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DoodyCalls Franchise OpportunityPet owners in America love their furry friends so much that they spend a whopping $40 billion a year on them! It's that love that's driving one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S. and in the world. Statistics show that 40% of all American households have at least one dog. The percentage goes up to over 60% for households with annual incomes of over $55K. That's a lot of dogs (about 63 million, the last time we counted). And a lot of dogs produce a lot of pet waste!!

Those 63 million mutts, hounds, pooches and purebreds all have something "common" in common - they all receive AND answer nature's call, each and every day. If you can imagine 63 million dogs depositing a parcel (sometimes two) everyday, you can imagine what demand there is for DoodyCall's pet waste removal services. Pet owners love their pets. In their precious free time, they want to play and cuddle their dogs - not clean up after them. That's why they're more than thrilled to hand that task over to professionals like DoodyCalls.

DoodyCalls Franchise OpportunityHomeowners want their yards to be safe, clean places to relax and have fun in with their families and friends. Unfortunately, so does Rover... and when you consider that he's got a healthy appetite, you know what goes in must come out! And ALL dog (and pet) owners know that what gets cleaned up today only reappears again tomorrow. Simple biology makes pet waste removal the most reliably recurring franchise opportunity available today. That's why DoodyCalls' client retention rates are extremely high for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings. That's not all - regular cleanings usually lead to additional business in deck deodorizing, lawn brown-spot treatment and kitty litter services. DoodyCalls franchise owners know that they're building a strong, predictable and profitable business. Every new client eventually adds to their customer base and a healthy customer base means opportunity for revenue streams to grow.

DoodyCalls isn't just a business about removing pet-poop. We're a business with a vision. We pioneered this business in 2000, providing pet waste removal services to residential yards, apartment communities and home owner associations. Today, we are a nationally recognized - and respected - brand with a look that's as colorful and friendly as the staff providing its services. We strive to ALWAYS be the best by working with the best people. We believe that integrity should never be sacrificed at the expense of growth. We're steadily building a world class brand that's poised for global expansion. To help us reach our goal, we're looking for great franchise candidates to bring into our system to train and coach them to reach their fullest potential. DoodyCalls is a simple business backed by very sophisticated systems.

DoodyCalls Franchise OpportunityWe started DoodyCalls for a lot of reasons. One was the desire to work outside. Another was stress. We didn't want any! In pet waste removal, we found what we were looking for. This is a business with very few moving parts. It can be started from home, with very little in upfront costs. We love the simple concept of helping people by picking up what their dogs leave behind. And we do it better than anybody else.

  • Sales center – Our diligent, courteous phone representatives sign up new clients, resolve first-tier complaints and client issues, and transfer calls directly to you when appropriate. Messages can be easily accessed via email on our secure server. Relax, knowing you can be at your child's soccer game and still sign up new clients!

  • Routing/invoicing system – This system is used to schedule and route new clients, track client vacation requests and match clients with specific work crews. Automatically, it creates route lists, optimizes stops for each crew and even generates door-to-door driving directions for every route! At billing time, it produces the monthly invoices and is fully integrated with QuickBooks.

  • GPS tracking – You can monitor the locations of all your teams with GPS information that is archived on the system for 90 days. This handy feature lets you "go back."

  • DoodyCalls Franchise OpportunityWeb-based feedback – All great businesses systematically collect data from customers so that they can learn how to continuously improve. Our feedback system allows franchise owners to send their clients a comprehensive satisfaction survey on a quarterly basis. Clients use it to rate ten key items on a 1-to-5 scale. The system creates graphical performance reports that can be viewed online, or exported into other applications.

  • Intranet – Think of the DoodyCalls Intranet as the collective knowledge base of all our franchises. It contains a library of all our marketing, publicity and financial information - and the best practices that will take your business to the next level.

  • Communication – You may not consider communication to be a "system," but we do. In fact, it's probably the most important one we offer. Regular conference calls, ongoing coaching and monthly internal newsletters reinforce lessons learned and provide the fundamental support and motivation we've found to be critical to your success.

  • Marketing and public relations support – Start your pet franchise supported by a brand that's already running at full speed. We'll supply you with all the required marketing materials, truck wrap, company website, public relations and more. When people have already read about DoodyCalls in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe, or seen a report on ABC News, or heard about our service on the radio, think how much easier your job just got.

DoodyCalls Franchise OpportunityIf you're like most (ok, all) of the franchise owners we've carefully selected thus far, you can't wait to get started. You've been dreaming about being in charge of your own destiny, and that dream is finally about to become a reality. We love that drive, passion and energy! But before those lucky dog owners and apartment communities in your territory start to hear from you, we want to make sure you have the tools and training required to channel that passion into a laser beam of success. As a new member of the DoodyCalls team, you'll receive 30 hours of training on how to deliver our service, our unique philosophy, and all our systems and procedures. You'll learn the ins and outs, as well as the who's, the what's, the where's and when's of attracting and establishing a lucrative client base. You'll also gain valuable knowledge about:

  • Dog behavior
  • Business administration
  • Human resource issues
  • Preparing your PR launch and working with the media
  • Winning community contracts
  • Upselling and providing additional treatments

In other words, we'll make sure you are completely prepared and are ready to "hit the ground" running! DoodyCalls is a high energy business. We're looking for smart, dedicated entrepreneurs who are excited by new opportunities and who love marketing and team-building. Is that you? If so, take the first step towards your new future by joining the DoodyCalls family.

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