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Noahs Ark Animal Workshop
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Noah's Ark is a travelling "Stuff n Fluff Workshop" that brings together parents and children to hand-stuff, name and love their own personally chosen animals. They then personalize their new animal friends with their own selection of outfits, accessories and sound chips. They also get to wish on a "beary" special rainbow Wish Star which then can place inside their fluffy friend.

In 2003, Dina Amico Kriescher realized the need for convenient, affordable home birthday parties and she thought of the Noah's Ark Workshop concept. As soon as she began her personal business, she quickly saw the tremendous demand for a travelling "Make Your Own Stuffed Animal" workshops, and so the demand for her workshops grew. When more people expressed interest in wanting to run their own "Make Your Own Stuffed Animal" workshop, Dina then consulted her family and direct selling experts. This was the start of the Noah's Ark Crew Member business opportunity.

The plush toy industry has always experienced tremendous growth, with gift giving becoming a common everyday practice. Couple this with the rising popularity of hosting birthday parties and you have a one-of-a-kind business opportunity. Consider the following :

  • The plush industry is a $1.3 billion industry
  • Birthday celebrations is a $10 billion business
  • The birthday party is the most celebrated even in the world
  • About 5 million people celebrate birthdays int he US each week, an average of 700,000 birthdays occur each day
  • For Americans, birthdays are the #1 reason to party
  • Children's birthday parties are increasingly important, up to 20% over the past 15 years.
  • New competitive market for parents.

Noah's Ark products are sold through Home Workshops, which are hosted in someone's home, and through Group Workshops, which are hosted by Child Care Centers, Summer Camp Programs, Preschools, Park District Programs, Public Libraries, Scouting Troops, Birthday Parties, and more. In addition, products are sold at adult, Huggable Home Party presentations, using our large customer catalogue to showcase the products.

The Noah's Ark business opportunity comes in two form where all Crew Members can opt for a personal business or a leadership business.

  • Your personal business consists of booking and conducting Workshops where you present the products and act as the party workshop leader.
  • Your leadership business consists of presenting the Crew Member opportunity to others, offering them the chance to become a Crew Member and beginning their own business.

Most important, as a Crew Member, you'll be enriching the lives of children by helping them make their very own cuddly friend at a Stuff-N-Fluff Workshop, or help girls become beautiful on the inside and out during a Bella Bee Workshop. These hands-on experiences produce a lifetime of warm memories while fostering individuality, positive child development and self-confidence.

Benefits of Being a Noah's Ark Crew Member!

  • Earn Great Money In Just Hours. The average workshop lasts just 1 hour, and with up to 45% earnings on personal sales, you'll be sailing your way to success in no time!

  • Family-Friendly Schedule. You won't have to miss another soccer game, and can be home in time to help with homework! You set your own hours and create your own schedule, so you work when YOU want to!

  • Team Support. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself! Local Crew Members will provide you with ongoing team support, training and friendship. In addition, you will receive support from the Home Office through newsletters, CD’s, conventions and special training events.

  • Career Growth-- Be the Captain of Your Own Ship! As you develop your leadership business and your team grows through sponsoring others, your compensation will also grow as you receive a percentage of your team's sales in commission checks.

  • Vacations, Rewards and Recognition! From the Caribbean, to the Mexican Riviera and other exotic destinations, you can earn free vacations, and sail first-class with the Noah's Ark Crew! There are also exciting rewards programs and recognition for building your business.

If what you’re doing right now isn’t helping you achieve your dreams, or giving you the flexibility and rewards you want, Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop® may be right for you. As a new Crew Member, you’ll receive everything you need to start sailing right away in the Starter Kit, which contains the necessary tools to begin, including training materials on how to market, book and conduct a Stuff-N-Fluff Workshop.

Whether you are looking to make monre income, have more free time, earn vataions or just make new firnds, Noah's Ark can help make your dreams come true. As an independent representative with Noah's Ark, y ou will enjoy a career that is easy, fun and rewarding and run a business that is enjoyable, flexible, and profitable.

If Putting Your Family First Is Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Then Start Sailing With Noah’s Ark Today!

Noah’s Ark Workshop
4731 W 136th St.
Crestwood, IL 60445

Toll Free : 1-866-HUG-NOAH (484-6624)
Local (IL) : 708-824-4014

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