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Pet Supplies Plus
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Pet Supplies Plus Small Business Opportunity

More than half of all U.S. households have pets, and statistics show that their owners are spending more on them than ever before. The retail pet supply niche has been recorded as one of the most rapidly growing niches, with retail sales exceeding $53 billion in 2009 alone! You can enjoy a slice of this economic pie and be a part of the booming retail pet supply market by becoming a Pet Supplies Plus franchisee.

Pet Supplies “Plus” opened their first store in Redford, Michigan in 1988. We pioneered the concept of bringing “supermarket style” retailing to the Pet Supply category. As we have continued to grow over the past 20 years, we have remained true to our original concept: To create clean, attractive stores that offer pet owners great values, exceptional service, and a fun place to shop. Every year, more than 1.8 million dogs, cats and other pets visit Pet Supplies “Plus” with their owners.

With well over 240 stores in 23 states, and having been in franchising for 20 years, Pet Supplies Plus is recognized as the largest franchise specialty Pet Supply retailer in the nation. The Pet Supplies Plus business model lets our franchise partners become successful business owners in any market - from small markets with little or no competition to major markets with heavy competition. Bright, clean stores with helpful staff make shopping easy and enjoyable - for people and their pets. Customers find it a delight to shop in our compact, easy-to-nagivate stores packed with a wide selection of products and services.

Pet Supplies Plus Small Business OpportunityThe Pet Supplies "Plus" benefits :

Compact, efficient, customer-friendly stores. The average Pet Supplies Plus store ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 squre feet, which is roughly half the size of most "big box" competitors. Our stores are bight, clean, well lit with uncluttered aisles that make shopping a pleasant experience. It's because we pay attention to efficient use of space and cost efficiency that we're able to carry the same extensive item selection as other competitors. Deliveries by our efficient third party distribution system are made twice per week to most locations. This frequent delivery system means our franchisees enjoy a wide item selection minus the need to keep high inventory levels, and reduces the need for storage space that can be costly. Our smaller sized stores significantly reduce start-up costs, inventory, occupancy and other operational costs. Ultimately, all these cost savings lower the profit threshold, so you enjoy profits sooner than most other competitors. Most of our stores are located in shopping centers with other high-traffic, convenience oriented retailers. Due to our smaller store sizes and efficient business model, we are able to enter many secondary markets that may have little or no competition, but we effectively compete in major metro areas, as well.

Pet Supplies Plus Small Business OpportunityStrong buying power. Pet Supplies Plus leverages on the combined buying power of over 240 stores across the U.S. to get the best possible prices for our franchisees. Coupled with a low-overhead business model, Pet Supplies Plus gives our franchisees a definite edge over the big-box warehouse style competitors so they can compete effectively in any retail environment. PSP's experienced team of buyers works tirelessly to secure the best deals on the most popular products, so you can offer your customers a great value while still realizing a solid profit.

Staying on top of trends. Our buyers have their fingers constantly on the pulse of the specialty pet supply industry. No trend, fashion, innovation or development related to pets goes unnoticed. This means you can be assured that your Pet Supplies Plus store will be up to date with the latest and trendiest products.

Training and Support. As with any other business, experience in the pet retail industy helps, but we understand that not everyone has that experience, so Pet Supplies Plus provides an extensive training program for our franchise partners. You will be trained in all aspects of owning, running and growing your very own Pet Supplies Plus store. We stand behind our franchise partners with all of the support services programs you would expect from the nation’s largest specialty pet supply retailer. This includes :

  • Real Estate & Site Selection assistance
  • Store Design & Layout
  • Store Manager / Employee training programs
  • Buying and Merchandising
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • POS hosting and Item File Maintenance
  • Publicity and Community Relations
  • On-going Operational Support

Pet Supplies Plus Small Business OpportunityOur store owners come from all walks of life… doctors, lawyers, grocers, retired business people, entrepreneurs looking to open their first store, corporate executives… all looking to start their own business with a well respected company with a proven business model. Over 2/3 of our franchisees have grown their business by opening multiple Pet Supplies Plus locations, which speaks not only to their success at store level, but to their continued confidence in our franchise program. If you're ready to be your own boss, ready to build and enjoy owning your own business, then be part of the growing $53 Billion Pet Supply industry with America’s largest specialty pet supply retailer… Pet Supplies Plus.

Pet Supplies Plus
Toll Free: 866-477-7747 ext 199
Fax: 248-374-7900
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