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Kids Kars
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Kids Kars

Lots of people are finding that working 9-5 doesn't really work for them. People are looking for greater flexibility, autonomy and 'real' compensation for their efforts. They want to 'get back' rewards that justify and correspond to the number of hours they put in. Even those lucky enought to have a job they like often complain that their salary won't meet their lifestyle dreams.

So what's the answer? Becoming your own boss can be both empowering and financially rewarding. You get to choose how you work, where your work and when to work. What you need is a business opportunity that provides you with more choices and a greater ability to shape your future. That's what KIDS KARS' business opportunity is all about.

Kids KarsKIDS KARS® is a 'complete mobile entertainment system', that is taken to where the kids are, and can be quickly and easily setup. Similar to go-karts but specially designed to cater to younger children as well, it can be operated at mobile or fixed sites. KIDS KARS® specially designed cars are eary-to-drive child sized gasoline-powered cars that go up to 4 mph., driven in an area surrounded by inflatable safety barriers. There's no fixed track; you can build your own track based on the area where you need to set up and the safety barriers are designed to accomodate your track. This means that you can operate at any event, almost anywhere: You can set up on almost any surface at almost any venue or event. (please remember that permission/permits must be sought from event/evenue organizers). KIDS KARS® are designed to be self-driven by a child aloneor a child with adult/another child accompanying. Passengers can be 3 to 93!
Tell me more about these KIDS KARS® cars?

Kids KarsOur KIDS KARS® :

  • Great colors and graphics with removable fiberglass body: Allows maintenance access and body style changes.
    (*Manufactured changes to body styles considered upon request)
  • Fully welded chassis.
  • Powered by a gasoline 5.5hp Honda engine. Gasoline & engine are at different ends of the car.
    (*Electric motor version subject to availability)
  • Disc brakes, pneumatic tires and upholstered seats with seat belts.
  • Remote control cutout switch: Each is equipped with a solid-state remote control unit, the operator can use to quickly stop the cars.
  • Steering wheel. Gas and brake pedals.
  • Safety/operating instructions: On dashboard and at entrance to driving arena.
  • Adheres to strict safety standards: Fully certified to ASTM 2007-00.

The KIDS KARS® system is purpose-built as we strive for the highest safety standards. This is a primary concern for us at KIDS KARS® so we take extra care in all aspects that contribute to the overall safety, comfort and enjoyment of our KIDS KARS® passengers and operators :

KIDS KARS® has produced a finely tuned system. Care and attention to detail, special design features, experience-based operating practices and full training helps to ensure KIDS KARS® will maintain exceptional levels of durability, reliability and an outstanding safety record.

  • Experienced and trained operators: All our staff think ‘safety first’ and are grounded in safe working practices.
  • Air safety fencing: Complete surround enclosure designed to stop cars safely and without injury. This also keeps by-standers out of the driving arena
  • 4mph speed limit: The motor has been modified so the cars and kids are easier to control!
  • KIDS KARS® Driver’s License: A safe and secure form of I.D for all children.
  • Remote control cut-out: Enabling operator to stop cars quickly.
  • Disc brakes, full covered body-shell: There is no chance of hair or fingers getting caught in the motor
  • Engineering safety certificate to U.S safety standards: The cars and safety fencing adhere to and are fully certified. Certificates viewable on
    • Pneumatic tires
    • Cushioned seats and Seat belts
    • Steering wheel, gas/brake pedals
    • Safety instructions: On car dashboard and at queue entrance ASTM standard F2007-00

Kids Kars

Now let's take a look at the Business Opportunity :

How many hours must I work running the KIDS KARS® system?
You decide how many hours you want to work. You're the boss remember? You can choose to work full-time or weekends and holidays if you just want KIDS KARS® to supplement your main income.

What kind of events can KIDS KARS® operate at?
The KIDS KARS® system is mobile and can be set up almost anywhere...wherever there are kids!
You do the marketing, so you can choose your venues. We'll provide* resources like brochures, dvds and helpful 'marketing tips’. You can run KIDS KARS® at

  • School carnivals
  • Fairs and community events
  • Shopping malls, sports fields and parks
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other similar events
  • County/state fairs
  • Fundraisers
  • Swap meets
  • Corporate family fun days

Is the KIDS KARS® system easy to run?
Yes, once you have operated the system a few times you will see how 'easy' it can be. We'll provide you with all the training you need and a DVD with instructions and an operations manual.

How much money can I make?
This really depends a lot on whether you run KIDS KARS® fulltime or parttime. However, to give you a rough idea, if your run 5 cars at once, approximately every 5 minutes, at $4 per car (an optimum operation), you will be making quite a tidy sum! Please note that revenue depends on factors like the particular venue or event, the weather, efficient operating practices, staffing, site fees (if applicable) etc.

We sincerely believe running the KIDS KARS® system could work well for you.Unlike restrictive business operations, KIDS KARS® allows you to enjoy the decision-making of where and when you work. Work full or part-time, and/or weekends and public holidays. Run the KIDS KARS® as your sole income or to fit
in with your existing commitments. And it can be a great deal of fun! By setting your level of commitment and marketing yourself you can chose a 'business lifestyle' that suits 'you'. The scope of potential customers, events and venues is almost anywhere you'll find kids!!

15711 Highway 55
Boise, Idaho 83714
Toll Free 1-866-4-KIDSKARS
Tel 208-322-0763
Fax 208-330-0013

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