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Express Oil
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Express Oil Change and Service Center

Express Oil Change and Service Center is the leading automotive service center in the U.S., offering an oil change process that has been honed to give our customers the quickest oil change coupled with high quality service and premium vehicle maintenanc checks. Every one of our locations houses an Express Service Center - a full service automotive mechanical department - staffed by trained and experience mechanics who are certified in total car care using state of the art equipment and premium parts. Believing in the truest and simplest form of customer service, Express Oil Change and Service Centers strive to have every customer leave with a smile on their face, knowing more about their car, feeling good and secure tha they've given their prized car the preventative maintenance it needs.

Why Express Oil Change and Service Center Franchise

  • High growth industry. It's vital to select an industry that's economically sound and offers room and opportunities for growth when deciding on which franchise to invest in. Since the 1970's, the quick oil change has become firmly established, not just as a viable business but as an industry with enormous growth potential. With and incresing premium place on time in today's lifestyles, the convenience of Express Oil Change's quick oil change is expected to continue to draw customers away from the long waits at automotive dealeships and mechanic shops.

  • Rising cost of vehicles. Vehicles are costing more as time goes by so people are keeping their car longer and driving them farther. Automobile owners are now motivated to become more conscious about proper maintenance of their vehicles to protect their investment. This is more evident during economic downturns and makes the quick lube industy resilient even during periods of recession.

  • Increase in vehicle numbers. With a growing driving-age population and increase in cars-per-family, the number of cars on the road will increase over time.

  • Large untapped market. Approximately 33 percent of the population still handle their own oil change.This large untapped customer base will eventually be open as demographic shifts and lifestyle changes steadily drive these DIY customers into the do-it-for-me market. Environmental concerns are also beginning to play a significant part in their decision to let Express Oil Change handle this critical task - disposal of waste oil is becoming increasingly difficult due to its environmental impact and EPA regulations. As a result, the do-it-yourself consumers are giving up the few dollars saved in favor of the time gained by seeking the services of our industry—and they are assured that their waste oil is disposed of safely without threatening the environment.

Express Oil Change and Service CenterOur Vision - The Reason We're Successful
We are the pre-eminent automotive maintenance provider leading our industry through excellence, innovation, and growth because :

  1. Our customers trust us.
    They experience quality workmanship and fast, convenient, reliable service.
  2. Our franchisees are proud to be a part of Express Oil Change & Service Center.
    They experience growth of their business through excellent operating systems and support.
  3. Our employees are valued individuals and team members.
    They are provided opportunities for personal growth and financial rewards. They are well trained and their compensation is a reflection of their contribution.
  4. Our Vendors are treated with respect.
  5. To our community, we are environmentally conscious and responsible corporate citizens.
  6. We are successful, proud of our company, and enjoy our work.

Express Oil Change and Service CenterExpress Oil Change's Five Point Formula for Success

  1. Superior Personnel
    With our staffing and compensation system, Express Oil Change & Service Center has been able to hire, train and retain top-notch employees who share our mission of service. Our customers learn through experience that at Express Oil Change & Service Center, services will be performed by friendly, competent technicians they can trust.

  2. Expanded Services
    Express Oil Change & Service Center offers a broader range of services than ordinary fast oil change centers. Our centers are divided into two departments that provided specialized services and create additional profit centers:

    • The Express Oil Change Department features our premium 10-minute oil change, including 20 point travel check, all while the customer waits in his/her car. Other services in the oil change department include our 20 minute transmission service and the installation of wiper blades, light bulbs and fluid.
    • The Express Service Center Department features mechanical services such as brake repair, tire rotation and balance, air conditioning service, belt and hose replacement and other minor repairs.

    The combination of these two departments provides customers with “one-stop shopping” for preventative and routine automotive maintenance needs.

  3. Outstanding Site Selection and Facilities
    Express Oil Change & Service Center facilities are larger, brighter and more attractive than those of our competitors. Design flexibility allows us to maximize individual site and lot configurations. Express Oil Change only builds in “A” location sites which are chosen for their high-traffic, destination-oriented retail developments surrounding densely populated communities.

  4. Quality Products
    Only top-of-the-line, nationally recognized products are installed in automobiles at Express Oil Change & Service Centers. We have cultivated relationships with vendors of the finest quality products on the market today. In the spirit of partnership and due to our chain's purchasing power, these vendors not only provide additional support to our franchisees through reduced pricing, but they also financially participate in marketing programs. Together we earn our customers' trust in the products we offer.

  5. Strength of Support
    Our highly experienced Franchise Training and Support Officers combine decades of success in every facet of the business. Express Oil Change & Service Center franchisees also benefit from ExpressTrack©, a proprietary management system, which allows owners to easily track key indicators in their business, allowing them real time access to the elements in their operations that really move the needle. This model has proven itself and is exemplified by a 99% survival rate of all stores built from the ground up over the last 10 years, a rare accomplishment in the franchise industry.

Express Oil Change and Service CenterExpress Oil Change & Service Center stands on a firm foundation in a growing industry with a proven formula for success. To share in our success, we seek associations with individuals who possess the drive to succeed by delivering outstanding quality and service, proven business acumen and the willingness and ability to invest. To these individuals, we make the commitment that our relationships with them will be built on the same core values that underlie our relationships with our customers, employees and vendors: Integrity, Pride of Workmanship, Quality, Teamwork, Enthusiasm, Friendliness, Continuous Improvement.

Express Oil Change LLC
1880 Southpark Drive
Hoover, Alabama 35244
Toll-Free: 1-888-945-1771
Local: 1-205-945-1771

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