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Glass Doctor
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Glass Doctor Franchise OpportunityThe glass repair industry has consistently proven to be one of the most profitable types of repair businesses available. Millions of windows, doors and glass based items get broken or damaged everyday. Whenever there's a violent storm, you can bet that glass is going to be shattered. In tornado-affected areas, most common damages were broken windows dues to severe wind damage. Residential window repair is constantly in demand due to :

  • Storm and wind damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Dual-pane glass seal breakage
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Renovation

Glass Doctor Franchise OpportunityFor well over 30 years, Glass Doctor has been a leading name in helping entrepreneurs and glass professionals build strong and successful glass businesses. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and cutting edge systems - designed to help you start, sustain and grow your Glass Doctor business to accomplish your professional and business goals.

Glass Doctor are not only specialists in repairing glass for the housing industry but we also extend into auto glass repairs. This gives your business an added revenue stream. Moreover, glass repair is often covered by insurance, so customers are much more likely to need AND seek your services. Couple that with the fact that glass repair is not a common DIY project because of the specific skills, equipment and experience involved to get the job done properly, and you have a niche that is not only lucrative, but is NEVER affected by recession.

Glass is a unique material because it is actually a liquid rather than a solid. Different types of glass also cut and break differently. Cutting and finishing residential glass projects isn't difficult but it does require a repair shop with professional glass cutting and glass repair tools, a special truck for transporting large pieces of glass, and sometimes a crew of 2-4 people for broken glass removal and installation. Customers will usually order both the services and the glass supplies through your business.

Glass Doctor Franchise OpportunityYour daily tasks as a Glass Doctor will include:

  • Examining and assessing damaged glass or residential windows for new glass
  • Designing and suggesting solutions that meet the budget and needs of your customers
  • Careful measurements and accurate estimations for the repair job
  • Use of professional cutting tools and safety procedures for cutting and transporting glass
  • Preparation of the site, removal of old materials
  • Installation of new glass, including sealing and cleanup

Some fact about the Glass Doctor glass repair franchise:

  • Glass Doctor is the largest fully franchised residential, business and auto glass franchise company in the United States and Canada.
  • Service all types of automobiles, residential glass configurations and other glass services through hundreds of franchise locations throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Active participant in the VetFran Program.
  • Experts in specialty glass services that can help you expand your customer base. Glass doors, custom windows, storefronts, mirrors, shower and tub enclosures and more.

Glass Doctor Franchise OpportunityThere are many reasons to choose a Glass Doctor franchise:

  • Glass Doctor offers you access to vital knowledge you need to focus on the business side of your company. With a more in-depth knowledge of your operation, you'll be able to improve efficiency and performance.
  • Expand your services, increase profitability and enjoy a more streamlined business that allows you more time off and a better quality of life. See what Glass Doctor franchise Owners have to say about their experiences.
  • Discounts and rebates on everything you need to run your glass repair franchise. Insurance, vehicles, supplies, parts and more. Don't waste a penny on the supplies you need. With a large franchise network, we've negotiated great deals on supplies. The buying power of a national company at work for you.
  • The systems cover virtually every component of running a successful business. From service calls to marketing. Every part of the business has a system built to maximize results.
  • Build an appreciating asset with a Glass Doctor franchise. The systems and support give you a viable exit strategy when it’s time to retire. There's a program available to help you sell your business - visit the Resales Locations section to see if there is an existing Glass Doctor available in your area.

Glass Doctor Franchise OpportunityWhat’s included with a Glass Doctor franchise?

  • A Glass Doctor franchise combines all the benefits of a local business with the strength of a national brand name.
  • You get comprehensive training and ongoing franchise support whenever you need it. Your Glass Doctor Franchise Coach is always there.
  • Glass Doctor also provides full marketing support. Local and national marketing will make your Glass Doctor franchise the first choice for glass repair and replacement service in your market.
  • You won’t be on your own. You’ll be a part of one of the largest and most successful groups of entrepreneurs in North America. A Glass Doctor franchise puts you just a phone call or e-mail away from a fellow franchise owner who can help you with your business.
  • Regional and national training meetings are held frequently to give you a chance to sharpen some business or technical skills, catch up with other franchise owners and get away from the daily routine.

Research shows that customers are more likely to trust a company with a strong national name - like Glass Doctor. That's why consumers trust Glass Doctor with all of their glass repair and replacement needs. Your business will benefit from the instant brand recognition and consumer loyalty that comes with being part of an industry leading company.

Glass Doctor Franchise Information Request Form

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