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Vitamin Power
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31 years ago, Vitamin Power began producing premier quality nutritional health products, sold exclusively through individual retail stores, health professionals and independent dealers. Vitamin Power is NOT a company based on multi-level marketing. Unlike MLM, Vitamin Power offers products that are attractively priced with superior value. This produces steady repeat orders with rewarding mark-up profits of up to 100% for our dealers. Consider the following :

  • Vitamin Power provides a valuable service to people
    With increasing stress in our daily lives, the proliferating intake of over-processed fast foods loaded with weight inducing fat, artificial flavors and sweeteners, nearly everyone needs proper nutritional supplements to make up for unbalanced diets.

  • Consumer demand for Health Products continues to increase
    Health awareness is a direct result of a Global health crisis. Statistics reveal that consumers are trending towards natural health care and targetted nutrition as a means of treating health conditions and maintaining general well being. People are generally more aware of their own health needs and more acutely aware of their role in prevention of health related problems, hence the increasing consumption of health consumables. This strong acceptance of vitamin and supplements as natural alternatives will continue to result in increasing demands for science-based nutritional products.

  • Health Products are a great business
    With over 30 years of innovation, quality and value, Vitamin Power products are distributed and sold exclusively through over 20,000 independent dealers, retailers and health professionals worldwide. As a Vitamin Power Dealer, you'll be in a position to take advantage of growing consumer trends of the aging population. People use these products every day and

Vitamin Power is always looking to expand our network of Dealers. There's NO FEE to register and you can earn substantial income. Your costs are only ONE-HALF of the published retail selling prices. A full range of effective sales support and marketing tools (including informative product catalogs, self-merchandising counter displays and personalized Dealer websites) do the selling for you. As a Vitamin Power dealer, you will enjoy many benefits, which include :

  • Factory-Direct Below-Wholesale Prices . . .
    You're entitled to factory-direct, below-wholesale pricing on the complete Vitamin Power product line. Your costs are only ONE-HALF of the published retail prices.

  • Additional Volume Discounts . . .
    Our Volume Discount Schedule provides substantial additional discounts based on sales volume. You're free to pass savings incentives along to your customers if you wish.

  • Factory-Direct Drop-Shipping . . .
    We can drop-ship orders (in strict confidence) directly to your customers nationwide with your name identified as the authorized Dealer/shipper.

  • No Sales Quotas . . .
    There are no annual minimum purchase obligations or inventory requirements.

  • Risk-Free Opportunity . . .
    There's no risk or obligation. Start without any up-front investment . . . There's no registration cost; No royalty payments or franchise fees to pay.

  • Sales & Marketing Support . . .
    We provide sales and marketing support . . . Professionally-produced, informative sales catalogs, product brochures, self-merchandising retail counter displays and e-commerce websites are available to you with provision for your own identity imprint. These business-building tools are designed for boosting your sales revenues.

  • Not Multi-Level Marketing . . .
    This is absolutely not an MLM, pyramid or network marketing program. No exorbitant prices to contend with; No downlines to sponsor and no meetings to attend!

  • Free Informative Newsletter . . .
    Be sure to sign up for our free "Health Capsule" email newsletter. Keep informed on the latest developments in nutrition science and important industry news. Enjoy exclusive savings with special online offers, extra discounts and free product promotions available only to Vitamin Power Dealers.

In addition, you will receive a Marketing Handbook For Vitamin Power Dealers. It's chock full of effective sales and marketing suggestions for increasing your revenues and boosting your income. You can begin applying these profit-building tips to your business immediately.

We welcome you to join us. You'll be entitled to factory-direct, below-wholesale Dealer pricing on hundreds of quality nutritional health products. Take advantage of this genuine opportunity to build a powerful new income stream for yourself without any risk or obligation.

Vitamin Power Inc,
39 Saint Mary's Place, Freeport,
NY 11520
Phone : 516-378-0900
Fax : 516-378-0919
Toll-free : 1-800-692-7982

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