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Bath Fizzies
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Bath Fizzies Small Business OpportunityLife's tough. In today's rush-rush world, 8 out of 10 people come home from work physically and mentally drained. And one of the best ways to get refreshed is a long hot bath - made even better with a little pampering touch of a bath fizzy!

Bath fizziess (they're also called bath bombs) are fun, fizzy, bubbly, effervescent and aromatic balls made of compressed ingredients that slowly dissolve in the warmth of a bath tub filled with water. When you pop a bath fizzy into your bath tub, even ordinary baths transform into moments of tranquility and spa-like relaxation. Delicate bubbles, soothing oils, enchanting fragrances and even beautiful flower petals dissolve into your bath and pamper your body as they stimulate your senses.

Bath Fizzies Small Business OpportunityWhen you see bath fizzies on the shelves in stores, you think that there's a difficult and costly process involved in making them. But the truth is, bath fizzies are easy to make and best of all, they cost very little to produce. In fact, they're easy enough to make that with our Bath Bomb Business Package, you can be your own boss making bath bombs and selling them for a handsome profit.

The key to our system is the Patent-Pending B-3 Bomber bath fizzy making machine. It's an air-owered, easy to use and fast machine that makes bath bombs. In fact, it's the first and only powered bath bomb machine available for sale in the world.

Our Bath Bomb Business Package comes with all the key items you need to get started making bath bombs right away. Included in this package is our Bath Bomb Business Guide that comprises how-to sections that teach you everything you need to know step by step, sales and packaging ideas, marketing tips and business strategies to help you start up and get your bath bomb business up and running. There's a Bath Bomb Business Package for interested entrepreneurs in the USA and around the world.

Bath Fizzies Small Business OpportunityWith the growing international demand for bath bombs, enterprising individuals have started making and marketing their own brands of bath bombs. And they're making a nice profit doing something that's easy and fun! We're so confident of our Bath Bomb Business Package and the B-3 Bomber that we're sure beginners can learn to mold bath fizzies at a rate of up to 200 per hour. With an assistant (or assistants) helping you, anywhere up to 450 bath fizzies per hour is possible. Just do the math - even if you take it real easy and have fun making 200 bath fizzies per week that you sell for $2.50 profit each, then you've earned yourself $500 per week! How does that sound? Is that a worthwhile use of your time?

As you market your products and they become known, you'll find repeat business and new demand will increase. That's when you'll be glad our B-3 Bomber can handle the load and let you make more than 200 per week. Production is nearly limitless, fast and easy with Patent-Pending machine. Due to the low entry cost of our system, you'll be able to earn back your investment within the first 500 to 1000 bath fizzies that you sell.

If you :

  • are creative, enjoy talking with people and sharing fun and enjoyable things
  • are you motivated to make a better life for yourself and help others by creating quality and enjoyable products
  • have a kitchen, dining room, or a garage you can use occasionally to make bath bombs
  • have a kitchen food mixer like a Kitchen Aide mixer (or access to one)? A standard 4.5 quart one is large enough to begin with although a larger mixer will allow faster production.
  • are willing to learn something new and create a business with your name and your own unique products
  • have thoughts of being your own boss, and the captain of your own future

then our Bath Bomb Business Package with our Patent-Pending B-3 Bomber Machine is for you! Profits are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Radial Enterprises LLC
PO BOx 1421
Burlington WA 98233
Tel : 425-780-7065
Visit their website

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