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Dr Glass
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Reminder : Listing on our business opportunity index DOES NOT imply endorsement by PositiveMoneyIdeas.com. You are advised to practice due diligence before entering into any business and/or financial dealings with any business opportunity provider.

Dr Glass Window Washing Business OpportunityDr. Glass Window Washing offers a comprehensive turn-key system for developing your own residential window-washing business. It's a remarkably low cost start-up in a largely untapped market. We are the LEADING residential window-cleaning company in the US, with meteoric growth since the late 90s. The work we do offering a viable and affordable small-business start-up has been featured on CNN, CBS, NBC, & FOX as well as in USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, the cover story in Home Business Journal, and twice in Kiplinger's, among many others.

For the past decade, Dr. Glass Window Washing has helped start more than 500 businesses around the world. Our system allows each proprietor, making an incredibly modest investment, to earn a good living as a home-based business owner/operator. Working with us, a minister, a concert bassoonist, a food service manager, a travel industry director, an industrial management consultant, and an architect (among so many others) are now running successful residential window-washing businesses (some full-time, some part-time).

Dr Glass Window Washing Business OpportunityStarting a window-cleaning business is not pie-in-the-sky stuff where you can instantly make incredible money doing next to nothing. Window washing is hard work and running a business requires discipline and commitment. The good news, though, is that a window-washing business is not "all or nothing". Most other business start-ups require paying employees, committing to business rent, and raising and putting at risk a large pot of start-up money for equipment and inventory. And after taking this financial risk, 90% of all new business owners fail. But starting a window washing business, you really can't lose money. Even with part-time attention you can't help but turn your business, over time, into a money-making machine. You can always pick up window-washing jobs.

With the Dr. Glass Window Washing franchise you take advantage of our Biz-In-A-Box system plus many other benefits including:

  • Paid training - work with us as a sub-contractor to "learn the ropes" first-hand at $15/hour (raisedover the first few months to $20 and then $25/hr) so you can start generating income immediately while you build your franchise, over time. Typically you would work with us for pay 2 or 3 days per week in your first months as you start to build your franchise.
  • Use of the Dr. Glass Window Washing brand name and logo (the world's most famous window-washing brand,nationally recognized for excellence - really! You get to be "Dr. Glass"!
  • Exclusive window-washing territory. You become "Dr. Glass Window Washing of Alexandria".
  • Ongoing interaction with & support from the corporate office. We're there when you need us to help you develop your business - guiding you to success.
  • Extensive marketing development - we design and place all your marketing for you (yellow pages, web, newspaper, flyers, cards, promo-materials, mailings).
  • Share in our prestigious national media attention. (It's great in your promo-materials!)
  • We give on-going direction and support to help you keep your customers year-after-year and in growing your business over time.

Dr Glass Window Washing Business OpportunityAre You a Good Fit for Dr. Glass Window Washing Inc.?

  • Information on the market and the industry.
  • Everything you need in terms of statistics and operating numbers to convince restaurants to sign up and give you the necessary discount.
  • How to set up your operation.
  • Where to buy hot boxes, communication, and any other supplies you will need to operate.
  • How to set up your bookkeeping records.
  • Alternative contracts to use with restaurants and drivers that are easy to understand and not intimidating.
  • How to handle anticipated problems that may arise in any aspect of the business.
  • How to get menu guides distributed and what that should cost.
  • Access to a web-based software package for online ordering.
  • In short, everything you'll need to make your business a success!

Dr Glass Window Washing Business OpportunityInitial Costs:
The franchise fee for a Dr. Glass Window Washing franchise is between $3,000 and $6,000 depending upon which state your territory is located in and the size and previous development of each particular territory. There is also an on-going royalty on your gross window-washing income typically between 9% and 12% (depending on territory). After the first number of months, we require a minimum weekly royalty (paid weekly by automatic bank transfer) of between $100 and $400 per week. (This applies only during the window-washing season.) You are required to submit weekly job reports and bi-weekly copies of your database.

Your initial investment for window-washing gear and ladders can be as low as $1,000 to get started on a tight budget, and as high as $2,000 to fully capitalize your business. Of course you will need a reliable car, van or pick-up, a laptop, and a good cell phone. (We find that answering your phone at all times is key to getting lots of work!)

This is important - starting at about $850 for basic workman's compensation insurance (varying considerably by state). You will have to pay considerably more, over the course of the year, based on the size of your payroll. You also need liability insurance that costs about $850/year (varying by state) - in some instances you can be added to our corporate insurance, at first, to minimize your upfront costs.

A reasonable annual advertising investment would be around $8,000/year assuming you want an in-column Yellow Pages ad (paid over the course of the year), a listing in the local paper's service directory or a small display advert (also paid over time), plus a 10,000 flyers and some yard signs. Throw in a college-school student to help you distribute flyers. As your business grows and your database becomes filled with happy-repeat customers, you might choose to lower these marketing costs.

Maryland Corporate Office
Tel : 301-588-0029
Visit their website

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