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Le Gourmet Gift Baskets
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The Gift Basket business is a growing industry, rising in popularity because it is a business that offeres lucrative results. It's also a business that offers many opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their own home or small business. Gift baskets have evolved from the simple gift offered as a welcome gift to a neighbour or for a house warming to a globally favorite form of gift giving. It's also a practical alternative to flowers and other traditional gifts. Demand for gift baskets is fairly consistent year-round, with corporations, hospitals, realtors, physicians, attorneys and other professionals ordering personalized gifts for their clientele.

Le Gourmet Gift Baskets began as a small home-based business set up by Cynthia McKay in 1992 and has since expanded both internationally and within the USA with 410 operating distributorships. Le Gourmet Gift Baskets are a memorable and sophisticated gift guaranteed to impress any recepient. Our gift baskets are the perfect gift to help build and maintain client and employee relationships. Small Business Opportunities Magazine rates Le Gourmet Gift Baskets as one of the top 20 businesses that are successfully operating from home. The gift basket industry offers entrepreneurial people like you a secure profession and a profitable income.

Operating a Le Gourmet Distributorship is a truly cost effective business because we're dedicated to offering high quality products and ensuring each distributor is properly trained and educated in the current trends and techniques of the gift basket industry. We make it a priority to negotiate the best prices from wholesalers and licensees so that we can pass on the benefit of the lowest costs to you.

Le Gourmet Gift Basket, Inc. is dedicated to offering the highest quality products to our clients, and ensuring that each of our distributors are properly educated with the latest trends and techniques in the gift basket industry. Negotiating the best prices from wholesalers for our licensees is just one example of how Le Gourmet works to give our distributors access to the best deals and products. We take pride in each of our distributors and are committed to providing them with simple, yet effective resources to help them succeed.

Whether your looking to change careers, to spend more quality time with your children or to make extra cash, Le Gourmet is one of the simplest yet fun businesses you can own. The only physical requirements you need are a spare room and working table to assemble your baskets. We arrange for all your products to be purchased from wholesalers directly and delivered right to your front door. Le Gourmet Baskets also teaches you how to market flower and balloon arrangements for new car owners, pet owners and any other occasion. This business is YOURS and we'll help you develop your own style and market your business as you envision it, complete with a personalized name and logo. We'll help you choose marketing concepts that are suitable for your new company and work with you to make business decisions that best suit you, your family and your lifestyle.

Le Gourmet is the most recognized and acknowledged company of its kind in the world! Our success is your success. The publicity that we receive provides you with credibility, respect, reputation (and orders!). Here's just a small sample of the awards we've been privileged to receive :

  • Winner of the Association of Mothers Working at Home 2006 Opportunity of the Year
  • Voted Top Business to Buy: Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Start Your Own Business Magazine's Recommendation for the Top Business to Buy
  • Voted one of the top 250 business to buy in the U.S.: Home Business Magazine
  • Recipient of the Blue Chip Award: U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Mass Mutual
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Women’s Vision Foundation
  • Small Business Advocate of the Year: U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Trailblazer Award: American Association of University Women

Le Gourmet Gift Basket determines to be with you with you every step of the way when beginning and maintaining your distributorship. Our training program, recognized as one of the best, prepares you for your exciting new business with personalized instruction. This training is geared to get you up and running in no time. Your inventory will include only finest gourmet food and snack products, bath items and accessories and gifts designed by our group of nationally-recognized professionals. Full support 7-days a week is accessible to everyone, with Le Gourmet staff available to answer all your questions. We are here to help you succeed and reach your dream of finally being self-employed without the risk!

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