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Kwik Kerb
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Reminder : Listing on our business opportunity index DOES NOT imply endorsement by PositiveMoneyIdeas.com. You are advised to practice due diligence before entering into any business and/or financial dealings with any business opportunity provider.

Kwik Kerb Small Business OpportunityThe concrete curbing industry is experiencing a tremendous boom in North America today, with decorative landscape edging groing in popularity every day. At the fore front of this successful wave of growth is Kwik Kerb. Nobody considers going into an industry that is borderline profitable, especially if you're a first time business owner considering investing your hard-earned savings to build a better future for yourself and your loved ones. Kwik Kerb's unique business opportunity uses a proven system, combining the use of patented curbing machines, curbing tools and equiment and marketing savvy to turn sand and cement into business profits. Kwik Kerb is the leader, the innovator and the original decorative concrete landscaping edging business opportunity today, standing head and shoulders above its competitors.

Kwik Kerb Small Business OpportunityWhile most people think that Kwik Kerb is a franchise, it's not. It's a solid, profitable, home based decorative concrete edging business with many "franchise-like" advantages, but without the many restrictions and fees. That's one of the biggest reasons why most people are quick to jump at the chance to work with Kwik Kerb. They recognize a solid, dependable busines opportunity when they see one. Kwik Kerb has been helping people from all walks of life start their very own business for well over two decades. We've not only been helping them start their own businesses but helping them become entrepreneurial success stories and at the same time, helping them reach the financial dreams and create the lifestyle they've always wanted.

Kwik Kerb Small Business OpportunityYou too, can achieve the success you've always wanted with the Kwik Kerb decorative concrete curbing business opportunity. As a Kwik Kerb Business Owner, you will be supported every step of the way with our experience in marketing, use of the Kwik Kerb brand name, a full training program, on-going product development. The best thing of all, as all our partners agree, is that YOU keep ALL of the Profits! Here's just a quick summary of the benefits of the Kwik Kerb system.

* Kwik Kerb is more than an equipment package.
* Kwik Kerb business' use unique and proven systems.
* On-going business care and marketing support included.
* Full training provided.
* Kwik Kerb brand recognition.
* Excellent income potential.
* Low running costs home based business.

Kwik Kerb is a solid business opportunity because of 3 main reasons :

Kwik Kerb Small Business OpportunityKWIK KERB IS NOT A FRANCHISE
The Kwik Kerb business opportunity gives you franchise credibility without the restrictions and fees. As a Kwik Kerb business owner, you'll be starting your new business well ahead of the game, taking advantage of the myriad of franchise-style features that can make your business operations easier and more cost efficient. Kwik Kerb's system makes available comprehensive training, ongoing business care, technical support and marketing techniques that quickly give you the leading edge. As the general public perceives Kwik Kerb to be a franchise, you'll easily gain the credibility of a large world-wide organization with a local outlet. Just being perceived as a franchse can translate into higher sales and ultimately higher profits.

One of the biggest drawbacks to owning a franchise is the territorial restrictions that the main franchisor imposes on the business owner. This isn't the case with Kwik Kerb. Kwil Kerb business owners don't have to worry about territorial restrictions. You're free to work wherever you want. Whether you grow your business with multiple machines and crews serving a larger area or simply take your business with you on vacation - Kwik Kerb imposes no restrictions on mobile business activity.

One of the greatest franchise-like advantages you will have is the real cash savings you will make every week by using the buying power of a large group. Your cost for flyers, business cards, uniforms, stationery (and much more) is often less than one third what it would cost for you to purchase these important marketing items individually. In short you have franchise style benefits without any of the fees or restrictions.

Kwik Kerb Small Business OpportunityKWIK KERB® TRAINING
The key to your success lies in having the best training you can get, and that's what you'll get with the Kwik Kerb system! All Kwik Kerb business owners will receive a comprehensive five-day training course developed to teach you all you need to know to take your Kwik Kerb business from startup to success in the shortest time possible. Our training has successfully proven to ensure that you're ready to lay professional quality curbing to meet your customers' high standards and of course, to comply with the high standards expected when you operate under the Kwik Kerb brand name. Your success is our success! Some of the areas covered at the Kwik Kerb® training course include:

* Quoting, marketing and advertising techniques.
* Hands-on operation of all machinery including actually laying a variety of different shaped edges.
* Applying the unique range of patented Kwik Kerb® finishes to the edging you have laid.
* Service and maintenance of tools and machinery.
* Professional presentation and customer service skills.

Kwik Kerb Small Business OpportunityON-GOING BUSINESS SUPPORT.
One of the most important things about Kwik Kerb's business opportunity is that you are never on your own. We believe that you should be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. That's why Kwik Kerb is here to lend support to you and your team from start-up to every single day you run your Kwik Kerb business. While Kwik Kerb offers franchise-like support, there is one distinct advantage - you are never charged any fee for support - inclusive of business and marketing support. As a Kwik Kerb business owner, you will receive full and comprehensive training, complimentary advertising, specially designed advertisements, flyers and exclusive newsletters. In addition, you will gain access to an online Operator Forum where you can get technical advice from other Kwik Kerbers from all oever the world. Here, you'll also be able to access exclusive marketing and technical documents. If you ever need further advice or just want to have a chat about business development, we're just a free call away.

Kwik Kerb offers you the opportunity to secure your financial future as you live the lifestyle that you've always wanted. While most people just dream about having the freedom to be their own boss, Kwik Kerbers are actually doing it! They're living the way they want and spending more precious time with their family and friends. Kwik Kerb's business opportunity is more than just a business - it's about taking control of your financial future and living the life YOU WANT! That means you get to choose your working hours, make the decisions and NOT report to a boss! As a Kwik Kerb business owner you work for yourself, building your own business from strength to strength. You decide which days you choose to work. It may be full-time or part-time depending on your personal situation. Your Kwik Kerb© business is very flexible and allows you to make your own income and lifestyle choices.

TOLL FREE 877-800-KERB (5372)
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