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Suspended In Time
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Suspended In Time Small Business OpportunityFlowers have long been the choice gift for any and every occasion - from that first date to birthdays to anniversaries. Even though flowers are fragile, the memories they create and emotions they evoke when giving and receiving last a lifetime. But that was then. Did you know that with today's technology, you can have your flowers beautifully preserveed and sealed for generationis to come?

Suspended In Time® specializes in preserving your once in a lifetime moments - from wedding bouquets to dance corsages, baby blessings, Christenings and other unique life events. We even do wedding gown preservation! Suspended In Time®'s preservation technique offers :

• Custom designs to reflect your style
• Prices for all budgets
• Superior drying method only takes 3 to 5 days
• Better shape and color retention
• Less deterioration

Suspended In Time Small Business OpportunitySince we do not use the freeze dry method, our preservation process only takes an average of 3-5 days to complete. With the discovery of Suspended In Time®'s remarkable new technology in floral presevation over the past decade, we're expanding our business opportunities in your area. Our dealership package come with extremely low start up fees.

Whether you’re interested in a Home Based business opportunity or an expansion to an existing business, this opportunity is unsurpassed by uniqueness and affordability. Here's more reasons why you should choose to be your own boss with Suspended In Time® :

• In-depth training provided.
• Low start-up fees in a profitable market.
• Work from home or a storefront.
• Flexible Work Schedule
• Superior Drying Method leaves flowers more vibrant than any other method in our market. Take a look at our preservations gallery.
• Revolutionary Machines require minimal space and energy.
• Ongoing support and continued innovative ideas provided from 14 years (and counting!) of experience.
• Excellent On-Going Support with step-by-step manuals, advertising manual, catalogs, logos and so much more provided.
• Large profit potential
• Growing industry
• Unique and proprietary products
• Extremely fast turn around time
• Excellent Training
• Minimal Inventory Requirements
• Profitable non-floral markets can be tapped
• Low energy consumption
• Minimal upfront costs.
• No Royalties.

Suspended In Time Small Business OpportunitySuperior Drying Method
The ability to dry the product within 3–5 days is only available through the use of our revolutionary process. This is not a freeze-dry method.
Customer pick-up in 4–6 days is possible. (10–14 days as an average for completion)
Our drying process delivers a better color and shape due to less deterioration thus making us superior to other methods.
Our process does not use harmful chemicals that have to be replaced and the process can be interrupted for each new order that comes in.
We can dry any kind of flower or foliage. Some take more time but other methods do not have the capabilities to do this.
Our machines are designed for minimal energy consumption and ease of maintenance. So, your day to day operating costs are relatively low when compared to the profits that can be realized immediately from your unique floral products.

Long Business Track Record
We have been in business since 1997.
We are members of the Better Business Bureau. Check us out! Verify Suspended In Time, Inc.
See the businesses in operation to date on the Dealers Near You page.
We have locations across the United States.

We provide in depth Training
Training is Three (3) ten hour days in Orem, Utah. We are limited to 6 trainees per session. Personal attention is given to every trainee. A trainee will make 3 finished encasements and pass the quality control inspection by the trainer. On-going support is included. Trainee's are responsible for the costs of travel and housing for training. Favorable rates are available to dealers at local hotel/motel sites.

Suspended In Time Small Business OpportunityYour earnings potential
Your earnings will depend on you and the efforts that you put in to making your business successful. You are in control of the profitability and success of your Dealership. This is not a turn-key business, so it will take time, effort and work to establish business in your area. Again, it is dependent on how many arrangements you do in a month and the time and effort you are putting into the business and following our marketing plan.

Suspended In Time is not just a great business opportunity. It's a fantastically fun and rewarding opportunity to provide a much needed service to brides, mothers of the bride, interior designers, florists, couples and event-related business owners who just hate to see their most favorite fresh flowers go to waste. If you're a florist, why send your customers to your competitors simply for their ability to dry and encase the very product you designed yourself? Why not turn that product into an additional revenue source?

Most business opportunities are labor intensive or require hard-sell to see the money roll in. Return on investment is, at best, a wish and a hope. However, with Suspended In Time's machines operating virtually unattended, producing floral products are as simple as a flick of a switch. And the precious memories that are 'suspended in time' in your final product are priceless. For most people, these sentimental keepsakes are worth every penny they paid for.

So if you're tired of your 9 to 5 job and you long for the opportunity to be your own boss, to set your own working time and to have more time for your family, it's time you explored the possibility of owning your very own Suspended in Time® Flower, Gown and Memorabilia Preservation Franchise.

Suspended In Time®
122 South Mountain Way Drive
Orem, Utah 84058
(801) 227-0075
(866) 756-0059 (toll free)

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Suspended In Time

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