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Sierra Judgment Recovery
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Sierra Judgment Recovery Small Business OpportunityEach and every day, civil judgments are being awarded in our courts of law, in an ever increasing tide of unpaid debt. Most people know this. However, what most people probably don't know is that out of the total judgments awarded in our court system, a staggering 79 percent are never paid. This works out to billions of dollars in uncollected judgments - because although there are powerful legal tools available to the holder of the judgment designed to enforce payment, the sad truth is that most people don't know how or where to begin.

A civil judgment entitles the winning party to use many powerful enforcement tools. Wages can be garnished (in most states), property can be taken and sold, bank accounts can be frozen and turned over, drivers' licenses can be suspended and much more. Many other enforcement remedies are available to the person who won the judgment to collect the money. Unfortunately, unless the judgment holder knows how to locate these assets, there is little they can do to collect. The result of all these hard-won legal battles is astonishing... Literally BILLIONS of dollars in unpaid civil debt, collecting dust - and interest - in someone's filing cabinet. The judgment holder can legally assign the judgment to someone else to enforce it for them. The person assigned the right to collect the judgment can then pursue the collection of the judgment as if it were their own. This is where the Judgment Recovery Specialist plays a valuable role.

Sierra Judgment Recovery Small Business OpportunityJudgment recovery is one of the most legitimate, solid business opportunities available today. It's not Multi-Level Marketing, network marketing or any other kind of 'get-rich-quick' scheme, as are so many of the opportunities we are bombarded with today. Judgment recovery is a valuable, much needed service in any community. There is truly little, or no competition anywhere! Why? Because this is an unheard of service industry in it's infancy - but soon it's going to explode!

This is the niche to fill before everyone else catches on to the vast amount of opportunity available at their local court house.

Civil judgments are assignable in ALL 50 states, as well as Canada, Australia, or any country who's laws are based on the Westminster Judicial System. Essentially, any country that has had anything to do with English settlement. The laws in such countries tend to be based on very generic and consistent methods for the enforcement of judgments. Judgments are valid for an average of ten years in most states, and they are typically renewable if they are renewed before they expire. After a couple of years have passed, the average person who has been unable to enforce their judgment will usually forget about it and go on with their life. This is money they have essentially written off.

Sierra Judgment Recovery Small Business OpportunitySierra Judgment Recovery will show you the most effective ways to contact these judgment holders; and how to obtain more of these judgments to collect than you can handle.

When the judgment holder receives our special letter from you informing them that you can enforce their judgment, without any up front fees coming out of their own pocket, they will be very excited about the prospect of receiving money from the useless piece of paper they've been holding. To them, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

And no, that wasn't a typo!

You can negotiate any percentage of the judgment to keep for yourself that you feel comfortable with, but most people have no problem with letting you keep 50% of what you collect for them.

Sierra Judgment Recovery Small Business OpportunityLet's look at an example. A judgment has been awarded two years ago for $5,257.00. The judgment holder assigns the judgment to you for enforcement. Figuring in post judgment interest at the rate of 10%, the judgment is now worth $6,308.40. You've been assigned to enforce the judgment keeping 50% of what you collect. Your portion for a few hours worth of work will be $3,154.20. Not bad!

We are not talking about standard collection methods here! A collection agency will send dozens of ineffective, annoying collection letters that may result in only a 15% collection ratio. After that, they tend to let the judgment fall by the wayside.

Like we said earlier, a judgment creditor has the legal right to seize bank accounts, garnish wages, and place liens on or seize personal property and force a sale. All of these procedures are carried out through the court system. If you choose not to, you will never even have to contact the debtor. All you have to do is occasionally have them served with legal documents through the mail.

Sierra Judgment Recovery Small Business OpportunityConsider the following :

  • If you were to send 100 solicitation letters to judgment holders, you'd likely end up with 30 to 35 judgments to collect : That's a lot!
  • Figure that out of those 30-35 cases, you'll likely be able to collect 50% - 60% of those judgments. This means you'd collect 15-17 judgments.
  • Let's assume the average judgment is $1,500. Further, you'll be keeping half of what you collect. That works out to be around $12,000 in gross income you'll keep for yourself.

Here's what that looks like in cold, hard numbers:

100 Solicitation Letters = 32 Judgments Assigned
Number of Judgment Collected = 16
$1,500 x 16 = $24,000
Amount You'll Keep (50%) = $12,000
Enforcement Costs = $640 (about $40 per judgment)
Net Income = $11,360

Training and SJR Membership Association includes:

  • Lifetime membership at no additional cost
  • Unlimited live telephone and email support
  • SJR National Member Network
  • SJR Member's Only Website
  • SJR Email Forum and Message Archive
  • Free SJR Certification
  • Complete step-by-step start up instruction
  • Comprehensive Marketing section
  • In-depth asset location techniques and resources
  • Extensive step-by-step enforcement procedures and techniques
  • Letters for every purpose, including proven marketing letters
  • Judgment assignment contracts and documents
  • State By State Civil Research Guide (state specific information)
  • Judgment Recovery Tools and Resources
  • Post Judgment Interest Calculator
  • Free online databases offering judgment leads
  • Links to courts and laws for every state
  • Terminology Section
  • Case studies
  • Cost: $155 for digital version; $185 for hard-copy version

Sierra Judgment Recovery will show you how you can earn a steady, reliable income from home! While it isn't likely that you'll get rich over night, a judgment recovery business can produce a substantial, reliable and steady income.

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