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SimplyFun Small Business Opportunity

Imagine you're at a party filled with interesting, fun people. You're having a really great time playing games and sharing the finest range of family fun products. Best of all, while you're doing that, you're actually growing your business and making money for yourself! That's because you've discovered a fnancially rewarding way of balancing work, play, and family as you make a difference in peoples' lives and helping them discover play.

SimplyFun Small Business OpportunityAt SimplyFun, we help keep families connected as they have fun playing together! Children learn crucial academic, social and developmental skills through play. From the basic ABC's to saying please, playing helps children learn and make sense of their world. Play is critical in helping human connections to take root, to grow and to flourish as we share with each other and learn to connect with one another. However, despite all the "serious" social benefits of playing together, ultimately play is simply FUN! It lightens our load, relieves our stress and creates joyful memories where we can quickly revisit to help us through life's bad patches.

SimplyFun Small Business OpportunitySimplyFun consultants really do play for a living! Your "selling party" is really a party! Gather friends and family around, pull our a few SimplyFun board games and the next thing you know, everyone's having such fun playing and connecting that they'll be asking to buy your games and bring them home withthem. By offering award-winning entertainment products - games for children and adults, puzzles, puppets, crafts and more - they help to promote the importance of spending quality time together. Through our unique game-play party plan experience, folks get to experience each and every product and gauge their suitability for their own families. This is important because EVERY game that SimplyFun consultants promote is FUN through and through, so the toughest decision families have to make is finding the game or product that the find is the MOST fun!! In a global economy that's making it more difficult to find simple, practical entertainment options that offer more than just superficial and temporary value, SimplyFun meets that need! SimplyFun products also make great gifts and people continue to exchange gifts.

SimplyFun Small Business OpportunitySimplyFun is a really fun way to enjoy all the benefits of being your own boss, setting your own hours, doing something that you really love and can feel great about as you build an income stream for you and your family. It's a great way to connect with your own family and friends. Because SimplyFun is really fun and simple, you can have fun while you work part time ofr full time, knowing that whatever option you choose, you'll still receive the full support of the SimplyFun team of consultants who share ideas to make great parties, business tips, ongoing support and the feeling of being a family.

What makes SimplyFun unique?

  • No presentations to memorize - we simply play games with the hosts and guests
  • Award-winning products that can be played in 30 minutes or less and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No inventory to carry
  • No quotas (minimums)
  • No website fees or credit card processing fees - company paid
  • No delivering orders - orders ship directly to the hosts
  • No market saturation - SimplyFun is 4 years old and no other company offers entertainment products
  • Generous Host Rewards program entirely company paid - host your own party and get free product, plus a profit!
  • Low start-up cost ($169) - contains 14 products to use and display at your parties, plus business and training supplies; Contact me to learn about the half-price starter kit special this month!
  • Great compensation plan - start at a 25% cash profit (approx. $100 per party) and earn up to 40% (approx. $160 per party), plus bonuses!
  • Great training and support
  • Generous Fast Start Program - earn over $250 in free merchandise in your first 30 days
  • Earn amazing trips for you and a guest!

SimplyFun Small Business OpportunitySimplyFun IS easy and it IS fun! But we know that you have questions in your mind so here's a sampling of our FAQ :

What do I have to do?
We do home parties where we actually get hands on experience playing games. We also have a presentation for MOPS groups and do fundraisers and game nights.

I've never considered myself a "salesperson." Can I be good at this?
We believe in relationships, not hard sell tactics. If you like having fun and sharing SimplyFun products with friends and family, you've got everything you need for SimplyFun success. The simplicity and fun of our products, the lack of sales pressure, and a passion for our mission are the main reasons many of our customers decide to start a SimplyFun business. Brand new Funsters feel comfortable and ready to succeed right from the start.

How do I get started?
Easy! Call your SimplyFun Consultant or sign up online. We'll send the SimplyFun Starter Kit for just $99 that includes training tools, business supplies, and products for your first demonstrations. Your Sponsor and the SimplyFun Home Office will help you get started and on the path to success.

How much can I expect to earn?
It's entirely up to you. As an independent Consultant, you'll earn 25-40% commission on your own sales as well as additional bonuses on the sales of other Consultants you sponsor. Some of our Consultants decide to sell just enough to get their SimplyFun products at a discount, while SimplyFun leaders can make significant and meaningful incomes.

I've heard about rewards for a "Fast Start"... what's that all about?
When you get off and running in your first 30 days of your SimplyFun business, you'll receive bonus awards and cash from us. It's called our Fast Start Challenge. How does $210 in free SimplyFun products grab you? Or perhaps an extra 5% cash bonus on all your sales?

What support will I receive?
Your success is our number one goal! As a Funster, you'll enjoy a wealth of written and online step-by-step training resources to help you succeed. We provide an arm-around-the-shoulder approach to personal support and coaching from both your upline sponsor and the SimplyFun Home Office. And of course, it's such a boost to join with other Funsters on weekly training calls and regional and national in-person meetings.

How much time does it take?
Who's the Boss? You ARE! That means you get to set your own schedule and work as many (or as few) hours as you choose.

Like we said, SimplyFun IS easy and it IS FUN!!! Envision the smiles on their faces and hear the laughter in the air as you play together. Confidence is instilled, cognitive skills are enhanced, love reinforced and lifelong memories created - a wonderful family legacy! Join our unique family of consultants and help people get and stay connected through face-to-face play. Get started today - What do you have to lose?

SimplyFun Consultant Signup Page

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