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Everyday, people and businesses need to customize and print anything from stationary to books to gifts. Whether it's a simple one-off job like printing a customer's name on a sling bag or bigger jobs like printing a company's name and logo on hundreds of diaries, there is never a shortage of customers in the Advertising, Marketing and Specialty printing business.

Press-A-PrintFor well over 20 years, Press-A-Print has been helping people from all walks of life to be their own boss and to take back control of their lives by helping them start a business that's fun and exciting. Press-A-Print allows them the flexibility to scale their business size to suit their own needs - from small home-based setups to specialized stores. Press-A-Print teaches you how to set up, manage and grow your own Advertising, Marketing and Specialty Printing business. Because we're the experts in this industry, we train you to print on almost anything so that you can use this ability to maximize the business opportunities in your market.

Press-A-Print is NOT a franchise or a multi-level marketing program. Press-A-Print is a turnkey business that comes complee with equiment, training and support. It's a business that's ready to run as soon as you complete the necessary training. It's a business that's flexible and scalable that your can mold to fit your lifestyle. Best of all, Press-A-Print is a business that's profitable from day one.


The Press-A-Print Advantage :

Small Quantities, Quick Turnaround and Local Service
Because Press-A-Print Owner/Operators own the equipment they are able to offer small quantities, quick turnaround and local service. This makes it easy for Press-A-Print Owner/Operators to get the orders that brokers, sales reps, discount mail order companies, and others simply cannot accept. It is the "S.Q.L. Advantage". It is unique to Press-A-Print and makes Press-A-Print Owner/Operators the obvious choice for specialty printed products.

Press-A-Print Allows You To Run Your Business Your Way.
Press-A-Print has designed and refined a business model that keeps getting better. At the heart of the Press-A-Print System are the Owner/Operators and the freedom they enjoy. We believe freedom sparks creativity and makes for a more fulfilling life. Press-A-Print provides the equipment, training and support but you supply the energy and passion. With Press-A-Print you are free to run your business your way. Doing so with the confidence of knowing that Press-A-Print has been helping people just like you achieve their dreams for more than 20 years.

Huge and Growing Markets Ask your Business Development Consultant
Your options as a Press-A-Print Owner/Operator are truly limitless. Many Operators get their start in the Promotional Products or Decorated Apparel Industries (Press-A-Print leads these Industries as small quanity, quick turnaround, local service distributors). As a Press-A-Print Operator you are not limited to promotional products. Between our Preferred Suppliers, the versatile equipment, our support services, and your client base, you will likely find yourself working and profiting in many different markets.


Work From Anywhere
What is the point of "being the boss" if you still don't have the freedom to spend your day the way you want? With Press-A-Print of course you will have work to do, but the beauty is you decide when, where and how to do it.

Hire Employees or Not
The beauty of the Press-A-Print opportunity is that you can adapt it to fit your desired lifestyle. If you want to hire employees and open a store front. you can. If you want to work alone and out of your home, you can. Press-A-Print can be for anyone and is easily molded to help you reach your lifestyle and income goals.

Repeat Customers
As the old adage goes "it is easier to keep a customer than find a new one". This hold true in this Industry as well and and when coupled with referrals allows you to grow your business year after year, building a client base to weather economic fluctuations and business cycles.

Referral Business
Getting new clients is easy. According to ASI (the largest media and marketing organization serving the Advertising Specialty Industry), 89 - 91% of your business will come from referrals. This makes growing your business simple and keeps your marketing overhead low.


Comprehensive Training
Press-A-Print's experience, knowledge and training facilities makes it possible to take the mystery out of running a specialty printing business. Press-A-Print makes it fun and easy to have your own specialty printing business. The training begins with a visit to Press-A-Print University in Idaho Falls, Idaho for personal, hands-on training. Plus, because the industry is always changing, the training and education continues for the life of your business. Our training will also include :

  • "Top Secrets" Marketinig Training
  • Press-A-Print Conventions
  • Expos and Road Shows
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Access to User Groups and Blogs

Press-A-PrintComplete Support
Since 1986 Press-A-Print has been committed to service after the sale. Press-A-Print currently has a staff of over 50 Industry experts, and everyone at Press-A-Print is committed to your success. When you become a Press-A-Print Owner/Operator you instantly have a staff of dedicated professionals working for you to help you succeed. This is why we say "you're in business for yourself but never by yourself".

  • Customer Service. Our Customer Service Representatives will place your orders for you, research products and prices, help with artwork, dot the "i"s, and cross the "t"s making sure everything is just right. Because they do it every day they are experts with priceless insight and experience.

  • Technical Support. As in most things, and the printing industry is no different, it is not about what you know as much as it is about who you know. With Press-A-Print's Technical Support staff only a toll-free call away you have unlimited access to a friendly expert with many years of Industry experience.

  • Preferred Supplier Program. Exclusive to Press-A-Print is the below wholesale buying program we call the Preferred Supplier Program. We have handpicked Suppliers and arranged for special pricing and lower minimums. As a Press-A-Print Owner/Operator you will have the ability to source products at more favorable terms than virtually anyone.

  • Business Coach. Immediately after becoming a Press-A-Print Owner/Operator you will be assigned a Business Coach. Your Coach will help you get off on the right foot by answering your questions about setting up your business, choosing a name, filing the proper paperwork, and establishing a marketing plan.

  • Art Services. A print is only as good as the art. As a Press-A-Print Owner/Operator you will have many options available to assist you in converting "bad art" into quality production ready art. Graphic Artist or not, we make working with artwork fun and easy.

  • Lifetime Marketing. As a Press-A-Print Owner/Operator you will have access to a multi-faceted marketing program. Many Operators turn the marketing program on or off depending on their current workload. It is a terrific way to control your business to make sure you are only as busy as you want to be.

  • Affiliate Website. Our Affiliate Website, branded with your company's identity and contact information, affords your new business instant credibility as an expert in the business. Plus it allows you to participate in our Pajama Marketing Progam and to grow your business from the comfort of your home office.

Press-A-Print International
1463 Commerce Way
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Toll Free: 800.775.9021
Fax: 866.829.5862

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