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Custom Incredibles
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Custom Incredibles Small Business OpportunityCustom Incredibles offers an interactive turnkey program for wedding, parties, proms, graduations and live events so that guests can build, personalize and print their own customized photos on-site in less than twenty seconds. We help you take your event up an exciting notch with our patent-pending program.

Before your event begins, our incredble hosts and hostesses set up at the venue or reception. During the event, one of our hosts will mingle and get tons of really juicy, cutesy and memorable pictures. These photos are automatically fed continuously into our touch screen stations all through the event. Guests can go to the touch-screen area and choose 4 of their favorite pictures which are then combined into a customized photo. They'll have the option of adding captions, personalizing messages and much more. Then, Presto! Out comes the fully customized photo prints on super fast commercial photo printers in twenty seconds tops! Our host then places the custom photo in a jazzy foldable picture frame, hand it to your guest and watch their faces light up as they delight in their self-customized photos! Guests also have the option of mixing and matching their custom photos and having a PDF copy emailed to them instantly so they can share it online with their family and friends.

Custom Incredibles Small Business OpportunityWhy should you start your own Custom Incredibles business?

  • You get to do something fun, unique and creative for your event.
  • You get to personalize memories and customized photos that last a lifetime
  • It's an easy turn-key service that's your guests will remember and talk about for years
  • You get to bring the ease and power of digital interactive technology to your event
  • Durable, high commercial-quality onsite printing
  • Eliminates the tedious, time-consuming task of organizing, printing, and mailing photos after the event
  • No worries about missing anyone anymore
  • Get all those candid pics on a CD after the event.

Custom Incredibles is the first company ever to offer a custom "build a photo" interactive program to the lucrative wedding and event industry. Opportunities are available worldwide for the right person who wants to get in at the ground level of an explosive business opportunity. You are the right person if you :

  • Are an event or wedding industry professional
  • Looking to get into the highly lucrative wedding and event industry
  • Looking for a creative, unique, fun and exciting career
  • Looking for a lucrative service to add on to your event-related business
  • Looking to increase your existing sales with the latest, greatest patent pending technology.

Custom Incredibles Small Business OpportunityEric Wurtenberg of Custom Incredibles says, "For someone that wants to own and market something truly unique, profitable, and where you actually enjoy what you’re doing and clients love you for it, this is the business opportunity for you. This is a real opportunity with serious patent-pending technology behind it, everything you need to be successful is provided in software, hardware, operational know-how and marketing."

With a variety of business opportunity packages and full training support in the U.S. and around the world, Custom Incredibles is a business that you can run part-time from home or full-time from a store or even as a revenue add-on for your current business. One thing for sure is that it is in a niche with unlimited growth potential.

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