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Little Jimmys Italian Ice
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Little Jimmy's Italian Ice is sold at shopping malls, sports stadiums, amusement parks, county festivals and fairs, on the beach, at flea markets, family camps, state parks, swimming clubs, golf courses, hotels and resorts, carnivals, zoos and just about any other place you can think of. At all of these locations, our water ice is sold from pushcarts, concession stands and trailers, kiosks of all shapes and sizes and freezers. Simply put, where's there's people, there's Little Jimmy's Italian Ice.

Little Jimmy's Italian Ices are water based, fat-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, high fructose corn-syrup-free gourmet dessert that comes in an amazing array of flavors. Little Jimmy's Italian Ice is a truly an Italian ice with the creaminess of sherbet or ice cream and never contains dairy and non-dairy creamer. It's Italian Ice produced the old fashioned way in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Little Jimmy's Italian Ice is always on the lookout for entrepreneurs! Be the FIRST to introduce our unique, proven product in your area. Start your own business or grow your existing enterprise. If you're looking to get ahead in life or you feel stuck in your current job, Little Jimmy's Italian Ice is the perfect way for you to own a highly profitable business selling a popular product. Due to the increase in demand, Jersey Ice is shipping Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice to entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. We believe this provides a great opportunity for us to expand our business and at the same time introduce our wonderful product to people who would not otherwise have a chance to enjoy our Italian ice

Little Jimmy's Italian Ice is featured in over 150 Italian Ice and Ice Cream Trucks in New Jersey alone. You can buy a new or used truck from us or build your own. A more affordable way to get into this business is with our pushcarts. This is the perfect way to grow your existing business, with your main store as an anchor and using the pushcarts to increase your reach to places with people traffic around you. If you place one of our pushcarts where the people are, you'll be sure to see the money rolling in!

We'll show you how to succeed in this business for a minimum investment. Whatever money you spend will go towards YOUR product and YOUR equipment, NOT to a BIG FRANCHISOR. There are no royalties, no advertisement fees and no hidden costs... JUST PROFIT.

Little Jimmy's Italian Ice
Phone: (800) 763-4348
Fax: (908) 352-2476
655 Pennsylvania Avenue
Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Little Jimmy's Italian Ice website

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