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SuperPro Vending
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SuperPro Vending

Statistics show that Americans spend over $400 Million for candy and gum in bulk vending machines.With millions of breakrooms, lunch halls, cafes, delis, restaurants, bars, and retail outlets in America alone, all that small change can quickly add up to a huge mountain of money. That's why SuperPro Vending is risen to be one of the biggest and best known Vending business opportunities you could ever find.

SuperPro Vending's goal is to show you a way to make good income with the least amount of your time invested. We believe that SuperPro Vending Group represents the best value in the vending industry. Here's what your should consider about working with SuperPro Vending to create a business for yourself :

  • Job Security – Let’s face the facts, as long as you are working for someone else, your future is in their hands. The only real long-term answer is to be in business for yourself. We have that business and you can start out part-time or full-time. Just decide how much income you want to make and then let us help you start and build a profitable and fun business.
  • Financial Stability – The vending busness has experienced almost a century of continued growth and is today a $25 billion business which continues to grow every year. Some of America’s great fortunes have been created from the vending business.
  • Being your own Boss – Our mission is to assist you in being in business FOR YOURSELF BUT NOT BY YOURSELF! Your machines… your route… your money. Work smart, learn from us, have lots of free time and extra income.
  • Your Investment – You owe it to yourself and your family to make sound financial decisions. Our business is such that nearly your entire investment is in equipment and product. No “Blue Sky” or franchise fees. In this business, the more machines you have, the more money you make. With SuperPro, you can get started for less than $500.
  • Return on Investment – We provide you with the assistance to help you grow to the business size which you can easily handle. The vending business is proven to be one of the best returns on investments in today’s market place. With our route, we service at least four machines in one hour. On the average we collect $120.00 between these 4 machines. For every dollar collected, approximately .30¢ goes toward product cost; 70¢is profit. That works out to be $78.00 per hour. How would you like to make $78 per hour?
  • Flexible Hours - You get to choose your hours. As long as your machines get refilled, you will be making money, but you have total freedom as to how you set your own working hours.

SuperPro VendingWhy start a SuperPro Vending business?

  • No Franchise Fees – No Goodwill Cost – No Royalties
  • All your investment goes into YOUR business for equipment, inventory and securing of locations at established businesses.
  • Start with a modest investment less that $500 instead of the usual $50,000 - $500,000
  • Ideal family oriented business enables you to involve members of your family. You can work with your children in an environment that lets you teach them successful business ethics and good work habits.
  • Immediate cash flow. Start earning money the day your machines are on location.
  • Minimum time requirements. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to service a machine.
  • We’re here to help you succeed! You’re guided by people who have been successful in the business. We too own and operate vending routes.
  • Many tax advantages to owning your own business.
  • Freedom to grow as big as you want and at your own pace.
  • You don’t have to be a super salesman. Our machines do the silling for you. They’re like silent salesmen working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no breaks.
  • Flexible hours. You can service your machines when ever you want.
  • Freedom to be your own boss. No one looking over you shoulder. No lay-offs!
  • Good in all seasons. Everyone eats candy and chews gum all year long.
  • Excellent income potential. Great return for the amount of time spent running your route.
  • No office or fancy warehuose is needed. Most people operate out of their homes.
  • There are more available locations.
  • SuperPro’s machines vend nationally know “Brand Name” products that have had millions of advertising dollars spent on them. These products include M&M’s, Boston Baked Beans, Reese’s Pieces, Skittles, Hot Tamales, and sugar-free Dentyne Ice®.
  • These products are consumed by people in all age, income and occupational groups, regardless of the area lived in, from the largest city to the smallest rural area.on a daily basis year around regardless of the economy; offering an outstanding repeat business opportunity.
  • Virtually unlimited opportunity to gain freedom of time and financial security.
  • Everyone has a quarter and they do add up!

SuperPro VendingSome Questions you may have :

Can I operate from home?
Yes, There is no need for an expensive office or warehouse. It's a business that you can easily run part-time. It generally takes 15 minutes to service a machine (5 minutes servicing the machine – 10 minutes between locations)

How good is the cash flow?
Excellent. It’s an all cash business. Plus, there are no receivables or bad debt. Your free cash flow can help you expand.

Once I am in business, how long before I start making money?
Your SuperPro machines will begin working to make you money immediately. There is no need to work and wait for months or years while you build a clientele. Your machines are like “silent” sales persons working for you constantly day and night, summer and winter, Sundays and holidays.

Do I have to sell?
No. Just put the machine on location, refill and collect the money. The candy and gum industry has created a huge demand for their products and you are taking advantage of that. The vending machine displays and sells for you 24 hours a day, up to 7 days a week.

Where do I buy my candy?
You can purchase the candy from our company or we can help you find a candy wholesaler in you area.

Are there enough locations for me to expand - is the market saturated?
Although you see vending machines “everywhere”, there are between two and three million new small businesses starting each year. Over 90% of them will not support a large machine and are ideal for our machines.

How often should I service each machine?
On the average, one time every four weeks. Higher volume locations should be serviced every two weeks. After the first 90 days you will see a pattern of usage and can decide how often to service the location.

Can my family or staff help service the machines?
Yes. Because of the ease of servicing the machine, many route owners get their children and spouse to help. One person can service an average of 30-35 units per day. Working full-time a person can service 600-700 units per month comfortably.Most people, in the early stages of business, service machines themselves in the
evening or on weekends. What’s great about the vending machine business is that just one person can easily handle 400 machines. And when you’re ready for part-time help, it’s a great job for college students, housewives, a son or daughter, etc.

How much money can I make?
It all depends on the quality of your locations. The higher traffic the location has, the more quarters you get. Based on the recommended candy setting, your candy cost should average between 3 and 7 cents per vend. You want to keep your overall product cost around 25% to 30%. Our best location generates approximately $120 and our lowest generates approximately $16. It's all about Location, Location, Location!

What do I do if the machines need parts or service?
The SuperPro machine is a trouble free machine and will require very little maintenance. However, if you ever do need assistance, we stand ready to assist you.
Just call us at 800-288-0958.

Do I have to find the locations myself?
You can, or there are locating services that can secure locations for you either by telemarketing or in person. We can furnish you with a list of locating services upon request.

Do any of the products become stale or go rancid?
Not with the SuperPro because :

  • The machines are placed in a climate controlled business which limits these problems.
  • The machines are usually empty within a month or sooner. There usually isn’t sufficient time for these kinds of problems to develop.
  • We consult with you on the proper level to fill your machines, reducing the risk of spoilage.

How much will I need to invest to grow in this business?
It can be $0. By reinvesting your profits, you can grow without using any more of your own money.

How long will the machines last?
These machines are constructed of heavy gauge metal and are designed to last indefinitely. The machines and moving parts are warranted for 10 years. You can depend on years of trouble free, profitable operation. Other machines that look like this usually only have a 2 to 5 year warranty. That’s something to think about.

We believe that the vending industry is one of the best home based businesses any one can start. You are in total control of how fast you want to grow and how hard you want to work. SuperPro Vending is here to guide you every step of the way!

SuperPro Vending Group : (800) 288-0598

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