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Tattoos are gaining popularity like never before, with the majority of under-thirty five ladies sporting at least one tattoo. Airbrush tattoos are tattoos that are painted on using an airbrush and template, and they have become the preferred choice.

Normal tattoos are expensive and painful.Worse, they're there for life - they're permanent. The problem is, the tattoo that you want at age 17 may not be same one you want at 27, 37 or 57. In fact, you might want different tattoos for different times - one for the beach, for work, a sporting event, shopping or at dinner.

TatStoreAs we age and our body changes, what looks good when we are young may not look good later on in life. Airbrish tattoos are temporary. You get to choose the design that best matches your needs and your mood! Unlike permanent tattoos, airbrush tattoos can last up to two weeks and can be easily removed.

Airbrushed tattoos are affordable, easy to apply and allow people of all ages the best way to express their personality at any given time. The tattoo industry has the potential to become a multi-billion dollar industry and we'd like to give you a chance to be an early starter by being the first to offer tats in your locale.

Airbrush tattoos are extremely popular at public events. You can set up your Airbrush Tattoo Business at :

Roller skate arenas Festivals Motor cycle rallies
Balloon Festivals Rodeos Camp grounds
Speedways Malls Tourist resorts
Fairs Car rallies Amusement parks
Beaches Salons Youth rallies
Concerts Bars Night clubs
Auto shows Bowling alleys Carnivals
NASCAR races Theme parks Sporting games/events

In addition to public events, you can also set up your Airbrush Tattoo Business at private events. Tatists typically earn between $100 to $200 per hour to set up their Airbrush Tattoo Business at private events like the following :

Corporate events Church bazaars Magic shows
School carnivals Beach/pool parties Birthday parties
Sweet 16 Bar Mitzvahs College events
Wedding receptions Neighborhood parties Private parties
Community events Reunions Comedy shows
Fashion shows Grand openings Graduation parties
Summer camps Fund raisers Grand openings

What you Get in the Airbrush Tattoo Power System

TatStoreThe Power System saves you thousands of dollars AND makes you thousands of dollars as you continue to use it for your Airbrush Tattoo Business. Quality is of paramount importance to us, so we've included the best tools and resources to help you become a successful tatist.

  • Stencils: Each stencil can be used and reused 100's of times. One stencil can produce enough sales over its life to pay for the entire package several times over. If you paid full retail, the stencils alone would cost you more than the complete Power System. The Power System also includes a portable stencil organizer. The whole Power System is portable. Incidentally, our stencils are guaranteed for one year. If you damage one for any reason, simply return it for a free replacement - even if your dog chews it up. These are the highest quality stencils on the market.

  • Artwork: To have a graphic artist create and layout the exclusive designs costs thousands of dollars, and that doesn't include the cost of materials, printing, and laminating. Yes, the artwork is laminated, ready to display. You also recieve indoor/outdoor banners. You'll love the banners. The banners are beautiful and extremely effective in attracting business.

  • Ink: There is sufficient ink in The Power System to do thousands of tats. When you reorder, $195 of additional ink can do another $20,000 of retail sales. That is a hundred-to-one markup. A ten dollar tat costs ten cents in ink for a gross profit of $9.90. There are 7 different colors of ink in The Power System - all the colors you need. We'll show you how to create every color in the rainbow with our proprietary Power Palette explained below. The ink contains only FDA approved ingredients and is non-allergenic and organic. It is safer than peanut butter.

    (Note: The quality of ink available in the market varies greatly. Some is so bad that using it would damage your reputation. Our exclusive Duratat™ is the best ink in the world for doing tats - the longest lasting, safest and easiest to work with.)

  • Equipment: The Power Palette™ color changer with airbrush, a $997 value, allows the operator to switch colors and blend adjacent colors (creating new colors and shades) by a fingertip-control dial on the airbrush gun. The compressor, a $750.00 value, is silent and odorless: ideal for doing tats. All equipment comes with a one year warranty. Rest assured that you receive only state-of-the-art equipment, all proprietary - offered exclusively here. There are reasons why we're number one in the tat industry.

  • Training video/DVD: If you had to pay enrollment fees, travel expenses, lodging, and take time away from work to learn all the tricks of doing tats, the costs could prove to be too much. But, you don't. You can play and replay the video or DVD, learn at your own pace, and use it to train others ... as many others as you want. It is hard to know the full value of the training video and DVD, which you may continue to use for years.

    The truth is: We support you every step of the way. One only has to look at our website: www.TatStore.com to know the truth of this claim. Whether you want to do this part-time as a weekend warrior or build a multi-million dollar tat business, we're there for you like no one else. Check out the unprecedented wealth of information on our site - All FREE: How To articles, videos, forum, blog, artist directory, etc. When we say that we have a free blog, it's five blogs in one featuring five different writers on five different subjects to help you: eCommerce, web design, marketing and sales, retail and Internet and computer software. These experts will answer your questions - FREE.

  • Free consultation: A customer recently called the toll free help line - our technical support department, she was upset because while air was coming out of her airbrush, ink wasn't. She was expecting to do a lot of business that day and didn't want to lose out. With our help she solved the problem in one minute. This support, free consultation via toll free help lines at critical times, means you don't lose sales.

  • Marketing portfolio: Not only do you get posters, you get a letter outlining important ideas to jump start your tat business: suggested pricing with signage, trifold handouts, our secret selling techniques that work, and much more. Our exclusive, free artist directory alone could drive enough business to you to pay for your Power System many times over.

TatStoreWhat makes the Power System different?

  • MVP Club : When you purchase The Power System you become a Most Valuable Partner (MVP) and a member of our exclusive MVP Club™. Club membership entitles you to deep discounts: unpublished prices on ink, stencils, and more. You'll have access to J.D. Crowe™ designs. You are also invited to join the MVP Clubwhich brings paying customers to you. You'll have access to a cloaked website - MVP Members only. Others pay $297 for this privilege alone.

  • The Artist Directory : This nNationwide customer referral program targets teenagers and funnels them to you. Right now there are hundreds of potential customers within reach of your business. They have never used your services and do not fully appreciate the service you offer. But, we can get their attention, at least some of it, direct it to you, and get them to walk in or phone you.

  • Training video/DVD : Our video will teach you the tat business. We can teach you to do tats within a couple of hours because all there is to it is airbrushing ink onto a stencil. If you can point, you can apply a tat - no artistic ability is required. Within a day you'll be practiced and able to put a tat on a customer every few minutes. We recommend that you charge your customer $6.00 to $12.00 per tat - some charge up to $45.00 per tat. What you charge will depend on your market. Your cost per tat is about to 10¢ for the ink.

If you're serious about making a success of yourself, then we're serious about helping you BE that success. The Airbrush Tattoo Business is a growing, vibrant and fun business to run. You'll be making lots of people happy, and you'll surely be happy when you experience running your own Airbrush Tattoo Business.

TAT International, LLC
4950-A Plainfield Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Tel : 1-800-280-8198
International : 1-616-447-9561

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