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No-Burn Fire Resistance
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NoBurn Home Safety Kit

Fires are a leading cause of accidental death all over the world. Every year, fires cause untold damage and suffering to millions of people. Unfortunately, most families and companies don't give much thought to the prevention (and worse, the effects) of fires in their homes and business premises.

According to statistics, 90% of all fires occur in or around the home. Billions of dollars are spent annually to put our fires and repair damages caused by fires. No-Burn® believes that if we would only use a small percentage of that expense for the prevention of fires, we would make our world a safer place and at the same time, save a lot of money.

No-Burn® is a revolutionary Class A fire retardant and fire reactant spray coatings and paint. No-Burn® removes the fuel a fired needs to burn. When you coat wood, carpets and furniture in your home with No-Burn®, they become extremely flame resistant. No-Burn® coatings are a superior, advanced non-toxic and non-carcinogenic fire retardent that renders a wide arrayof materials incapable of burning. Imagine how much safer you would feel if you home and its contents - wood frames, wood trusses, drywall, carpets, furniture etc - were built built or coated with No-Burn® fire retardant coatings!

NoBurnNo-Burn®'s products have been rigorously tested to ASTM, NFPA, UL and other standards. No-Burn® fire retardant and fire reactant spray coatings may be applicable for most residential, multifamily and commercial structures. Instead of worrying about having to extinguish fires, No-Burn® prevents them by removing the fuel that feeds fires. No-Burn® provides a sense of security to home and business owners and more importantly, additional time to react to or escape from fire.

No-Burn® gives you the opportunity to help make this world a safe place. As a No-Burn® dealer, your priority is to make sure every home and business in your dealershiop area knows about No-Burn®. We will help you grow your No-Burn® dealership with top-notch training, support and marketing materials. As you educate people about No-Burn® and its products you will see your business and profits increase.

NoBurnNo-Burn® gives you the opportunity to take advantage of our strong and reputable brand, to become a part of a growing network of Dealers all working towards a single goal.We believe that as more local and state governments recognize No-Burn® superior protection and ease of use, we can look forward to our technology being written into building codes and fire protection laws.

By starting your own business and using No-Burn®’s marketing and sales methods, you can experience both growth and satisfaction while helping others.

What you will receive with a regional dealership :

  • One Regional Dealership with national territorial protection
  • 106 gallons of No-Burn® product, including:
  • 50 NB Wood Gard
  • 25 NB Fabric Fire Gard
  • 10 NB Plus
  • 5 NB Original
  • 1 NB Dye
  • 15 NB Wood Gard Mih
  • 1-5 gal pump
  • One startup package which consists of:
  • 1 Bronze Level Dealer Website
  • 50 Family of Products Brochures
  • 50 No-Burn® Wood Gard Products sell sheets
  • 50 No-Burn® Plus sell sheets
  • 50 No-Burn® Fabric Fire Gard/Original sell sheets
  • 100 untreated “Million-Dollar Bills”
  • 1 pair gloves
  • 1 consumer Home Fire Safety Kit
  • 1- Dealer Manual
  • 50 sets of FRCR holograms, certificates and registration forms
  • 1 Application Videos
  • 1 Demo DVDs
  • 1000 No-Burn® Business Cards
  • 3 No-Burn® t-shirts
  • 1000 No-Burn® Letterhead
  • 1000 No-Burn® envelopes

The No-Burn® business opportunity isn't just about making money. It's about making the world a safer place for people and their loved ones.

No-Burn®, Inc.
1392 High Street Suite 211
Wadsworth, Ohio 44281
Office 330-336-1500
Office 330-336-5800 Fax

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