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Green Concepts
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Green Concepts Small Business  OpportunityGreen Concepts rents beautiful, luscious, fresh plants to hotels, corporate offices, building lobbies, retirement homes, car dealerships, banks, colleges, restaurants, hospitals, service centers, and any other organization that wants to create an impression.

Plants add a touch of nature to an otherwise boring, cold environment. Most companies these have a budget for plants as a standard cost of doing business much like paying for a cleaning service. Why not just buy their own plants you ask? Well, it not just that simple. Sure, companies could buy a hundred plants, place them in the premises, but who's going to water them? What about caring for them? They would quickly find that they'd either have to get one of their employees to take on the job of caring for the plants or hiring someone specifically to do it. The other option of course would be to call Green Concepts and let pay YOU to do it!

Green Concepts Small Business  OpportunityWe've found that most plantscapers phase out their full time jobs quickly, or supplemental income preparing for retirement. Green Concepts is a business opportunity that is environmentally friendly that makes for an easy-going career and is especially great for folks who want flexible working hours or just to keep busy while making extra money on the side.

As a Green Concepts partner, you will receive a FREE website, unlimited phone and email support, 15 hours of DVD training, design software, trademark logos, monthly newsletters and access to our "Photo Club" where you get to share before and after photos. All these form the backbone of an amazing support system that guarantees you'll be in business for yourself, but never BY yourself.

You'll new Green Concepts business will include :

Green Concepts Small Business  Opportunity• 3 binders packed with 35 years of experience. Easy step by step instructions
• Bid forms, contract forms, invoices, coupon book, everything you will need to get started.
• References make you look established from day one!
• Leather Portfolio with 50 glossy photos.
• DVD training from our best seminars
• Click and Drag software to build your proposals professionally
• DVD design secrets using the Click & Drag software
• Hand embroidered Caps & Aprons
• Trademarked logo for stationary, invoicing, business cards & advertising
• Wholesalers with amazing prices
• Monthly Newsletter
• The Photo Club
• E-mail notification of hot leads in your area
• FREE WEBSITE - Customized Website with your new e-mail and Website address
• Webinar training for continued education
• New Secret sales tools that close deals quickly
• The latest ways to market and promote your business
• Articles on overall business good health
• Creating higher NET profits while building residual monthly income
• Membership suggestions, new photos and ideas from all over the world
• Monthly newsletter with information on new wholesalers and products
• Questions and answers each month from our 800 members worldwide
• Secret ways to save on taxes each year
• Newly published articles that educate and inspire

Here's just a small sampling of the many testimonials we have from satisfied Green Concepts partners :

Green Concepts Small Business  OpportunityThe training was so simple and there are really funny insights that had me in stitches on your videos! Being able to see inside the workings of an existing large Plantscape company has given me great insight. The entire process of starting and running my own business has been a smooth and exilerating process. In my first 6 months I acquired 8 good quality profitable contracts and I have 2 bids out that I feel very confident they both will be signing up soon. ~ Tom Bloomingsron

I joined the program 2 years ago now to get the chance to bid the plant job at the hospital I was currently working at. Over the last few years the hospital has gone through several management changes and it was getting very stressful. When my husband said why not check out something else I began looking on the Internet for a home business. When I found this, and read the website I stopped looking. There was a sincerity that I really liked. My husband actually bid the job for the hospital, we got it, we set it up, and I quit my nursing job. I have never looked back. Also the training seminars tapes really helped my confidence. ~ Patricia Hartman

Green Concepts Small Business  OpportunityWe always dreamed of having a business where we could work together. We started with residential homes, which are definitely a lot harder than commercial accounts, but since I have a friend that was a real estate broker for a new group of high-end homes we went for it. We started with renting plants for their model homes, 5 total all in different themes. The interior designer was great to work with which I hear now is unusual. After that we did almost every homeowner in the community, then their country club, then some of the homeowners offices and it just started branching out from there. All in all we did almost 30 accounts in 3 years just from this group of model homes alone. Then the Country Club wanted us to do Christmas so we joined Christmas Concepts and we wound up doing several homes after they saw what we did for the Club, and after that we did a few of our plant clients offices too. ~ Christi & James Woodhead

I love my little plant business. I like having time for my church, school and friends. This business lets me schedule my life. I water plants every 9 days. Right now I have 12 accounts, 4 beauty shops, 2 churches, 4 restaurants and 2 dentist offices. The congregation of my church has really helped me, and I have even rented plants for a few weddings too. I have not done any Christmas projects yet but I did do a wedding that asked for a Christmas theme with plants and lights and that was really fun and I made good money too.. I think the thing I like the most about having my own business is the fact that no one will ever be able to fire me again, and I love that feeling. Green Concepts has not only helped me learn how to have a business but also for given me the confidence to achieve my life long goal. ~ Kimmie

We create entrepreneurs every day and you found us for a reason! This is your chance to change your life forever! This program gives you absolutely everything you will need to get up and running quickly, and all the back up to build a successful profitable business quickly. 800+ members worldwide. This is the perfect home business so start right away! Join us and you will have access to this powerful and insightful area for continued education forever.

Green & Christmas Concepts
3960 South Higuera Street Suite 8
San Luis Obispo, California 93401
Phone: (805) 302-8482

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