual
  • New Store Opening Plan
  • Local Store Marketing Toolkit
  • PR & National Brand Building Efforts
  • Sell-Through Analysis
  • Seasonal Pre-Book Support
  • Inventory Turn Analysis
  • Open-to-Buy Plan
  • Vendor Relations & Buying Program
  • Field Support
  • Genuine Passion to See You Succeed

Experience. With well over fifty years of franchise experience in building and growing some of the best and fastest growing franchise concepts, niche leaders and well-known brands around the world, we're welcoming you now to ride the wave of the next great idea. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries in the world.

So if you're ready to own your slice of the pie of one of the biggest trends, lose your shoes, free your toes, and flip flop on over to become a Flip Flop Shops® store owner!

Flip Flop Shops®
Phone : 949-385-3547
Fax : 949-315-3179
Flip Flop Shops Franchise Application Form

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