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Mathnasium Math Learning Center

Even with all our technological and teaching advances, most kids still need help with math. Some need it desperately. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find quality math instruction. That's why Mathnasium is growing at an incredible rate across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our franchisees are reporting that they're getting a larger and larger share of a multi-billion dollar industry. With the market wide open, we're now opening an average of one center per week. Mathnasium is fast becoming one of the great business opportunities of our time. We may be finding ourselves tapped into a goldmine as far as business niches are concerned, but the fact is our franchisees have chosen Mathnasium simply for the sheer exhilaration that comes from owning a business that helps children reach their full potential.

Mathnasium Math Learning CenterTwo independent studies conducted have proven that Mathnasium kids leap far ahead in math. That's because 35 years of research have gone into making our proprietary Mathnasium Method™ on of the best (if not THE BEST) in the world today. Using this method, each child's learning plan and workbook is highly customized based on very precise diagnostic tests. Parents drop off their children at Mathnasium at any time convenient for them - which is usually twice a week after school. Our students' workbooks are challenging and engaging but never frustratingly difficult - they're specifically designed that way to make learning fun yet effective. The Mathnasium Method™ gives the teacher the flexibility to provide attention and instruction to several students at at time, which decreases labor costs and directly increases your profit margin. Parents also benefit from this cost saving because Mathnasium is about half the cost of tutoring. This is what makes Mathnasium an ideal education model, an ideal business model and and ideal service for the consumers.

Mathnasium Math Learning CenterYour training as a Mathnasium franchisee begins at our headquarters in Los Angeles where you will receive the entire Mathnasium Method™ education system. You'll also receive a complete package of ready-to-use marketing, operations and financial tools that are effective and sophisticated and best of all, can be implemented with relative ease. Your designated Operations Manager will provide you with all the advice and support you need as you start and grow your Mathnasium business.

Mathnasium Math Learning CenterAs Denise McCann, owner of a North Carolina Mathnasium Learning Center says :

"Math tutoring is robust. It's one of the best businesses you can be in because every child's got to have math training. I don't think there's ever been a better time to own a Mathnasium franchise. A lot of families who may have invested in real estate or the stock market, realize they need to invest in their children. The Mathnasium program provides tools for people from all walks of life, where they can buy a world class education for their children."


Our goal is to help you open and operate your Mathnasium Center quickly, comfortably and confidently. Our team knows the education business. Over the course of our careers we've established more than 700 learning centers and taught more than 2 million children in 72 countries. We believe you will find running a Mathnasium Learning Center both financially rewarding AND personally satisfying.

Mathnasium Learning Centers
5120 W. Goldleaf Circle, Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90056
Phone: (323) 421-8000
Toll Free: (877) 531-MATH
Fax: (310) 943-2111

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