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Simple Graces
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simple graces

For over ten years, Simple Graces has been selling products through direct selling at hosted tea parties. Dedicated to bringing opportunities for financial freedon and personal growth to women, we're an established company for and about women. We're also a company that believes in enriching the lives of those less fortunate through charitable enitiatives.

Simple Graces hosts offer friends and family the opportunity to sample freshly brewed black, green and herbal teas while enjoying scones prepared on sight, fresh and hot from the oven. We do this in a simple, friendly and cosy party atmosphere that is both relaxing and fun. In addition to the tasty treats, we pamper guests by letting them try out our all natural tea-based lotions, shampoos and body mists and enjoy our fabulous aromatherapy products. Our parties aren't just about sampling products, they're about having fun! Your guests will love and thank you for hosting Simple Graces parties.

Simple Graces Tea Parties have the distinction of being one of the most enjoyable, fun and friendly home party plans in America. Our support team will help nurture your entrepreneurial spirit by promoting both your personal and professional goals. Our consultants love what they do and enjoy many benefits including a generous compensation plan. In addition, Simple Graces supports various charitable endeavors and encourages everyone to be good stewards of time and resources. One of the outstanding benefits to being a Simple Graces consultant is the support and encouragement we offer one another while building meaningful and lasting relationships. We believe that the bond of trust and understanding are as importants between fellow consultants as it is between family and friends.

When you host a Simple Graces Tea Party, you will enjoy shopping from our catalog using your free host credits, the opportunity to earn up to 3 half-price items and receive a generous unlimited discount of up to 30%. You will also receive a free 4-ounce tin of tea as an additional thank you gift from Simple Graces. When you put all of those benefits together, your savings are tremendous!

Simple Graces consultants are independent contractors who market our products through home-based Tea Parties. The parties are fun, simple and offer a fresh approach to the home-based party theme. We empower you to plan your own career path while maintaining flexibility for other areas of your life that are important to you - your family, friends and personal commitments. You decide how much time you want to commit to Simple Graces : part-time or full-time, the choice and freedom is yours.

Being a Simple Graces consultant means you get extra income that you can use to care for your family or simple pleasures you can enjoy which you otherwise wouldn't be able to do on a fixed income. We need to point out though, that the Simple Graces business opportunity is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme, but a home based career that rewards you with income proportionate to your efforts. Most importantly for many women, this business opportunity allows you to work at your own pace and choose your own hours to achieve your financial goals. You can do this because YOU are the boss of your own home based business! Your earning potential can be increased by inviting your friends and family to join you as a consultant. Simple Graces consultants are not limited to a specific territory, so you can sell anywhere in the 48 continental states.

As a new consultant, you will automatically be enrolled in our Fast Start Program which allows you to earn generous awards to help you add to and customize your sales kit. Simple Graces believes in providing comprehensive training and support every step of the way. We only succeed if you succeed! As part of your training, you will receive :

  • Personal one-on-one training from your sponsor and upline Team Leader and Manager.
  • Sales kit that includes a DVD detailing valuable information and features a live Tea Party.
  • Monthly team meetings to provide you with ongoing training and recognition. (For consultants who do not live near their upline and cannot attend meetings, monthly meetings are held via phone conference.)
  • Monthly national meetings are held via phone conference and provide you with a forum for national recognition, company announcements, and company sponsored training.

Simple Graces is built on relationships and is committed to providing a positive, enjoyable, working environment. Every person involved with Simple Graces brings a wealth of experience, creativity and enthusiasm, making a career with Simple Graces a unique and rewarding opportunity. If you're ready to start a rewarding home based business that is fun, yet provides you with a great way to make money, then Simple Graces is for you!

Simple Graces Company
10908 Courthouse Road, #124
Suite 102
Fredericksburg, Virginia
22408 U.S.A.

Phone :1-540-818-2898 / 1-800-830-4036

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