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Home Video Studio
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Home Video Studio

Hi! We're Denise and Robert Hanley. On June 14, 1991, started a home-based video studio in a small, upstairs bedroom and over the next few years we developed a moneymaking machine that uses video to produce CASH. In 1998 alone, I made over $100,000.00 net profit. Within a short period, what had begun as simply a video duplicating service for businesses and consumers around Indianapolis grew into an outstanding home-based video studio with ten major profit centers (Today we have 27 profit centers!).

There's no question that American business has changed. More and more people are searching for respectable and profitable businesses they can run from their homes. They want more control of their lives - and their lifestyles, and that's precisely what Home Video Studio offers. With HVS, you have complete control without all of the headaches of working for someone else. You and only you determine your daily schedule, your hours of work and play, and ultimately . . . the amount of money you make.

So, over the past 15 years, I've developed a Home Video Studio™ business that practically anyone can learn to run. I urge you to take a good hard look at this business. It's one of the few businesses that you can run from home, make a ton of money and still be with the family. It has worked for Denise and me. It has worked for others across this great country. It can work for you too!

Home Video Studio is the lifestyle of the 21st Century. And what's really, really exciting about Home Video Studio, (HVS) is that it is nothing like so many other home-based businesses. This is a business where you stay at home and your customers come to you. And I can't think of any other real exciting business like this, that anyone can truly run at home. Most home- based businesses are just that -- HOME-BASED. You still have to travel outside the home, either to make sales calls or perform your service. With HVS, your customers come to you. And this is a great business for stay-at-home moms and dads. I should know. I was the first HVS stay-at-home dad! But let's not forget about the rest of you. If you're single, divorced, a single mom or dad, a couple, or even retired -- this business is for you.

For HVS studio owners, every day is dress-down Friday. We stay at home with our kids. We don't use daycare. We never miss our children's swim meets or class plays. We're free to take every weekend off because we are in charge of our lifestyle. We often extend our two-day weekends to three or four-day weekends. It's a wonderful lifestyle!

Home Video Studio offers many profit centers :

- DVD and CD Duplication
- Home Movie Transfer
- Video Editing
- Video to DVD Transfer
- Photo Video Keepsakes
- Video Production
- Video Tape Duplication
- Video Tape Repair
- Audiocassette and Micro-Cassette Duplication
- International Conversions
- Format Conversions
- Video Prints
- Power Point Conversions
- Legal Video Services
- Sports Scholarship Videos
- Arts, Music, and Entertainment Scholarship Videos
- Video to Computer File Conversion
- You're the Producer
- Back in Time - RETRO Videos
- FamilyTIME
- This is your LifeTIME "
- DVD Authoring
- Video/DVD Language Transfer
- Documentary Style Corporate Videos
- High Concept Videos
- Savers of the Family Archives
- Lifestories
Home Video Studio

We understand that some people have absolutely no experience in the video business. That's why we include intensive theory and hands-on training for each of our studio owners. Our training and support is second-to-none. There will be twenty-one (21) days of training available to you in your first year alone!

You'll receive the detailed, proprietary HVSI Training Manual covering everything you need to know to run a successful home video studioluding: marketing, sales, operation of equipment, administration of your business, advertising, and more.

With your manual in hand, you’re ready for HVSI Basic Training. You won’t need any fatigues to negotiate the obstacle course, because we give you all the tools and skills you will need to handle any situation you may encounter. HVSI Basic Training is an intensive study into the inner workings of YOUR business. We focus on the skills you will need to be successful from the very day your business opens. As a matter of fact, we give you tools to grow your business before you even open the door. We spend 5 days teaching you the following: Home Video Studio

  • Marketing skills
  • Networking and Business skills
  • Sales skills
  • Profit Center Training
  • Accounting and Administration
  • Photo Video Production
  • Editing and DVD Authoring
  • Equipment handling and installation
  • Advanced Training
  • Quaterly Workshops
  • 3-Day Annual Getaway
  • 2-Day Retreat in Indiana
  • Monday Morning Market Calls
  • Semi-monthly Communication Calls
  • Online Support

We have a system that has been tested for twenty-two years. The words of HVSI founder Robert Hanley demonstrate the power of leveraging the experience of others. His struggle in developing a solid, effective marketing system is your advantage. We believe that Home Video Studio is the perfect Home Based Business for you.

6432 N. Oaklandon Rd.
Indianapolis, IN. 46236
Hotline: 1-866-714-1956

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