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Thirty-One Gifts
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Thirty-One Gifts Home Business Opportunity

Cindy Monrow, the founder and CEO of Thirty One Gifts was working full time in corporate America, and like many other women all across the country, she was struggling to juggle life with her husband, kids, kids' activities, work, home, church and finding time for herself. On top of that, she wanted time to indulge in her favorite past-time - shopping. However, her busy schedule and lifestyle make it difficult to find time to visit all those cute little gift boutiques where the really great products were. She came to a decision thtat it was time for working moms and women everywhere to get a chance to shop on their terms. Being a women who was grounded in her faith in God, she prayed to find a way to offer a system that could help women just like her contribute to their lives (and the lives of others) by owning their own busniess. It was from this passionate resolve that Thirty-One was born. Cindy began sewing purses with one machine in the basement of her home in Chattanooga, Tennessee and since then, she has never ceased to be amazed at how far she and Thirty-One have come with the passionate support and dedication of so many people. Today, the Thirty-One family has grown to more than 30,000 consultants nationwide and has expanded from Home Office in Johnstown, Ohio to add a second location in Columbus.

Thirty-One Gifts Home Business Opportunity

The name Thirty-One comes from the verses of Proverbs 31. These words may be thousands of years old, but we are am constantly amazed by how today's modern woman can relate to them. Don't we all want to be strong, dignified and wise? The Proverbs 31 woman is dearly loved and respected by him and her children, yet she is an individual in her own right. She manages the home and property with kindness and integrity. Her savvy business skills are partly brought about by her desire to serve others, to do good deeds and prosper. We knew women just like this, and we wanted to find a way for every woman to be recognized for who they are and for their hard work!

Thirty-One Gifts Home Business Opportunity

Here's how you can be a part of Thirty-One's family and help build a lifestyle that you've always dreamt of - being in business for yourself and still having time for yourself and your family :


Join in the fun by hosting a Thirty-One party! Our Hostesses get great deals and rewards: half-price items, discounts and even FREE products are just some of the benefits! Just gather your friends and family for a night of fun and shopping, and your Consultant will do the rest! She’ll even help you with your guest list - the more guests at your party, the better your rewards! There are so many creative ways to get together with friends, and if you love our products, so will all your gal pals!

Worried about getting everyone together in one place at the same time? Then our Party-to-Go is the best way for you to reap some great Hostess benefits! Our Party-to-Go comes with everything you need to take your Thirty-One party on the road. This handy collection includes a wide array of our products, cleverly packed in one of our most popular totes so you can take those orders and watch your Hostess Rewards grow!

Hostess Rewards Chart: Shows which level of sales

Our options don’t stop there! Another way to be a Thirty-One Hostess is by simply passing around a few catalogs for a “Thirty-One Catalog Party.” You can collect orders or give your friends your Consultant’s website address, and they can go online and place their orders directly.

Thirty-One Gifts Home Business Opportunity

Become a Thirty-One Consultant. Thousands of women have discovered life-changing opportunities with Thirty-One. They have found more than just a career — they have become part of a close network of sisters with a passion to celebrate, encourage and reward other women and themselves. Through the unlimited earning potential Thirty-One offers, we've heard stories of women being able to afford their child's surgery, pay off their homes, take amazing family vacations and uncover self-confidence they never knew they had. We provide you with all the tools and support you need to succeed, including top-notch marketing materials. We'll also give you products that practically sell themselves and the chance to earn fantastic incentive trips! If you want to meet new friends, find new ways to grow personally and enjoy financial rewards, why not think about becoming a Consultant?

Thirty-One Gifts Home Business Opportunity

Thirty-One's mission reflects our philosophy of celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women by offering quality products and more importantly, an exceptional business opportunity that will change their lives. We've had the privilege of seeing this mission play out through the years in countless individual lives of women who now have their own "Thirty-One Story". Many of our consultants and hostesses work full-time jobs and use their Thirty-One income to help pay for those extras that make like more rewarding like vacations, gifts and home improvement accessories. Many of our consultants came with a dream to be debt-free and through their work with Thirty-One, have paid off their houses and cars. Others have come to experience the lifeline that Thirty-One is to families in difficult economic times. Despite all the bad news we hear today, our Consultants are selling at record rates.

Thirty-One Gifts Home Business OpportunityOur stylish, affordable products are exclusive to Thirty-One. From our signature purses and totes to storage solutions that help organize your life, you'll find something to fit every personality and situation. Each season, we develop new products built on the idea that our products must be functional AND fashionable (and, of course, make great gifts!). We know you'll find something in our catalog just for you and so will your family and friends!

Partying with Thirty-One is just like the best shopping trip with your girlfriends – except you never need to leave home! Best of all, you're building a business for yourself doing what you love the most - shopping!

Thirty-One Gifts
231 Commerce Blvd
Johnstown, OH 43031
1-866-GIFTS31 (1-866-443-8731)
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