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KidzArt is all about exploring creativity and learning how it is developed. We at KidzArt believe that everyone is creative. We encourage children (and adults) to problem solve, to envision options and try new things. KidzArt teaches our students HOW TO UNLEASH CREATIVITY. With art and creativity, there can be no mistakes.

KidzArt works with multitudes of people who imagine that they cannot draw, are not artistic and shows them that they indeed CAN DRAW and ARE ARTISTIC. KidzArt provides the right conditions to nurture and develop creativity. This is accomplished with the Method and Structure used in our classes used together with our KidzArt extraordinary, proprietary Curriculum. This curriculum caters to all age groups, where students are transformed from "I CAN'T" to "I CAN" within the first one hour period. KidzArt uses art as the vehicle because it's really fun and kids (adults too) enjoy learning so much more when exposed to the right type of intruction and methods. Most importantly, the confidence gained in our art classes can be carried over to everyday life situations where students may have previously experienced a lack of confidence or lack of self-belief.

As a KidzArt franchisee, you will gain enormous benefits from our team of KidzArt trainers who have 30 years' combined experience in

  • Art Education
  • Career Counseling
  • Small Business Start-Ups
  • Business Coaching
  • Teaching
  • Sales and Marketing

Our professional KidzArt Art Franchise staff are committed to your success. We offer training and support that is second to none. Our system has a proven track record. KidzArt is now being offered in hundreds of venues with new opportunities being introduced to our system daily. You will benefit not only from the experience of our staff, but from that of our current franchise owners.

Just see how much more you gain as a KidzArt franchise owner :

  • Start with a very low overhead — no "real estate" costs. Do what you love for a living and make a difference in your community
  • Receive comprehensive, five-day training at our home office
  • Receive new and exciting curricula every month
  • Receive an exclusive, protected territory
  • Learn how to skillfully develop your KidzArt business with proven sales and marketing strategies
  • Start your businesss immediately with our QuicStART™ Business Coaching Program
  • Choose from an array of customizable professional marketing materials
  • Receive on-going support to help you succeed

Let us help you transition into a creative, exciting and rewarding business! Now is a great time to consider becoming a KidzArt Franchise Owner! Be a part of and take advantage of what the billion dollar children’s art franchise market has to offer. Our Squiggles to Grins, Preschool and SeniorzArt programs will ensure that your business will be year-round.

KidzArt® Corporate Office
1902 E. Common Street, Suite 400
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone: 800-379-8302

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