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The Homesteader
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The Homesteader Small Business Opportunity"The Homesteader" is a newspaper that has been published monthly since 1990 and is mailed directly to new homeowners. Every issue of The Homesteader includes articles and content that relate to newcomers, such as home improvement projects, decorating tips, antiques, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, local travel museums and a community calendar. The Homesteader helps new homeowners get familiar and settle in to their new community.

There are many reasons why businesses advertise in The Homesteader. First and foremost, advertising in The Homesteader brings great value to local businesses. The Homesteader reaches their most valuable target home market easily with its free subscription, ensuring readers see our advertisers' ads repeatedly. And since we mail more than 5000 papers per month per community, the cost-per-contact per household is only a few cents. That's great value!

New homewoners are a preferred target market segment because they generally fall into the high-income bracket, are new to local merchants and have a need for many products and services as a new resident and homewoner.

The Homesteader Business Opportunity
The Homesteader offers you the opportunity to publish a local "Homesteader", reaching out to the lucrative new homeowners market in your community. As the publisher of your local version of The Homesteader, you will manage local operations, getting monthly articles from us, selling and marketing ad space to local businesses and working with a local printer and graphic artist to produce the paper every month. In additiion to publishing a local edition of The Homesteader, you will also offer related servicest o boost your profits and provide more servi ces to your advertisers, such as direct mail programs, inserts, labels and coupons. We also recomment a number of advertiser-feedback programs.

The Homesteader Small Business OpportunityHow Each The Homesteader Edition Is Published
A large percentage of your content you will receive from us, the rest you will generate through local freelance writers (working with local writers is suggested but not required as we provide plenty of monthly articles). If you do decide to work with local writers, you'll most likely want to concentrate on local issues that affect your particular market's community. This gives your target market segment more reason to pick up a copy of The Homesteader. Being a local publisher, you will primarily be responsible for generating advertisement sales. You'll need to hire local printer, graphic artist, freelance writers and other vendors to help you produce your paper and run your business. You will then oversee their work and coordinate generating new sales, billing clients and hiring sales or telemarketing help.

You may publish one edition of "The Homesteader" in a local territory, or you can run multiple editions and gain efficiencies in sales, marketing, graphic arts, and printing. Each territory should cover a population size of about 250,000 people, give or take 50,000. Each territory is the same price, but we can grant a longer time to develop additional territories, if needed.

The Homesteader Small Business OpportunityThe Homesteader Fees And Costs
Homesteader Enterprises, Inc. is offering local territories on very attractive terms. Buy your first territory for only $400 down, $3,000 after six months. The first six months are on a trial basis--if you do not like the business or are not successful, you can resign. The first three issues you publish are royalty-free! There is a 10% royalty on ads sold after your third issue published.

You won't start publishing for two to four months from when you start the business. During that time, you set up your office, line up your vendors, and begin selling. Hopefully, when you are ready to begin publishing, you have a number of advertisers lined up for your first issue. (If you don't have enough, delay that first issue until you have more!) If advertising sales go well, you might break even or earn a small profit on your first issue. However, don't expect to draw a salary from the business for at least the first six months. The major investment during the first six months is your time.

If you decide to hire sales or telemarketing help, you can get started on the road to success much more quickly...but there is added expense. How you approach this is up to you. It is not necessary to hire anyone to help you sell, but it is an option you should consider.

The Homesteader provides you with all the training and support you will need to run your own business and be a succesfull Homesteader publisher. This is the perfect business opportunity for anyone who loves people (and your community) with a gift for organization. It's also a great business that perfectly combines a career, lucrative returns and service to your community.

The Homesteader Contact
Knox Trail Office Building
2352 Main Street, Concord, MA 01742
(800) 941-9907, x11
Visit their website

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