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BookWise is an Enlightened Company - the brainchild bestselling author Richard Paul Evans. After Evans wrote his internationally bestselling financial book, "The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth", he began looking for ways for his readers to "win in the margins". Evans was aware of the business models available and was neither impressed nor satisfied that these were for his readers, so he set out to build one of the most logical, enjoyable, low risk home business in the world with high potential income. Following his passion for book, Evan drew on the help and support of business experts to develop a revolutionary way to build a home based business that improves the personal intellect and well being of its associates. Not satisfied to just focus on his readers and associates, BookWise is also a company with moral and social responsibility. BookWise donates a portion of the proceeds and profits regularly to charities.

BookWise is the most intelligent home-based business in the world. It offers a chance to build a better future for yourself and the world. Here are the reasons.

  • First, we sell books. There are no pills, powders or potions to sell and no need to make grandiose promises of well-being to your friends. Our products are bestselling books and we help people build wealth while building personal libraries as well as a great wealth of knowledge through reading.
  • Second, BookWise is personally lifeenhancing. When you join BookWise as an independent sales Associate you are intimately involved with a product that is proven to strengthen the mind and ensure life success. This ongoing stream of learning provides you with knowledge and opportunity in all facets of your life. You will be enrolled in an awesome community of enlightened individuals who are committed to self-improvement.
  • Third, BookWise is extremely low risk. It costs $35 per month which includes a bestselling book of your choice, deep discounts on additional books, ebooks and audio books, author interviews online, tax guidance, financial management training, a speed reading lesson and exciting literary tours around the world. And there's a long list of other benefits not offered anywhere else.
  • Fourth, there is a huge upside potential. Our compensation plan is a unique and powerful new approach to network marketing, which matches commissions on the sales of everyone you bring into the organization. This is the ongoing residual income you've been looking for.
  • Fifth, BookWise comprises world reknowned experts like Robert G Allen, Dennis Webb, Andy Compas, Mark Hurst and Blair Williams.

To summarize, BookWise has very little risk, enormous potential, benefits that far exceed costs, and we guarantee your satisfaction. That's right—we guarantee it. If, after 12 months as an active Associate, you do not believe that your life is better for having joined BookWise, we'll refund 100% of your monthly fees. And you can keep the books.

The BookWise team of brilliant businessmen, writers, thinkers and entrepreneurs came together to build a business that makes it easy for you to get into, easy to succeed, one with low risk and high reward, and, most importantly, one that makes you feel good about what you're doing. BookWise is deeply committed to a business opportunity that makes sense for you. They're committed to building an enlightened company that makes a difference in the world. From every single book sold, BookWise will donate $1 to literacy programs and children's charities around the world. And 10% of company profits will support these efforts. With our support of Operation Kids we're literally changing the lives of kids around the world.

There are six ways to make money in BookWise:

  1. QuickStart Commissions
    Active Associates will receive a $35 QuickStart Commission on the first qualifying order placed by each new Associate they enroll. Sponsors only receive the $35 QuickStart Commission for those new Associates they have also enrolled.
  2. Unilevel Commissions
    The Unilevel compensation plan was created with four main objectives: Simplicity, Quick Profitability, Possibility of Profitability and Fairness
  3. Matching Commissions
    This is the truly revolutionary part of the BookWise Compensation Plan—an active Qualified Associate will receive 100% matching commissions on all Unilevel Commissions paid to any Associate they have enrolled in their organization. Imagine if you got to match the checks of everyone you hired at your day job. Pretty exciting idea, really.
  4. Preferred Customers
    Associates can enroll Preferred Customers into their organization and will earn a 10% monthly commission on all of their Preferred Customers' purchases.
  5. Direct Retail Sales
    When you join BookWise and purchase a BookWise starter kit, you become a bookstore. All BookWise Associates may purchase books at wholesale prices (40% off) and resell them to friends, family, book clubs, reading groups, etc.
  6. Additional Volume Commissions
    Active Associates receive a 1% commission on additional books purchased by all Associates in the first five levels of his/her downline, excluding Monthly Book Selection orders.

We're so confident of our home business potential that BookWise carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, after 12 months as an active Associate, you do not believe that your life is better for having joined BookWise, we'll refund 100% of your monthly fees. And you can keep the books.

BookWise. It's exciting. It's enlightened. It's comfortable. It's a business you can manage right out of your home. And it's the most intelligent homebased business in the world.

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