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Abrakadoodle Small Business OpportunityAbrakadoodle Art Education is proud to bring its superb art education program to all children globally through our franchise opportunities. Creative art education is no longer considered a luxury, but a critical component of educating children from every society and culture. Our children live in a world where they need creative thinking, practical probel solving skills, imagination and the abillity to understand and appreciate a variety of perspectives for school and workplace success. These are skills that Abrakadoodle Creative Arts Programs aim to instill and develop in children.

Abrakadoodle is a truly remarkable, innovative art education program for young kids from ages 2 to 12, developed by noted educator Mary Rogers and artist/author Lori Schue. Abrakadoodle's distinctive program brings together imaginative learning routines utilizing top quality Crayola™ products. Abrakadoodle is a home-managed company, which permits us to hold the entry and ongoing costs low. Programs are offered at colleges, community centers and other many other convenient areas.

Abrakadoodle Small Business OpportunityAbrakadoodle gives you the opportunity to develop our award-winning Arts and Creativity Education Franchise program in your own community. Our US business model bases its operation through Abrakadoodle Mobile Art Education Program for Kids, where franchisees contract with schools, community centers, early childhood centers, universities and educational organizations to offer Abrakadoodle classes, camps and special events. As an Abrakadoodle franchisee, you will also have the opportunity to work with private and charter schools to provide Abrakadoodle programs as an integral part of the school's academic programming. One of the many exciting tasks you will experience as an Abrakadoodle franchisee is to train and develop a term of enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers to facilitate Abrakadoodle services in your community. Most importantly, you will be building a business to support your own personal goals while helping children learn and grow!

Abrakadoodle Small Business OpportunityAbrakadoodle a great choice as your first business because of many reasons :

  • We're now in an age where parents are increasingly aware of the importance of creative education for youngsters.
  • Owing to budget cuts, colleges are reducing or eliminating arts education programs. In actual fact, virtually 50 percent of general public colleges do not possess a full-time visible arts instructor.
  • Parents recognize the value of arts education and seek out out programs for their youngsters.
  • Schools and early younger years education centers are seeking to give a competitive edge to their kids.
  • Creativity is critical skill for success in both college and the workplace.
  • Young children, parents and college officials have realized that Abrakadoodle programs are distinctive, enjoyable, informational and creative!

Not only does Abrakadoodle offer an award-winning program for children, with Abrakadoodle you also have these benefits:

  • The Abrakadoodle Business Development training and on-going business support program,
  • Robust technology systems that track customers, classes, revenues and provide 24/7 online registration,
  • A proven marketing program that helps you to attract and keep customers,
  • A multiple revenue business model that enables you to offering programming to meet your communities needs including classes, camps, special events and out-sourced education services,
  • An educator-backed, amazing curriculum that covers all areas of art and creativity education including painting, sculpture, drawings and more through over 1500 lessons,
  • The experience of a skilled management team who has developed children’s education programs in more than a dozen countries delivering educational programs to nearly two million children,
  • The ability to work with a forward-thinking, creative organization, and
  • Most important – the opportunity to help children learn, grow and develop their skills, imaginations and unique styles of creativity.

Abrakadoodle Small Business OpportunityAs an Abrakadoodle franchise business owner, you will enjoy many tasks and responsibilities that are part of owning and growing your own business :

  • Working with people
  • Following a system
  • Staffing, training and supervising
  • Working to provide the highest quality education
  • Conducting presentations
  • Interfacing with schools, parents and children
  • Marketing your services
  • Handling business administration
  • Building customer relationships
  • Juggling multiple tasks
  • Building community involvement
  • Networking, and more

Owning a business takes hards work, commitment and dedication. So we're looking for people who are ready to commit personally, financially and emotionally to building a business for yourself. In exchange for your commitment to the Abrakadoodle family, we provide you with excellent tools, programs, business support, partnerships, training and more to put success within your grasp. We believe that our partners should be in business for themselves, but never BY themselves. So Abrakadoodle walks beside you all the way - from your first baby steps right up to your successful leaps and bounds.

1800 Robert Fulton Drive Suite 205
Reston Virginia 20191
Phone: 703.860.6570
Fax: 703.860.6574

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