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GoWaiter Franchise OpportunityPizza Delivery again? Chinese, Take Out? Fast Food? How about trying something fresh and new? GoWaiter delivers food, hot, fresh and most importantly, tasty right from your favorite restaurants. With GoWaiter, you don't have to limit yourself to just Pizza or Chinese. You get to choose from Italian, Mexican, Sushi, Indian, BBQ, Deli, and lots more delivered with just a single phone call! GoWaiter brings your favorite restaurant's food to you.

GoWaiter was established to give hungry consumers the ability and flexibillity of ordering the food that they want from local restaurants that they want and have it delivered to their home, office or hotel for less than $5. We help improve the quality of life by providing a variety of prepared meal choices along with the convenience of delivery. GoWaiter aims to take a fragmented and inconsistent Restaurant Delivery Service (RSD) Industry and help implement efficient operations and profitable business practices from Coast to Coast. As we do that, we're building a national brand that will define the future of our industry which will be represented by franchisees that promote integrity and profitability through deliverability. As a plus to our restaurant partners, our high quality Menu Guide presents extra marketing and sales to receptive consumers who are satisfied with the efficient and impeccable service of GoWaiter.

GoWaiter Franchise OpportunityFor over a decade, the GoWaiter management team has not only helped other RSD's launch, but also owned and operated some of the most successful RSD's in the industry. With a wealth of experience and expertise under our belt - having assisted more than 50 RSD's in the US, Canada, Australia and Kuwait get started - we finally put the system under one name , GoWaiter to provide the consistency and quality that our restaurant partners and delivery customers deserve.

Considering Restaurants are looking for ways to increase sales, and consumers don't have the time to always cook or dine-in at restaurants... there has never been a better time to start a GoWaiter franchise. If you think you have the startup capital and the passion necessary to become successful in this industry, please email franchise@gowaiter.com soon. RDS's are popping up everywhere and your area could be next.

GoWaiter Franchise OpportunityWhy GoWaiter is the perfect business opportunity :

  • GoWaiter is the franchise industry leader in restaurant marketing, restaurant food delivery and restaurant catering
  • High demand service
  • Minimal investment compared to opening a restaurant
  • Low overhead
  • Few employees
  • GoWaiter franchisees work in a clean, quiet office environment
  • Minimal or no accounts receivable
  • High profit margins

A Proven Franchise Operating System
Our leadership team has more than 20 years of franchising and restaurant experience. Our experience, leadership and guidance are immeasurable in getting your GoWaiter franchise started. From signing up restaurant partners, hotels, and corporate accounts to managing all of the day to day operational duties, we cover it all.

  • Branding & Marketing
  • Sales
  • Integrated Operational Software
  • Delivery Waiter Recruiting, Hiring & Managing
  • GoWaiter's national call center to take all telephone orders
  • GoWaiter.com to accept and process all web orders

GoWaiter Franchise OpportunityFranchise Training & Support

  • One week of classroom training in our corporate offices
  • One week in an existing GoWaiter franchise office
  • One to two weeks in your franchise market area to launch your new GoWaiter business which includes:
  • Start-up marketing
  • Initial signing of restaurant partners, hotels and corporate accounts
  • Setting up your office, phones and software
  • Receiving and set up all necessary Delivery Waiter equipment
  • Qualifying delivery waiters
  • Implementing procedures
  • Dispatching delivery waiters

Marketing Expertise
The key to gaining and maintaining GoWaiter customers is implementing the proven GoWaiter marketing plan. Understanding, when where and how to market is the key. We provide you with a proven plan and all of the marketing resources and materials needed to drive traffic to our restaurant partners.

  • Menu Guides
  • Postcards
  • Door Hangers
  • Direct Mail Programs
  • Internet Marketing
  • Branding
  • Promotional Materials
  • Sales Strategies

GoWaiter is a unique and exciting franchise opportunity. GoWaiter franchisees offer Corporate Catering and at Home Delivery of hot and fresh food from the areas favorite restaurants. You could say we offer a restaurant franchise without the headaches of owning and running a restaurant. No cooking, no cleaning, few employees and low overhead. If you are a motivated, hard working and talented individual looking for the opportunity to achieve your dream of independence and financial security, we would love to talk to you.

GoWaiter Franchise Information Request Form

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