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Fruitfull Franchise OpportunityA Fruitfull® franchise is primarily a wholesale distribution business. Fruitful frozen fruit bar and other high quality products are distributed in over 39 states, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapre and the U.K. by Happy & Healthy Products, Inc. As a Happy & Healthy distributor, you will market through wholesale accounts, placing Fruitfull® freezers packed with Fruitfull® and other delicious Happy & Healthy products in :

* Hospitals
* Health Clubs
* Schools
* Corporate cafeterias
* Recreational centers
* Corner stores, ethnic markets, and more...

Fruitfull Franchise OpportunityBecause of the high demand for Fruitfull® products, we're on the lookout for individuals who desire to become Fruitfull® health food franchise distributors.

Fruitfull® franchise owners have discovered that this is more than just a business or a way to earn extra income. It's a great way to add-on to your current business and a fantastic way for couples to do and work together part-time or full-time while raising their families. In fact, we believe this is a wholesome family oriented business that you kids can also get involved with. As you run your Fruitfull® distribution business, you and your kids will be learning about the distribution business, networking with people, learning to negotiate, and learning to run and grow a business.

Fruitfull Franchise OpportunityThere is a low initial investment to open and outfit your Fruitfull® franchise and this includes a one-time franchise fee. However, once you're up and running, there are NO royalty fees and NO store to watch. Unlike most other businesses where the work slowly creeps up and changes your lifestyle, a Fruitfull® distribution business is one you can mold to your lifestyle - part-time, full-time, with your family.

As a Happy & Healthy products franchisee, you won't be sitting behind a desk and constantly being told what to do while under the constant watch of your boss. That's because YOU are the boss. It's a business that people love because it affords them so much more time to be with their families. A Fruitfull® distribution business is one that can be run from your home, rather than having it run your home! You build the business by adding accounts (schools, stores, cafeterias for example) and you service these accounts by driving to the cold storage facility, picking up your products and then delivering them once a week to your accounts' locations. As you run your Fruitfull® distribution business, you can also increase your sales by selling Fruitfull® yourself at retail events (such as fairs and festivals) that go on all through the year.

Fruitfull Franchise OpportunityA Fruitfull® distribution business offer you more great benefits :

A business you can work from home. The vast majority of our current franchisees work from their homes. It's one of the best things about our business. You can put in as little or as much time as you want, to adapt to your schedule. This is a business where you basically "get out of it what you put into it". This is a great business opportunity for work at home moms or retired folks.

Use your own car. Most of our franchisees start delivering products using their existing family vehicle, but if you work at it, you might just find yourself having the good problem of NOT having a big enough vehicle, as many of our franchisees do. Gradually, they find themselves growing their business up to a point where they need larger delivery vehicles.

No sales experience necessary. Your initial business is on us. Many of our franchisees have little or no sales experience. Thus, we send our own marketing consultants to train you. What's more, they physically go out and set up your initial locations (15-30 minimum to start). At the same time, they teach you how to get your own locations, so you will have the ability to expand your business on your own. They do not leave until at least the minimum number of locations are signed, and you are completely satisfied with your new accounts.

This is not a seasonal business. You might think so, but in reality, it is a year-round business that is busier during the summer months with the frozen products. Then, during the winter months, sales of the Be Happy & Healthy™ snacks kick into high gear. In fact, year after year, many of H&H's top producers have been from cold climate states.

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