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Maid Brigade
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Maid Brigade Franchise OpportunityMaid Brigade is a leading residential cleaning service, operating over 400 franchise cleaning specialists in the United States and Canada. Since 1979, Maid Brigade has maintained its status as a leading brand in the residential cleaning service industry, controlling a robust and growing share of the cleaning market. We relocated our headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia in 1984, and began franchising our proven residential cleaning service and business model. We're proudt to say that since we've started, millions of consumers have selected Maid Brigade over the many other cleaning companies, and they continue to rely on Maid Brigade because they know that we consistently exceed their expectations to provide sparkling, clean homes coupled with superior customer service.

Maid Brigade has received special recognition from business brokers for the past six years. Our many accolades and awards speak volumes of our integrity and status as the leading brand in the residential cleaning industry :

  • Franchise4Vets selected Maid Brigade as one of the 50 Top Franchises for Veterans, as seen in USA Today, April 2010.
  • SUCCESS Magazine ranked us 13th for Franchisee Satisfaction among 200 top rated franchising opportunities
  • Entrepreneur has been ranking us in their "Top 500" franchises for over a decade. In 2010, Entrepreneur ranked Maid Brigade in the top 30% of ALL franchise offerings.
  • FranSurvey indicates in an independent survey that 90% of Maid Brigade franchisees rate the overall quality of Maid Brigade as very good or excellent.
  • The Franchise Ratings Guide ranked Maid Brigade as the Number One Residential Cleaning Franchise; and in the top 10% of all franchise opportunities.
  • The National Minority Franchising Initiative selects Maid Brigade as Top Fifty franchise for minorities.

Maid Brigade Franchise OpportunityWith more and more families depending on dual incomes, residential cleaning services are now considered a necessity, not a luxury. The Maid Brigade business opportunity comes at a time when the demand for residential cleaning services is at an all time high, and continues to rise rapidly. We're extremely upbeat about our future and with our online-ordering system making it easy for clients to make an order, we're definitely on the leading edge in the fastest growing segment of the stable home services industry. Coupled with the growing number of dual-income families that have little time for home cleaning, we're expecting unprecedented growth in the coming years.

Maid Brigade Franchise OpportunityThere are many factors that sets Maid Brigade apart from our competitors :

  • The only housecleaning company to be Green Clean Certified®. This means all our equipment and processes are certified by Green Seal for a safe, thorough cleaning. And since all our maids are trained and certified using this system, Maid Brigade is the industry leader in green cleaning.
  • Maid Brigade believes in professional home cleaning with a primary focus on "Customers For Life". Our franchisees are partners with a company that is acutely focused on the success and growth of its franchisees.
  • Maid Brigade offers the best opportunity in the industry, with choice market territories that start at 10,000 qualified homes. We're also able to tailor the market size to suit your needs.
  • One of the lowest franchise investments available today: With established systems and an ever-accelerating demand for residential cleaning, there are no limits to your success.
  • We believe that our franchisees succeed and help us maintain our position as the industry leader when we equip them with the right tools. That's why we continually develop and improve our exclusive Total Management Software to help our franchisees work smarter. Our software is a critical component of the daily business operation, used for team organization, client management, scheduling and payment processing.
  • Maid Brigade’s startup strategy focuses all of our systems toward helping you build your customer base and build equity in your new franchise, so you'll be up, running and profitable in a much shorter time.
  • Once you've started up, we provide the latest technological advancements and unparalleled support covering operations, business development and marketing.
  • Maid Brigade commands brand recognition - it's simply a brand the people trust.

Maid Brigade Franchise OpportunityWhen you look closer at Maid Brigade as a business opportunity, you'll see a business that has grown through all economic climates. You’ll see a company that supports its franchisees with smart, concise training, support and marketing.

  • It's a business you can build and then enjoy passive cash flow and a lot of free time.
  • Residential cleaning is a lifestyle business. This means it is a Monday thru Friday business, with no nights or weekends.
  • Exceptional ROI: It is low cost to acquire and very low cost to expand, when compared to other highly scalable businesses.
  • Maid Brigade is a perfect fit for franchisees looking for a low-risk, high-return business that lets you have a great lifestyle

Maid Brigade owners come from a variety of backgrounds, but they are all in it because they are looking to build equity in a business that can operate without their day-to-day involvement so they can enjoy more personal free time, drive a sizeable income from one office, and enjoy a cash business with no inventory and no receivables. Maid Brigade's franchisees, many of whom average over $1.5MM annually (with the largest operation exceeding $5MM in 2009), are the best testament of the organization's commitment and vision. If you're looking for success in a rock-solid industry, then Maid Brigade is definitely the best investment you could ever make.

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