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Looking to own a great business? Jiff-e-Books has been a leading supplier of personalized books for well over 20 years. We specialize in software that's user-friendly and books that exceed high standards expected by parents and customers to enable you to get a head-start in the personalized children's book business. With Jiff-e-Books, you can print 4-color, hard cover books without needing to use expensive pre-printed covers and pages. Our innovative process not only saves you hundreds of dollars in unused inventory, but greatly reduces your initial startup investment.

Everyone dreams of owning their own business, but why a personalized book business? The Jiff-e-Books business opportunity lets you determine the amount of money you make and the number of hours you spend doing it. We provide the best products we can so that you can be successful -and enjoy - running your own business. It's fun and rewarding to make and sell Jiff-e-Books personalized books. With every Jiff-e-Books book that you that you sell, you are providing a quality educational product that helps to build children's self esteem while encouraging their love of reading. We've had nothing but compliments from parents and children who tell us how much they appreciate the books we make for them.

Jiff-e-BooksJiff-e-Books were created by Sally and Bill Graham in 1987 and since then, they've been making personalized book software that offers all-digital printing of personalized books. What this means is that we eliminate the need for our business owners to maintain costly inventory. Conventional personalized books systems require that expensive covers and pages be kept in stock. That's money being held up in stock instead of being put to better use for the business. With the Jiff-e-Books process, distributors literally create books on the fly as and when their customers order them. Our books are printed from scratch - not on PRE-PRINTED materials. Using our "low-inventory method", distributors only have to keep a minimum of 50 books at an estimated cost of $125. These 50 books will allow you to create any combination of 22 titles.

Good reasons to choose Jiff-e-Books

  • Professionally written stories with 4-color illustrations throughout, edited for appropriateness by educators
  • Own a rewarding business that promotes reading and positive self-esteem in children
  • Lowest wholesale cost in the industry
  • No need for your money to be tied up in unused inventory - ends the cycle of the majority of your profits going back into inventory
  • Low startup costs - small amount of supplies required; use your computer and a color inkjet or laser printer.
  • Print the child's picture in any book. This is a great selling feature as well as an additional profit maker for you.
  • Software that's reliable and easy to use - online user's guide for easy reference
  • Unlimited support - we are always available for you by email or telephone
  • Trouble-free printing - no waste, no ruined preprinted pages
  • Rewarding - your customers will love the books, and you will love the reorders
  • Flexible - Work from home, work on location, sell on the internet.
  • A great part-time business. None of the major marketing restrictions you would incur with licensed character books.
  • License is not limited to one computer.
  • Be a part of the multi-million dollar children's book industry.
  • Many Opportunities to Market Jiff-e-Books that fit your time and your goals!

Here are just a small sample of ways to market your Jiff-e-Books :

  • On-location Sales - Holiday bazaars, arts and crafts shows, flea markets, malls and special events are excellent places for on-location sales. Making books while a customer waits is always a top-selling method
  • Fundraisers - Jiff-e-Books personalized books are great for fundraisers! Churches, day care centers, parent-teacher organizations are just a few of the venues for fundraisers. It can be as simple as leaving samples and order forms at your fundraising location, or you can set up and sell on-site for an organization's fundraiser
  • Hospitals - Contract with a local hospital to provide every new mom with a keepsake baby book
  • Drop-off marketing - Drop off a Jiff-e-Book sample at an office building or other workplace. Return the next day and pick up your orders. This is a simple but effective way to sell books
  • Home Parties - Why not sell Jiff-e-Books at home parties? They can be sold alone or in combination with other popular home party products, such as jewelry, cosmetics, cookware, etc.

With a low investment of under $500, you can start your own personalized books business today. The startup cost includes license, software and all the materials you need to make 50 deluxe, hard cover books. The Jiff-e-Books software is so easy to use, you'll be up and running in no time at all and with our all-digital process, you can be sure we've given you every opportunity to maximize your profits. You can set up shop anywhere you live because our system requires very little space. In fact, you can even set up right at home and market your Jiff-e-Books online!

47 Sundown Parkway
Austin, TX 78746
Tel : 512-784-9787

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