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Tianshi Health Products
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Tianshi Health Products

Since its founding in 1992 by Li Jinyuan, Tianshi Group has grown into a large scale global enterprise providing quality health and wellness products, with operations in over 190 countries and regions. Tianshi's customers base today stands at well over 100 million. From the very first day of existence, Tianshi has maintained a continual, stable and rapid rate of growth. Anchored in Advanced Biotechnology, Tianshi is also involved in finacing, real estate development, education, cultural exchange and modern linguistics. Tianshi is headquatered in Beijing at the Henderson Center and its production plants are located in Wuqing New Technology Development Zone in Tianjin.

Tianshi Health Products is proud to be the first direct selling company based in China, manufacturing and distributing Traditional Chinese Health Products all over the world. With over 190 regional offices throughout the globe, Tianshi began operations in North Americal in 1999 and currently we have over 11,000 Independent Consultants.

We are a direct selling company based on advanced biotechnology. Tianshi is devoted to developing health and wellness products and we strive to inculcate a culture for a healthy lifestyle. Our business opportunity is unique and is a modern trend setter. We reward successful Independent Consultants for personal sales and leadership. In North America, we support the opportunity by offering high quality health and wellness herbal supplements, home, personal, skin and body care products.

Tianshi Health ProductsOur Mission is to offer high quality products and services that provide the Keys to Health and Wealth for our family of customers in harmony with the highest international professional standards and ethical values.

Tianshi Group envisions a community knit together with the common goal of health, wealth and welfare for all of humanity, made possible through its network of valued resources – people, education, markets, the internet and capitalization.

Tianshi’s unlimited business opportunity allows you to work in your element. Whatever your goals are - to spend more time with your family, determine your own income, be your own boss, or to travel the world - you can achieve it with Tianshi.

Tianshi is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives and our Independent Consultants know that we work to make that difference. We strive for the ultimate customer service satisfaction for all our customers. We offer diversified products which allow for a unique home-based business opportunity and unlimited earning potential. We are committed to a business model that promotes health and well-being for all people.

Our partnership is simple…

Tianshi offers :

  • A generous compensation plan with rewards
  • Empowerment to our Independent Consultants through training and recognition.
  • Premium health products with value and selection.

Tianshi will:

  • Provide business development training
  • Present ongoing incentives and rewards
  • Recognition for performance
  • Keep you informed via our website
  • Offer an e-Business Solution

You will:

  • Share the product
  • Share the opportunity
  • Participate in your business development
  • Have commitment and perseverance

Tianshi believes that the path for success lies in empowering it's Independent Consultants with the right knowledge and training. We succeed only when our people succeed.

North American Head Office
15 Allstate Parkway, Suite 105
Markham, Ontario
L3R 5B4
Telephone : 1-877-TIANSHI (842-6744) / (905) 475-8700
Fax :1-877-248-7452 / (905) 475-6800

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