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Sprayless Scratch Repair
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Sprayless Scratch Repair (SSR) is a unique, patented repair process that virtually erases scratches on any auto finish. The incredible SSR process takes only a few minutes and the results are permanent and guaranteed for 4 full years. In addition, SSR is convenient, because we come to wherever the car that needs servicing is located!

SSR Inc, has been providing automotive paint touch-up services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 18 years. We've built a reputation for quality finishes that dealership and retail customers rely on the SSR) system for expert repairs on chips, scratches and blemishes in their car's paint.

Sprayless Scratch Repair Small Business OpportunitySince 2001, Technicians, Dealership Managers and Entrepreneurs have counted on SSR's management team to provide reliable results for their individual endeavors. SSR's a team includes technical support and training personnel who are all seasoned field technicians who have years of experience solving problems on the fly. There aren't may situations that cannot be dealt with and resolved in their many years of deploying the SSR system. Our on-going R&D assures our clients of consistent quality, up-to-the-minute technology and premium paint products. We're commited to being a leader in our industry whilst providing the most innovative and technologically advanced paint touch-up solutions in the business.

Advantages of the SSR system :

Savings and profits. The SSR system is quick, convenient and cost effective. Standard repairs usually take anywhere from 20 minutes to under an hour depending on the complexity of the job. The table below is a comparison of alternative scratch repair methods with SSR. You'll notice that SSR is a quicker, more efficient and cost effective method of dealing with auto finish problems - to the customer and to YOU, as the SSR servicen technician. This translates to savings for the customer, and more jobs per day for you and that means more profits.

*Results are based on scratches and chips to a single panel.

Sprayless Scratch Repair Small Business OpportunityEnvironmentally friendly. Traditional spray scratch repair methods are messy, time consuming and unfriendly to the environment in the long run. However, quite the reverse is true for our SSR system - we offer a CertifiedPlus™ repair that is both environmentally responsible and permanent.

Easy to learn. The SSR system is easy to learn, easy to use and WILL provide you with an excellent income in a very short time. All that's required is a minimal investment and you'll have the opportunity to experience lightning fast returns and multiple service opportunities. Whatever your background or experience level in the paint touch-up business, we can teach you the complete process and the true art of paint touch-up. We'll teach you how to deploy our proprietary, patented paint touch-up process on just about any type of job to amaze your customers and make you money! When you're finished with the 2-day training, you'll be ready to start making money the very next day! All the tools you need will be in your pocket - literally!

Multiple revenue streams. SSR offers a highly incremental income stream for existing business owners as well as independent entrepreneurs. Since the SSR opportunity requires is so easy to start up, you'll be amazed at the revenue streams that are available to you immediately. Whether you choose to add the SSR system to your existing car-related business or you choose to operate as a part-time touch-up technician, you'll be making money.

  • A new revenue stream for automobile dealerships interested in reducing vendor costs. Let us show you how to add $100,000.00 a year to your bottom line.
  • A new revenue stream for existing after market car care professionals.
  • A tremendous start up business opportunity for independent operators earning a realistic income of $50,000 per year.

Sprayless Scratch Repair Small Business OpportunityIf you deal in cars, deliver cars, manage cars or simply help others ensure their vehicles look their best, SSR is for you :

  • Vehicle Logistics
  • Car Dealers, Car Auctions, and Car Supermarkets
  • Lease, Rental, and Fleet Management Companies
  • DeFleet Companies
  • Smart Repair and Preparation Companies
  • Body Shops
  • Valet and Hand Wash Companies
  • Independent Business Entrepreneurs

Our list of customers testimonies would be too long to publish, but here's what just 3 out of the many, many, many satisfied customers think :

  • "SSR is the touch-up King! I thought dent work came pretty easy to me, but SSR is a real no-brainer."
    Jim Sumner, Hampton Roads, VA

  • "I am able to repair more cars in a day than ever before because of the speed and ease of use I found with SSR. I've been working in the touch-up business for 10 years and only wish I'd found SSR sooner."
    Ed Robinson, Birmingham, AL

  • "I took out a home equity loan to become a State Distributor for SSR. It's been a year now and I don't have any regrets. I have been able to help people in our state make a real living and be the own boss."
    Bob Kornblum, Greenville, SC

The “SSR System” includes all the training and tools necessary for you to become part of the largest network of after market car care providers in the world in addition to being the only authorized paint repair process for CertifiedPlus, the leader in cosmetic appearance service contracts offered by automotive dealerships throughout the United States. Contact us now to find out how simple it is to become part of the multi-million dollar after market car care industry.

1620 E State Hwy 121 building C Suite 300
Lewisville, TX 75056
866-358-0SSR toll free
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