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Todds Snacks
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Todds Snacks

Todd's Incorporated was established in 1993 as a snack food company that offers quality products at a great price while offering distributors the opportunity to be creative and have fun. Todds' experience of over 55 years in packaging, distribution, marketing, sales and merchandising allows us to offer our customers the best in quality and value - everything that they deserve!

We believe in developing products to meet the specific needs of our customers. Because of this, Todd's specializes in more than just supplying great tasting snack foods and candy products. We maintain a wide range of superior packaging resources from all over the world. We also have a truly experienced technical team who can customize snack and candy products to meet the needs of customers' specific projects.

Our customers' needs are like no other, having their own unique challenges and requirements. This is why Todd's offers customized creative solutions along with unparalleled service. We put together a powerful combination of creativity and professionalism, matching the right product and packaging to fit your needs. Our customers gain greater marketing opportunities than ever before by utilizing our variety of packaging materials and extensive resources. Our products are sold everywhere there are people - convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores, truck stops, bus terminals, university bookstores, hotels and many other places where people need quality snacks.

todds snacks

Todd's snacks and candy come in many forms :

  • Gourmet Gift Bottles
  • Custom Packaging
  • Convenience Snack Foods
  • Vending Snacks
  • Hispanic Snacks
  • Private Label and License Packaging
  • Bulk Fills
  • Plastic and Glass Containers

As a Todd's distributor, you will source for locations where Todd's products will be sold. Then you will service these locations, replenishing products, introducing new ones and dealing with routine distributions duties. Depending on how many stores are on your route and the distance between them, servicing can take anywhere from one to two hours a day to being a full time business if you have a large network of stores.

todds snacksTodd’s Incorporated offers our distributors financial independence paired with unlimited earning potential with a minimum capital investment. As an independent distributor you get to set your own hours and wear comfortable, casual clothing. You make your own schedule. Our distributor profile varies widely. It's a perfect business opportunity for those looking for a career change; for entrepreneurs or professionals seeking a new opportunity; someone looking to establish their retirement; people planning for the future. It's perfect for retirees wishing to supplement fixed incomes or those looking to become self-employed for the first time. In other words, this business is suitable for anyone, aged 18 to 80, who is self-motivated and who desires income combined with the flexibility to set their own schedule.

We do NOT sell franchises. We do NOT charge royalties. All Todd’s distributors are INDEPENDENT and receive intensive training and assistance in developing their territories. In addition, Todd’s Incorporated continually strives to gain distribution with regional and national chain and corporate accounts for our distributors to service.

There are many reasons to choose Todds :

  • Be Your Own Boss!
  • Build Equity in a Tangible Asset
  • Financial Independence
  • Exclusively branded Todd's products build good will and value
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Small Start-up Costs (No Franchise or Royalty Fees)
  • Primarily a Cash Business
  • Tax Write Off for Business Expenses
  • Training Provided
  • Spend More Quality Time With Family
  • Casual Dress
  • Purchase direct from the factory (no middlemen)
  • Work your Own Hours
  • Quality and Innovative Products
  • Unique & Colorful Packaging
  • Low Overhead
  • Diverse and fast selling products
  • Repeat Business

We have found that potential distributors are sometimes investigating other business opportunities such as soda or candy machines. Typically, a soda or candy vending business needs much more servicing; servicing the equipment, and dealing with frequent breakdowns. Additionally, one must move these big machines in and out of trucks, not to mention their high costs. Our business is much easier to manage which translates into more time for your other personal needs. Distributing Todd's snacks and candy is also a really rewarding and fun business!

Tel : (800) 93-TODDS or (800) 93-86337

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