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InjectASeal Small Business OpportunityInjectASeal™ goes from a shaving cream like foam to flow and seal around pipes, electrical penetrations, hollow gaps and any crevasses to completely fill the cavity. Once cures, InjectASeal™ becomes a solid. With a wide range of applications, InjectASeal™ can (and IS) used in virtually any structure. It can be used in older homes with little or not insulation where the wall may be partially filled with ineffective insulation. Eliminating air in filtration is one of the most critical aspects to having a properly insulated home. That's what InjectASeal™ does, sealing gaps and holes in sheathing which is common place in construction.

As building expand and contract with environmental temperature changes, insulation materials need to remain flexible so that air seal is maintained. If the insulation is too rigid, cracks can easily develop and cause it to lose it's air sealing properties. Traditional insulation materials lke batts and loose-fill cellulose slip, sag or settle to leave uninsulated gaps. Nothing insulates like InjectASeal™ Foam, which offers these very attractive benefits:

  • Reduces energy bills by as much as 50%!
  • Versatile enough to be used in any structure, new or existing
  • Usually installs in one day
  • Mixed fresh on the job site
  • Flexible enough to reach into areas that other insulations can’t, filling wall cavities and flowing around pipes and outlets with what sets up as a spongy, marshmallow-like substance that creates a tight seal
  • Higher R-value than all other retrofit insulation products
  • Application is non-invasive; homeowners are not disturbed at all during installation, as all work can be performed from the outside
    Safe, non-toxic and contains NO VOCs or CFCs
  • Class 1/A fire rating
  • Does not settle or break down
  • Repels moisture, mold, mildew and vermin
  • Extremely cost competitive when compared to any other insulation options
  • Dramatically reduces noise

InjectASeal Small Business OpportunityOur green business opportunity saves your customers up to 50% on their energy bills! Start your own business or enhance the one you already have re-insulating and/or retrofitting existing homes, as well as insulating new ones using InjectASeal™’s incredibly versatile and cost-competitive polymeric, injectable foam insulation!

Statistics reveal that millions of American homes are either un-insultated or under-insulated. Recent government tax incentives are driving demand for insulation services through the roof! As the demand for cost-effective insulation for new home and building construction grows, InjectASeal™ is perfectly poised to take advantage of an exploding industry that's truly in its infancy. InjectASeal™ is the right opportunity at the right time.

Listed below is a sampling of projects completed with InjectASeal Foam Insulation.

Grocery Stores

* Food City
* Food Lion
* Wal-Mart
* Kroger
* Gordon Food Service

Food Establishments

*Bone Fish
*Golden Corral
*Pizza Wholesale
*Pilot Food Mart




Retail Chain Stores

*Rack Room Shoes
*TJ Maxx
*Old Navy
*Home Depot
*Advance Auto
*Verizon Wireless
*Cingular Wireless
*Tractor Supply

InjectASeal Small Business OpportunityWith well over 30 years of experience under our belt, InjectASeal™ is continuously outpacing the competition and sees nothing but growth ahead. We're the most established company of its kind in the business today, providing only the highest quality equipment and products as well as unmatched technical support to our dealers. We offer a variety of dealership options that you can choose, from the option for you to assemble and build your own rig to a number of "turnkey" packages. There's a package that's just right for you. Each package includes :

  • The equipment, tools and components you’ll need to start your business.
  • Full training and start-up, as well as ongoing support (If you have a basic knowledge of and comfort level with hand/power tools, we can train you to do the rest!)
  • A territory within your desired radius of operation
  • The rights to sell and market InjectASeal™ products within your territory
  • Two days of hands-on, on-site training
  • Marketing and sales support, including assistance in bidding on jobs, website design/maintenance and lead generation
  • Ongoing technical support, including classroom training opportunities
  • Participation in our referral program
  • Initial sets of four InjectASeal™ products
  • Dealer certification by our Grand River, KY-based factory
  • Financial assistance and/or leasing options are available for the right candidate.

InjectASeal Small Business OpportunityIf you’re looking for a profitable, high-demand business of your own, working with a company that will support you all the way, you’ve found it. We promise you that when you become an InjectASeal™ independent dealer, you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself!

Main Office
701 Dover Road
Grand Rivers, KY 42045
PH: 1-877-735-FOAM (3626)
Visit their website

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