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Pitterpats® are children's hand and feet impressions in ceramic clay. Unlike other products that offer oven baked or air dried plaster of paris impressions, Pitterpats® offers beautiful ceramic clay impressions as a product of one-on-one appointments. Starting with clay specially formulated for little fingers and toes, your little ones' hand or foot are gently pressed into the clay. Then you get to have fun with an amazing choice of colors, sizes and wording on the Pitterpat. Your Pitterpat can be customized to your hearts content. The process of preserving your little ones' hand and foot prints include multiple kiln firings, intricate detailing and glazing. Each and every Pitterpat is produced from start to finish with each customers' needs in mind.

My name is Cyndi Chambers, a Mom of my two beautiful blessings, Tamara and Taylor. Thirteen years ago, when I had an intense desire to stay a home after the birth of Tamara. Experimenting with the different properties of clay, kiln firing and glazes, I learnt perfected numerous techniques that led to the birth of Pitterpats®. My skills and training in marketing and graphic design also contributed to the success of Pitterpats®. What joy it is to create these adorable and lasting impressions. It has been so very rewarding to me that I decided to share Pitterpats® with others - especially stay-at-home Moms - all across the United States who are seriously considering staying at home while still earning extra income.

Pitterpats® can work with low overhead and still maintain a high profit margin. There are essential tools you will need to start your business. These tools, along with a 50lb. supply of clay will be given to you on the very first day of training. To assist you in getting a kiln, we will furnish you with information for several kiln manufacturers. Your choice of kiln will depend on the size of your intended Pitterpats® business. We will include step by step procedures to create perfect Pitterpats® impressions.

Your business startup package will also include a Packaging Theme. This will be given to you with printed business materials. These are professional artwork pieces ready for you to insert your name and phone number. You will also receive Pitterpats® camera-ready artwork with a complete product line of logos, business cards, letterheads, product information cards, gift certificates, receipts and customer post cards. You will find that the Pitterpats® logo and design provide an essential advantage to your business. The Pitterpats® trademart is registered with the Patent and Trademark Office, thus protecting you and your business name.

Our Marketing Plan was developed after years of actual involvement in this business and has proven to be the success of Pitterpats®. We believe that our expertise in marketing allows us to give you a consistent, creative, purposeful, targetted and unique marketing plan. We are confident that our marketing plan will the the cornerstone of your business success. There are several ways to market your Pitterpats®® business without spending very much money or in some cases, any money at all. In fact, some of the very best advertising "investments" I've made have been free of charge. My Pitterpats® business continues to grow, receiving recognition from all over the Central California Coast. With this easy to follow marketing plan, your Pitterpats® business is sure to get off to a great start. Just don't be surprised if the phone starts ringing off the hook!

At Pitterpats® we know that children are the most precious treasure we have been given. It is this precious nature that we strive to capture in a beautifully crafted ceramic impression of hands and feet. We show the same loving care to these keepsakes as you do to your children. It is this quality that has made us stand out in the industry. If you would like to find out where there is a Pitterpats®in your neighborhood, or if you would like start your own Pitterpats®business you have come to the right place.

Cyndi Chambers
960 Primavera Ln.
Nipomo, CA 93444
(805) 929-1303

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