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SCM Engravers
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SCM Engravers Small Business OpportunityWith more people acquiring the taste for the finer things in life, the demand for personalized custom engraving is growing at a tremendous pace. What was once a skill limited to talented creative artists and craftsment, has now become easily accessible with the SCM engraving system. The SCM engraving system enables almost anyone to produce eloborately engraved custom designs comparable to the work of the finest engravers. If you're an artist, it will enhance your skills, but witht he SCM system, the only talent you'll need to produce truly remarkable engravings is the ability to trace a line. The SCM system is a product of extensive research and development, incorporating cutting edge technological innovations into a truly revolotionary portable engraving system. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, it's still affordable and available to you for much less than competitive systems. Plus, it's fun and easy to use. The SCM engraving system's potential for success is limited only by your own imagination.

SCM Engravers Small Business OpportunitySCM Systems provides high speed, glass etching, engraving and sandblasting tools that you can use to start up your very own engraving business. Our tools enable you to engrave and etch on almost any surface - glass, wood, metal, stone, ceramic, antler and eggs (emu, goose, ostrich, reah etc.). It's as easy a tracing a line. You don't need any artistic abilities to be able to use the SCM systems to create detailed engraving, glass etchings and relief carvings.

More people are buying personalized engravings - both for decorative purposes and to protect valuables with indentification. They add names, initials, company logos, custom designs and more to all kinds of items - from glassware and gifts to trophies and awards to tools and toys. However, when you begin marketing your engraving services, you'll probably want to choose a target market and select areas to specialize in to match your personal style. Then, as you grow more skillful and experienced, you can expand into new, more diverse markets. You don't need to worry about whether the SCM engraving system can keep up with your expanding business, because our satisfied clientele can attest to the fact that the SCM engraving system is flexible enough to meet any style or demand.

What makes the SCM Engraving System a truly great system :

Easy To Use. So you're asking, "I'm not an artist. Can I really do this?" It doesn't matter if you can't draw - if you can trace a line or use a pen, you'll be ablue to create beautiful personalized engraved items with the SCM Systems. Well over 20 years of experience and knowledge has taught us what works and what doesn't in sandcarving and high speed engraving. SCM Systems' equipment, stencils and supplies are specifically designed to be easy to use so that even people who cannot draw stick figures will be able to create beautiful works of art. Yes, that's right - you will be able to create laser precision detail images on almost any medium - stone, glass, metal, tile, eggshell, wood and many more.

Complete DVD Training Program. SCM has created an extensive DVD training program for all its users, taking you through every tip and trick of our trade. Starting with detailed instructions on how to set up your equipment to use it, SCM's extensive training DVDs will guide you through every step of the way, from how to create deep carvings in river rock to fine etches on a Champaign flute. We'll teach you the beautiful art of multi-stage carving deeply into glass and how you can do portable with your SCM engraving system. We share a truly wide range of techniques so you will be a successful engraver in our unique training DVDs. The training will walk you through where to place your system, the proper setting needed to how to etch into glass, stone, wood and metal. You'll also learn your to add color to your work for display or outdoor projects and how to finish off your project for presentation to your customer. Our DVDs give you a complete training program consisting of hours of valuable training instructions - a definite must!

A System To Suit Any Need. SCM has many varieties of tools and systems in these broad categories :

  • Engraving Systems
    If you like working with your hands the engraver is for you. You can etch glass, relief carve wood, engrave any metal, carve eggshells, antler and much more. The amazing 400,000 RPMs that SCM's engravers revolve at enable you to have total control. There is NO vibration. SCM makes engraving even easier with it's stencils so you really do not have to be an artist.

  • Jet Stream Systems
    The Jet Stream Blasters produce laser precision results on almost any hard surface. You will be able to deeply carve into any type of stone, produce multi-stage etching into glass, and mass produce personalized products like mugs, wine bottles, mirrors and more. The Jet Stream Blasters are also portable, so you will be able to do automobile windows, large subdivision signs, fund raising brick walls, door entry ways and pet memorials. The unique photo image stencils allow you to etch any name, logo, design or even photos into any hard surface in minutes with perfect results!

  • Classic Combination Systems
    This will give you ability to produce almost any project that comes your way. These systems combine the best of both the 400XS Engraver and Jet Stream Blaster. You will be able to handle mass production as well as creating that one-of-a-kind

SCM Engravers Small Business OpportunitySuperb Customer Service and Marketing Support. As you start your very own engraving business with SCM, you'll have all the support you'll need to help you succeed. From step-by-step training videos and easy-to-read manuals, to booklets on starting your own business and marketing techniques, our comprehensive videos will equip you with all you need to ensure your success. Among the many, many ways to start promoting your SCM engraving business include :

  • Display your services at trade shows: auto, sport, gun, glass, and home shows, to mention a few.
  • Contract a local mall, set up a booth on a Saturday and display a variety of samples - and be ready to engrave shoppers' jewelry, glassware and other Wood Carving purchases.
  • Set up demonstrations in local stores and meet all kinds of customers.
  • Let area businesses know you can engrave ID on their electronic equipment, tools and machines.
  • Run ads in the local newspapers and yellow pages, offering to help people protect their cars and valuables by engraved identification.
  • Advertise in specialty magazines devoted to cars, boats, weddings, and other markets.

SCM will help with more suggestions, but you'll probably create many ideas of your own to get your business off the ground. We have suggested pricing guides and special in-house training programs, newsletters and catalogs. In addition, we also have a unique dealership program that pays commissions for introducing others to SCM. Add to that toll-free telephone support at your fingertips to answer your questions - technical, marketing, pricing, you name it and you'll soon realize that starting your own business with SCM is not a one-time purchase, it's the beginning of a long term, mutually beneficial relationship on the road to success.

If you can trace, you can start your own engraving business with the SCM engraving systems. Think about it - if you'd love to start your own business and work from home, SCM offers you a golden and affordable opportunity to launch a business and career that's both enjoyable and profitable.

SCM Systems Inc.
N64 W19760 Mill rd.
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
TOLL FREE. 1-800-755-0261.
Visit their website

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