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Discount Party Stores
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Discount Party Stores Small Business OpportunityDiscount Party Store Developers helps to create business opportunities for entrepreneurs and potential first time business owners. We help you to open your own Discount Party Store - a specialty retail store that supplies every need for parties at a discount. With our stores ranging in size from 1,000 to 25,000 square feet, Discount Party Stores is THE destination for all party merchandise categories from Balloon Bouquets, Greeting Cards, Party Decoration, Gift Wrap, Paper and Plactic Tableware, Theme Party Supplies, Wedding and Bridal Supplies and more.

Our total comprehensive package covers every relevant aspect of opening, and successfully running a long-term retail business. Discount Party Stores Developers will help you to find a location for you new Discount Party Store, assist in the lease negotiation, perform the store design and layout, physical build out, and help you secure financing. We'll provide ongoing support right up to the opening of your store and every day after that. This includes supplying all your Discount Party Store merchandise, fixtures, equipment along with the work crew to open the store, and we do it quickly and professionally.

Discount Party Stores Small Business OpportunityQuality Merchandise Supplies Network. Discount Party Stores gets its merchandise through a vast network of suppliers. We're in constant contact with our suppliers, and visit them regularly to inspect new party store merchandise so that you get high value and quality products to sell. Our regular visitst to suppliers also assures us that we're one of the first to review hot, new merchandise. Once we identify the merchandise that we're interested in, we negotiate rock-bottom prices on behalf of our network. This means YOU get to enjoy the savings - which ultimately means you make more profits.

Solid Training and Support. Our training is designed to ensure that every new Discount Party Store owner is familiar with the many aspects of managing their store. We provide this training and support from before and continues well after your Discount Party Store's opening. Your trainer will be in contact with you, providing you with all the necessary support - including a full review of a comprehensive operations manual, and related materials designed to help you in your day-to-day store operations. Both classroom and onsite training are available to all our Discount Party Store owners.

Discount Party Stores Small Business OpportunityTop Quality Fixtures. We create the "Cadillac" of Discount Party Stores so that we make an incredible presentation and first impression to your customer base. From steel framed gondolas to beautiful cash counters and specialty fixtures, we believe in quality, durabililty and scalability. Our fixtures are designed to be used on higher priced goods so that they can be used for many, many years. We also give you an allowance for interior and exterior store signs. Our professional installers are assigned to your store to assemble and install all fixtures and the Point of Sale systems. As soon as the the set up is done, our work crew will stock merchandise and get your store ready for its opening.

Discount Party Stores is NOT a franchise. YOU are the owner of your own Discount Party Store and you have total control over every aspect of your business. Because we are not a franchise, there will be NO ongoing royalties or fees, but you will receive permanent long-term support and access to our purchasing network. Right from day one, you will have 100% control over all decisions regarding your store, including site location, store layout, timing of opening and merchandise.

Discount Party Stores Small Business OpportunityWe Are Experienced Retailers. We have owned and operated Discount Retail stores for many, many years and we understand every aspect of what it takes for store owners to be successful. We're experts in choosing the best merchandise for our stores, when to stock for seasonal trends and how to recruits and retain key employees among a countless number of topics. Since we're experienced and knowledgeable retailers, we understand completely, the daily demands of a retail business and we've incorporated our vast know-how into our program. You'll be working with a company that has REAL, first-hand retail experience and knows how to maximize your profits.

Since its launch, Discount Party Store Developers has assisted many entrepreneurs to open Discount Party Stores throughout the United States and continues to grow at a fast pace. Our current plans are to open discount retail stores each year throughout North America. We're banking on the dedication and knowledge of all involved from ground staff to storeowners to professional support and administrative staff at our headquarters. Our staff's superior dedication is at the heart of our success. Discount Party Store Developers offers you the best business opportunity to become a DISCOUNT PARTY STORE OWNER and BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

Discount Party Store Developers
5075 W. Diablo Dr. Ste. 200
Las Vegas, NV 89118
FAX: 1-702-382-8454
TEL: 1-702-382-8444
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